Yaar e Bewafa Episode 10 Review – Pick Up The Pace Please!

Ohkay so, one track finally got a closure in this episode & now I am looking forward to the second phase of the story. I must say the pace of the drama is way too slow & I am not sure if this is how the pace is going to be or it will slow down further. I really think a few & new twists & turns are required to keep the drama engaging, so let’s hope for the best.

Just like I predicted, seeing Ahmed all happy with the luxuries he was getting because of his mother at his grandfather’s place, Zaid felt like a failure & that is what pushed him to accept Fizza’s demand. Zaid gave up on everything only for the sake of his son because even he admitted that he could never afford to give Ahmed what he wanted. Zaid realized that there was no need to fight so hard because realistically, he couldn’t do as much as Fizza would for their child, so he accepted it as his fate.

Fizza also ended up taking the case back, I liked this development because it was unpredictable & I didn’t see it coming. At least they both didn’t get divorced but just got separated because they both had different priorities. I think this was the mature way to go about it. Yes, in her anger & frustration, Fizza really pushed things to the limit but then understood Zaid’s perspective & realized that there was no need to end this relationship, at least this way Ahmed would always have someone whom he’d know as his father. Zaid wasn’t stopping Fizza from leaving so there was no need for her to divorce him.

I literally forwarded all of Saleem’s scenes because I am tired of his yells & screams. I think Amna is thinking in the right direction that she should work so that at least she can provide some decent meals to her son. It is ridiculous that Saleem expects Amna to starve herself but not say a word. I really can’t wait for things to kick-start in Amna’s life where there would be everything except Saleem’s screaming. I think now that Amna is looking for work, someone will get Zaid & Amna in touch with each other where she will take care of his mother, may be this will be the job that Saleem would approve of.

Overall, this episode was pretty simple & didn’t give much to talk about apart from Zaid & Fizza’s decision of not divorcing each other. I must say the dependence on flashbacks was way too much in this episode & literally by forwarding those flashbacks, I watched this entire episode in nearly half the time. Really want things to get going now & I think they will since Zaid is giving hard time to the aunt who is taking care of his mother, so Zaid will definitely be needing someone else to look after Humera. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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