Ye Dil Mera Episode 16 Story Review – Walk Down The Memory Lane

Ohkay so, this episode once again focused solely on how Ana was getting to learn more about Amaan with each passing day. With absolutely no other character in the picture, they were still able to hold my interest in this episode as a viewer. The fact that the writer has added so many layers in the main characters makes it very easy to find this drama gripping, also the brilliant performances of Ahad Raza Mir & Sajal Aly help as well.

Ana Proving Her Love To Amaan

The beginning of the episode covered how Ana saw Amaan at probably his worst so far. Ana did understand that Amaan has something that bothers him, probably something related to his family, that is why he gets engulfed in that misery so much that he forgets everything else. Amaan has been following the same pattern, he misbehaves, then apologizes, Ana gets disturbed, forgives & moves on. So far this is what their relationship has been all about, however I am keen to see any kind of change soon. Ana did show some transition which was not only sweet but made me feel for her. It is like in such a short span of time, Ana has matured so much & she is doing everything in her might to make this marriage work despite the obvious doubts & concerns she has related to her husband. Ana has realized that something is definitely wrong but Amaan fails to share it, therefore she tried her best to help him, just be there for him & curb all those concerns she has everytime he behaves this way. Ana loves Amaan & she is proving it every step of the way. The way she immediately changed the subject when she saw Amaan getting distressed at the mention of his family went to show that she has learnt to deal with Amaan & also has made herself come to terms with the fact that Amaan believes in certain boundaries, which she should not try to cross.

The most important conversation in this episode for me had to be about Ana recommending Amaan to see a psychiatrist. There’s no denying to the fact that this happens to be the theme of the drama, therefore the writer strategically made this conversation happen at the right time. It shed a light on the fact how being supportive towards such people is the key & how important is it to open up a discussion about such matters. Ana probably knew that Amaan wouldn’t agree to what she suggested but still she took her chance to at least put the idea in his mind. Ana could also vouch for therapy because she has a firsthand experience of what it is like & how beneficial it actually is. This was a subtle way of shedding a light on this subject but it was loud & clear. Well done!

Ye Dil Mera Episode 16 Story Review - Walk Down The Memory Lane

As much as all these efforts from Ana’s side are appreciable, I wish to see more from Amaan’s side too. For now, it is a fact that he loves her & he does feel for his wife but because he is so focused on his revenge & is stuck in his past, that he has actually forgotten to work on his relationship. At present, Amaan is pretty much comfortable with the idea of mistreating Ana & then asking for an apology later, because he knows, she will fall for it without questioning him.

Trip To Daryabagh

Ana & Amaan went to Daryabagh, the fact that Ana found that entire place familiar made me think that may be while running away from Meer Farooq, Nilo took Ana to this place. The picket fences in Ana’s dreams & the cottage in the background are exactly the same as Amaan’s childhood place. Perhaps Amaan’s family was an eye witness to Nilo’s murder, probably that is why Meer Farooq murdered them as well. Let’s see when the truth will be revealed. The rest of the episode just went by with Ana & Amaan exploring the cottage, Ana feeling distressed & Amaan reminiscing about all the beautiful memories he had made with his family at this place. It was interesting to note that the visit to Daryabagh & this cottage had an emotional effect on both Ana & Amaan but they were feeling & experiencing it differently. Ana found it eerie whereas for Amaan, it was a way to connect with his family & childhood.

Slow Pace Yet An Interesting Watch

This episode did not take the story forward, which does make me feel that the pace of this drama has slowed down considerably. The preview of the next episode also didn’t promise much in terms of story development but yes, it still doesn’t take away the fact that Ye Dil Mera is an interesting watch & makes you look forward to what’s in store. Sajal Aly & Ahad Raza Mir have performed brilliantly in this drama. It is interesting how they have created a strange chemistry between the characters of Ana & Amaan because they both have psychological issues that they deal with, therefore I find it interesting to see a disconnect in their chemistry because it works well with the kind of situations their characters have & are going through. It is definitely a highlight of this drama that they have maintained that effect because if they had normalized everything with them being perfectly fine having sizzling chemistry, it would’ve taken away the purpose of their characters & the emotional baggage they carry. Also, props to the entire team for choosing yet another gorgeous location, what a visual treat & what a cute cottage, wow! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ye Dil Mera.

