Visaal Episode 22 Review Story – The Truth!

Ohkay so, this episode of Visaal covered the aftermath of Naheed’s decision of putting an end to her life. Everything that was shown was convincing like everyone’s reactions & the shock they all got after they found out what Naheed did.

Naheed’s letter might have cleared Akram’s name from the list of suspects but the fact remains that Molvi Ghufran & his friends know the truth about Akram & wanted to probe further after his recovery. Doodh Patti did try to keep things to himself but he also knew that Akram is going to land in deep trouble that is why he also told Munna to stay out of Akram’s business. Naheed’s death definitely distracted everyone & might also buy Akram some time to think for plan B but then again, he will have to answer a few questions because he does owe everyone an explanation. Yes, Naheed is no more, therefore Akram’s association with Molvi Ghufran has pretty much ended, so may be he might not be too keen to know why Akram fooled him plus he is grief stricken but I guess his friends would definitely want to know the truth about Akram’s background!

The police found out Naheed’s letter & handed it over to Molvi Ghufran which meant everyone eventually found out about what Naheed did but as much as I felt for him, I was glad that the letter silenced Molviyani & she got to know that it wasn’t Pari who ruined Naheed’s life, it was Naheed who was responsible for everything. I feel sad for Molvi Ghufran genuinely & I felt this respect for him even more where he stated that ‘Larki ka kisi mazhabi gharanay mai paida hona koi bari baat nahi, kamzor lamhon mai uska sabit kadam rehna hi asal tarbiyat hoti hai’. This was the dialogue of the episode. Indeed, Naheed’s parents never ever taught her to do whatever she did but then they also had no control over what she felt or how she was going to react over something as petty as a guy giving attention to Pari. Whatever Naheed did was solely her own decision & it is unfortunate that she ruined so many lives & also attempted taking Akram’s life too. I liked the fact that while blaming himself also, Molvi Ghufran reminded Molviyani that they failed as parents. I felt for him a lot!

Pari finally learned the truth when she got to read the letter. Her reaction was spot on, it was justified where she felt helpless that she couldn’t save Naheed plus she also couldn’t believe that her best friend could do something so extreme to her. Pari just cried hysterically & for the first time I found it justified though because there was no other way she could express how she was feeling because the relationship she cherished the most all her life basically boiled down to being a lie. Sad!

I am still interested to see how Akram will backtrack from what has happened but if people around him look at it that way, he actually himself is a victim so let’s see if they will go easy on him or not. Munna’s frequent visits as well as Pari’s growing comfort level with him do suggest that she will get married to him but I am not too happy about it. Let’s see what happens. Please share your thoughts.

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