Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 17 Review – Good Episode After Weeks!

Ohkay so, after quite some time it was a good episode of Yakeen Ka Safar. I am glad that we got to see some fresh faces & things moved forward, however the scenes involving the old characters could’ve been easily omitted out as they seemed unnecessary. The pace of the drama is still quite slow but considering it is going to be a 30 episode drama or may be more, it looks like the pace is always going to be an issue!

Well, Sheema continued to spew venom against Zubiya & Rehan had nothing to say than just to shut her up but even that didn’t make any difference. I am wondering seeing how easily Sheema moved on & how much hatred she displayed against Zubiya that too openly, why didn’t it occur to dim-wit Rehan that may be she was the one who threw Zubiya out of the house? Well it doesn’t make any difference as Rehan lacks sensibility because if he was blessed with some brains, he would’ve understood his wife & her nature ages ago!

It was good to see that Zubiya started looking for jobs immediately as she could feel that Farheen was feeling burden. Oh well, how stupid Mohsin could be? I found that dialogue that he said in Zubiya’s praise that too in front of Farheen unnecessary & now that I have watched this entire episode, I really don’t think it would’ve made any such difference if they hadn’t added this situation where Zubiya was insulted by Farheen just like that. Mohsin should’ve known better that this was no way of praising his cousin in front of his wife. They could’ve easily shown that Zubiya found out about the job opportunity in Asfand’s hospital through newspaper & she applied for it as she deemed it as an opportunity for growth in her career. Yes, Zubiya’s Khala wouldn’t have accepted that but then again, she was also mature enough to understand how important it would’ve been for Zubiya as she herself kept on telling her that she needs to apply for a job in bigger hospitals.

Coming to the confrontation scene, I found it way too long, boring & unnecessary & apart from that the entire episode was good. I didn’t feel a thing because I think I am done feeling for Zubiya & all the things that Farheen said didn’t make me sympathize with her character further. On the other hand it was good that she immediately decided to find another job which also provided her with an accommodation. What Farheen did turned into a joke because even after that confrontation, they showed that Zubiya took her sweet time in moving out because in the meantime Farheen left & she also came back but Zubiya was still there!

Anyways, looks like Asfand has had a complete change in personality, yes he has matured a lot but looks like the death of his brother & then getting ditched by Faryal that too when he needed her the most has made him cold-hearted & indifferent to all those happy & positive feelings that he was known for. Who would’ve thought that the same non-serious Asfand who loved having a good time would become famous for being strict, reserved & stern. I am interested to see if he will lighten up a bit in the episodes to come or not. For the first time, Usman also felt proud of Asfand as he always wanted him to excel in his field just like his brother Daniyal did. Asfand has isolated himself so may be some sort of reassurance from Usman’s side & then some sort of affection from or towards Zubiya might change him!

I liked the entire hospital scenario where Zubiya got selected & Asfand & Mrs. Shehroz had some reservations about her but Dr. Shehroz saw some potential in her. I think it was quite realistic how they showed that both Asfand & even Zubiya didn’t immediately recognize each other because that would’ve made things awkward for Zubiya & even before joining, she would’ve thought about quitting the job. I enjoyed seeing the new characters too. Dr. Haroon (Mani) is going to provide some comic relief in an otherwise heavy & way too serious drama therefore, he is a good addition. Also, the way the lady doctor told Zubiya her story went to show that this way Zubiya will learn that she is not the only one who is struggling & everyone has had their fair share of trials & tribulations in their lives. Not that I am complaining but this entire hospital/doctors scenario reminded me of Dhoop Kinare big time & Dr. Haroon reminded me of Sajid Hassan’s epic character from the same drama. I am definitely looking forward to Zubiya & Asfand’s journey together & on their own!

Overall, this episode was decent. I am glad that Sheema & Rehan are going to go out of the picture, unless the director chooses to linger their presence on by showing unnecessary scenes like the ones that were included in this episode. The new faces were so needed & were refreshing to see. Looks like Zubiya will have a tough time as Asfand would expect nothing but the best from her & she will have to prove herself – another reminder of Dhoop Kinare where Marina Khan & Rahat Kazmi had the similar kind of start but then Zoya’s character was quite loud & lively so it added more charm whereas Zubiya is subdued & reserved so I think she is only going to stay serious as she will be only focused on proving herself. For the first time in weeks, I am definitely looking forward to the next episode, please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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