Yaar e Bewafa Episode 03 Review – Realistic Portrayal of Reality!

Ohkay so, I am glad that everything that they have shown till this point in this drama is based on reality & they really haven’t relied on dramatic situations to take the story forward. Since day 1, this is what I have liked the most about Yaar e Bewafa that everything has been executed in such a simple & real manner that you end up relating to the struggles that are being shown in the lives of all the characters & this episode was no different.

I am sure where all the viewers, including me were thinking that the immigration agent will deceive Zaid, I was pleasantly surprised that he delivered the bad news but with proper justification for it because it actually shed a light on one of the realities that people who apply from the 3rd world countries end up dealing with such consequences too in the name of security. I liked the fact that they didn’t make things over-dramatic & kept them rather simple by showing that Rashid was actually feeling bad for Zaid & Fizza because he knew how eager they both were to move & settle in Australia!

Amna’s life is taken by storm & the fact that her husband is not co-operating is making things more difficult. Yes, I do understand that Saleem’s ego doesn’t allow him to be weak in front of Amna as he doesn’t want to burden her with more tensions but his snappy attitude doesn’t help either & that makes me not feel for him as much as I should. I feel for Amna a lot because by the end of the day, she’s the one left to do the heavy-lifting because Saleem easily puts everything on her & expects her to deal with it without complaining. Amna’s meeting with Saleem’s supervisor gave her the scary glimpse of what life will be like if she’ll be left alone because the world is filled with vultures of such sort who see women as a commodity & this was the first experience that Amna had where she got to see how people will try to exploit her when she’ll be vulnerable & weak. Amna failed to get Saleem’s pay because the manager was onto to something else but still she didn’t give up because irrespective of how Saleem treats her, he still is her husband & she wants to do everything to save him. It is good that she has Khala by her side, at least there’s someone who listens to her & feels her pain because in such tough circumstances, you definitely need someone’s support!

Fizza obviously made a huge deal out of the visa rejection, as if everything that happened was Zaid’s fault & he deliberately got his visa rejected. Yes, it is good that Fizza wants what’s best for her family but to see her being stuck on one thing really makes you question her at times. It was good that Rashid came up with a different option for Fizza & told her that she was eligible to apply for the PR. Obviously, Fizza deemed it as a good opportunity because at this stage, if there’s one thing that matters to her the most, it is the immigration!

Zaid was again feeling a lot of pressures & sadly, in stead of calming him down & telling him that everything was going to be alright, Fizza continued to burden him even more. It isn’t like Zaid on his own isn’t doing anything because if that would’ve been the case, Fizza’s frustration & agitation would’ve made sense but seeing how hard Zaid is trying, to see Fizza treating him as a failure actually sheds a light on how they both will drift apart in the future. Zaid was obviously finding it hard to settle for a smaller position that his boss offered because his ego wasn’t allowing him but fortunately, his friend ended up putting things into perspective & told him that he won’t be able to cope up with the financial pressures if he wouldn’t avail this opportunity so Zaid obviously got convinced & settled for it. I think this was the first time we saw a difference in Zaid & Fizza’s perspectives where she was excited to apply on her own & Zaid wasn’t thrilled with the idea. Till this moment we saw how both of them were on the same page & were working hard & most importantly together as a team to achieve their goals but looks like Zaid isn’t much into the idea now as he has so many other issues to deal with but Fizza is still adamant to make the most of the opportunity that life has presented to her while completely ignoring what Zaid wants at this stage. Will this be their undoing? We’ll see!

Overall, I enjoyed watching this episode. Even though the pace was comparatively slow but I liked how detailed everything was & how the director shed a light on everything. Even though they have shown daily struggles of regular people, but still in the middle of it all, the way their emotions come through & are elaborated is amazing & because of that I feel I can relate to all these characters. So far everyone; Imran Abbas, Sara Khan, Saleem Mairaj & Arij Fatima have done a commendable job. Samina Ahmed adds warmth in her scenes too like she completes the picture exactly how the elderlies of the families do. I am definitely liking this drama & can’t wait to see what more they have in store for us. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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