Yaar e Bewafa Episode 18 Review – Emotionally Charged!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yaar e Bewafa was not only emotionally impactful but took the story forward too. I am glad that the second phase of the story has now begun which we all were waiting to see. I must say, the way the emotions have been portrayed in this drama is what sets it apart & makes it a decent watch.

So, Saleem not only lost hope but he decided to end his life but before doing anything he decided to do something for his wife & son because that was the only way for him to put his heart to ease. Just because Saleem got to see how hard Amna was working made him feel a bit more burdened as he could see how much heavy lifting Amna has to do or would do when he won’t be there. Even though it was saddening to see Saleem losing last bit of hope that he had but at least he decided to fix a few things because he realized how hard life was for Amna, which was good & served as his redemption. Saleem’s visit to the Masjid was another scenario which showed that he was repenting for all of his wrongdoings, esepcially for what he put his wife & son through all this while.

Saleem went to meet Zaid so that he could have some guarantee that after his death, his wife & his son won’t be alone & that there will be someone who’d look after them. The fact that a rigid person like Saleem went to such an extreme of pleading Zaid to take Amna showcased how desperate he was to make things right especially for Amna & Omar as he could foresee how hard things will get for them with no one by their side.

Saleem ended up taking his life, leaving Amna all alone but she had no idea that before dying, he took care of her as he was sure that Zaid was a good human being who will take care of her. That entire scenario where Amna mourned his death was quite heartwrenching. The way Amna felt scared in her tiny room with her son sound asleep was another realistic portrayal, it showed that even though Saleem didn’t do much for his family, just his presence was enough for Amna to feel a little secure but since that wasn’t the case anymore, she was fearful.

Zaid now wants to do something for Amna but he doesn’t know how to approach her that is why he ended up seeking Jameela’s help as he really is keen on looking after Amna & Omar. Amna on the other hand was now struggling more than ever before, I think on Jameela’s insistence, Amna will once again start looking after Humera.

It was good to see Humera finally recovering, she will regain her mobility too but I am sure now even she’d want Amna by her side. The scenes of mother son duo were a treat to watch & finally, Zaid told her everything about Fizza, like she knew but this was the first time Zaid spoke to her without any filters.

Overall, this was one good episode of Yaar e Bewafa as the scenarios were not only done well but were perfectly portrayed. The way the emotions have been dealt with in this drama & how everything is shown realistically really draws your attention & allows you to relate to everything on a very different level. I like Yaar e Bewafa for its simple story, simple direction but impactful scenarios which strike a chord. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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