Yaar e Bewafa Episode 23 – Review!

Ohkay so, even though a few things in this episode made sense but a lot didn’t & were stretched beyond limit. I really think they should wrap things up now because ending this drama on a positive note is what’s left to be done so they better hurry up!

So, Fizza thought just the way she left on her own terms, she will barge into Zaid’s home & his life on her own terms too. Now when Fizza experienced everything she wanted, she realized she was incomplete without Zaid. Even though Fizza has been shown to be the wrong one right from the beginning, but now she had a valid point that why didn’t Zaid divorce her before getting married to Amna as that gave her a false hope & she wasn’t wrong in assuming that Zaid didn’t want to leave her!

Amna has always been too selfless to be true but I wish the writer had written some dialogues for her because after having a couple of conversations with Zaid, she lost her voice. Please don’t tell me that Amna will decide to walk away from Zaid’s life to give Fizza back which isn’t hers anymore!

I must say out of all things, what I found the most unconvincing one was Zaid’s cluelessness? I mean he didn’t even had to go through the hassle of telling Fizza the truth about his & Amna’s relationship as she found that out herself, so the least he could do was take a stand & show Fizza her right place? I don’t understand when Zaid made up his mind & brought Amna back then why didn’t he tell Fizza to leave or why didn’t he come to a decision regarding his relation with Fizza because even he can’t deny that he is still married to her.

While seeing Fizza torturing Amna with her taunts, I was wondering where was Zaid? Yes, he must have been at work but still, Zaid knows Fizza too well to know what she must be putting Amna through so in stead of relying on Amna & waiting for her approval, Zaid should have taken matters in his hand & should have come to a conclusion.

Even though this drama has been a decent journey, but now they really should wrap things up & I don’t want Fizza to be doing the heavy lifting by walking away on her own after feeling pity & having mercy on Zaid & Amna, I want Zaid to take a decision like a man & call spade a spade. He has already relied on the ladies, time for him to take charge of the situation & paas a verdict ASAP! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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