Yaar e Bewafa Episode 11 Review – Change of Scenario!

Ohkay so, with this episode of Yaar e Bewafa, the story took a completely different turn which was good & refreshing to see. Even though the episode was once again on the slower side but the progress in the story compensated a great deal for it. This drama might not give you a lot to talk about but the overall story & execution of the play is quite nice which makes it easier for the viewer to tune to it.

So, with Fizza out of the picture & the neighbor aunty finding it hard to take care of Humera, Zaid had to find someone who’d be able to do that. It was good that Zaid’s friend once again came up with the suitable idea that Zaid could hire someone to look after his mother. I liked how they showed that one thing lead to another because Zaid’s colleague heard about it & she immediately thought of Amna as shew knew that Amna was in dire need of a job that would pay her a decent amount to make the ends meet.

Amna obviously at first showed hesitation because she assumed that her husband wouldn’t allow her to do this job but upon her friend’s persistence, Amna decided to meet Zaid & his mother. Amna’s friend had a point that since Saleem didn’t want Amna to do a job at any such place that would have men around her, this one was the best opportunity that she was going to get. Zaid hired Amna without much hesitation because he knew that he couldn’t afford not to as he was already having a hard time managing his job & household chores on his own.

At first Humera gave Amna a hard time but Amna decided to open up a bit. I liked seeing their subtle bonding, especially over the mention of Amna’s son. I am sure it won’t be too long when Humera would want Amna to bring her son with her, since she already misses her grandson.

I must say I was riled at the way Saleem was treating Amna & how he was making it obvious to her that even if she is the one making money, he is still the head of the family & was still going to boss around her because he is the ‘husband’. It was absolutely heart-wrenching seeing Saleem not moving a muscle even after he knew that his son was hungry. It is ironic that at one hand Saleem expects Amna to do the heavy-lifting like any head of the family would, but on the other hand he reminds her every single time that she has no authority over anything, basically implying that she is a nobody!

Anyways, this episode of Yaar e Bewafa was pretty good. Even though the scenarios are simple, the way the emotions have been portrayed is brilliant. Sara Khan looks absolutely beautiful even in zero makeup, amusing but true that it seems Imran Abbas did the makeup on Sara Khan’s behalf as well because in some of the scenes his eye-shadow to his lipstick to his foundation, everything was screaming its presence on his face but apart from that, his acting compensates a great deal for the wrong foundation shade that in some scenes made him look green! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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