Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 21 Review – Brilliant!

Ohkay so, I am so glad to say that finally after such a long time I got to watch an episode of Yakeen Ka Safar that I loved. From direction to locations to dialogues to acting to situations, everything was just perfect & may be this is what the viewers were waiting for. Even though if we analyze, not much happened in this episode but the situation that was brought to the front had so much going on in it that it made this episode seem quite engaging irrespective of the slow pace.

It was amusing how Asfand deliberately eavesdropped on Zubiya, because he already has an idea that he has left quite an impression on Zubiya, so he didn’t mind what she said because this is something that even Gaiti has been telling him about. Asfand has actually started to realize that he is not only hard on Zubiya or other doctors but himself as well, that is why I felt in this episode, we saw a slight shift in his attitude where he was trying to be as candid & cheerful as possible.

So, all the doctors went for a medical camp & that’s where Zubiya got to showcase her potential as a doctor to not only Asfand but to the rest of the team as well. Their medical camp was a success & it ended on a high note but what made it even better was the sudden medical case that Zubiya had to deal with. I found it quite amazing that out of all the people, Asfand was there to see Zubiya’s moment of glory because he is the one who was always skeptical about her & her credibility as a doctor. I loved how calm Zubiya was & how relieved she felt when she tackled a complicated case all by herself that too in the most unfavorable conditions.

This episode showed us a different side to Asfand, a side which was now thinking more & more about Zubiya. What I loved is that Zubiya didn’t go out of the way to prove herself to Asfand, like she didn’t make an effort but only kept her entire focus on her work because she knew this is what Asfand expected from her. Now when Asfand got to spend some time with Zubiya, he not only saw how good she was as a doctor but he got a glimpse, an insight into her nature & character too. Who would’ve thought that just a small advice from Zubiya to the patient’s husband/child’s father would make such an impact on Asfand that he’d be taken back to Faryal & the bad memory that he had of her where she created a havoc over her bag getting ruined. I think this was the first step that Asfand unintentionally took towards Zubiya because now she was on his mind & for a very different reason. I liked this entire situation because of the way it was portrayed, like it showed that just by spending some time with Zubiya, Asfand was getting to know more & more about her & while it was happening, Zubiya had no idea that Asfand had his sights on her, he was reading her, trying to know her better.

Oh well, obviously things were meant to be shaky & that’s why, the moment they stepped back into the hospital, Asfand got a chance to complain about what Zubiya did & how. Asfand can’t help it, when he is in the hospital he wants nothing but the best & that is why, he didn’t let anything influence his feelings, not even the hard-work that Zubiya put in during the camp & he ended up giving Zubiya a piece of his mind. It was realistic because Asfand is not some immature teenager who would change his attitude because now he had a different perspective about someone, yes, he got to know Zubiya a little, he appreciated her hard-work & her nature but when it comes to work, he won’t budge & he made that clear.

Bahadur continued to pester Kharjista but what was note worthy is how Kharjista’s MIL has changed & it is only because of Zubiya. Who would’ve thought that Zubiya’s friendship will bring some sort of change in Kharjista’s life because for the first time, her MIL was supporting her & she was trying to protect her from Bahadur’s tantrums. I must say even though Rustam is a supporting character but I like seeing him because he is positive, a very decent character & the stark difference between him & Bahadur make him stand out a bit more. It is good that in Kharjista’s family, there is at least one person who sympathizes with her.

Overall, this episode was brilliant & I had a great time watching it. I must say I loved the on-screen chemistry between Ahad & Sajal, they both looked so good together as Asfand & Zubiya. Even though I wasn’t too keen on Rehan’s character but seeing the preview of the next episode had me laughing because I am loving how he is on Sheema’s case. Does this mean Rehan will finally become another Abbi for Zubiya, who after being lost for quite some while will now realize his mistakes & understand his responsibility towards her? I think with this change in Rehan’s character, I want to see more of him, like I want to see him taking control & changing things for the better. Sajal Ali & Ahad Raza Mir performed brilliantly in this episode & the rest of the cast did a great job in supporting them as well. I am still enjoying Mani’s scenes, he is good as Dr. Haroon & I like that he breaks the monotony of serious nature of the drama & brings in some lightheartedness. The director deserves full marks for directing this episode to perfection & for showcasing the beauty of Pakistan as well, those scenic locations were used to the fullest to give this episode a calming feel & it was brilliant. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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