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  • Thank you for your review. I wanted to see more of Dariyabagh when this episode ended. We know Aman’s backstory but looking at it from Anna’s prespective, he seems scary. That night scene when he ended up injuring himself. Anna should have made an excuse of her health and cancelled the plan. Going somewhere far with Aman seems bit scary since he has been weird.
    I think Aman will not be able to control his emotions in upcoming emotions and things will not go that calculated.

    • Thank you for reading the review Pakistani. Yes, Sajal Aly conveyed Ana’s unease & discomfort brilliantly. She made it so clear why everything was triggering her & pushing her the wrong way. I think she still trusts Amaan so much & despite those certain episodes, she feels safe with him, that is why she went ahead with the plan. Also, seeing Amaan being miserable, she must’ve thought this little getaway would serve as a distraction.

  • First of all thank you for reviewing it. I was also one those who kept asking you to review it but due to time constraints could not comment.
    Honestly, in my opinion this is the best drama in terms of story line and acting. I really don’t have any issues with the pace of the drama for now at least. In fact, I’m enjoying subtle details and layers in the characters.
    The only thing i find irritating is the continuity issues. For example, aman was wearing white shirt in first scene at night and ana’s quilt was of light blue colour. The very next morning amaan was wearing purple shirt and color of quilt also changed.
    Even in the car amaan was wearing pjs and when he went out to take keys he was wearing blue jeans.
    I think director has made blunders beyond my imagination. However, Ahad also needs to pull up his socks and focus on such things because these things matter a lot. On the hand, we don’t really see blunders with Sajal’s wardrobe as much.
    Overall, if i overlook these mistakes ( which though is difficult) it is a fantastic watch.

    • Exactly!! And who..I mean WHO keeps their phone in a shoulder bag, without ever looking for it throughout the journey??? Plz.. why do our drama writers have to be reminded again and again that we are living in the 21st Century!!

      • Whi na hum to Pura rasta insta stories aur snapchat streaks bnate jatay hain 😂 aik tasweer bhi nai li k on the way to honeymoon 🤣

    • Thank you so much Javeria for taking the time out to read the reviews. :) I am enjoying watching Ye Dil Mera too because of the mystery factor & also because the characters are so layered & have so much to offer. I so agree, despite the blunders it makes a very interesting watch but yes, the director has not done his part well. The rest of the team like the writer as well as the actors have done complete justice to their respective roles in making this drama what it is. The continuity issues make it look like a joke to be honest. I feel just as much as the director is responsible for keeping these details in mind, the actors too should be careful & cautious. The sudden change in clothing is definitely amusing.

  • As much as I liked the performances of Sajal and Ahad in this episode, I found it to be somehow slow and repetitive. When they have established the fact that the cottage is reminiscent to Aina of her past, they should stop right there, instead of dedicating the last complete half of the episode to this plot point.

    Having that said, I think now it will become clear to all those viewers who complained that Aina had been completely cured of her nightmares as seen from the promo. I felt that there was nothing odd in the first place; the people u love can definitely have a comforting psychological effect on your mental health. However, now the real mystery is gonna unfold..which I’m really looking forward to.

  • This episode didn’t work for me, maybe bcz I was expecting too much after seeing the promo. The pace was terribly slow. Farhana khala k same annoying questions k baad Aina ki ‘ye ghar kiska hai’ ‘ye jaga pehle dekhi hui hai’ ‘ye piano kahan se aai’ type k repetitive questions ne unki kami puri kar di. Acting was good as always. I really want the story to move a step ahead in the next episode. Aehsan Talish didn’t deserve such a script. The continuity issues, sudden changes of dresses annoy me alot.

  • Great review-thank you Zahra.

    This is going to sound very strange and even absurd…. I get the feeling Ana is Aishu. Maybe either Amaan or Aishu were adopted or from a previous marriage so they are technically not siblings…

    • Thank you so much Azmat. Hmmm, that’s an interesting observation, I am sure no one thought of that but as far as I know, Ashu got killed because Ali Baksh shot everyone vigilantly. No chances that the poor little kid must’ve survived those bullets.

  • & my guess is that Amaan’s mother was Meer Farooq’s sister (her husband saying that she belonged to a rich a family) and she got married against her family’s will , so meer farooq killed her in name of honour

  • What a boring slow episode. Probably entertaining for Sahad fans but not for the crowd who watches this drama for other reasons. Losing interest in this drama fast.

  • So same as last week. They need to move on with the story. Stuck in the same place since their marriage.

    And this thing amaan is doing with ana is abusive. Get angry at her, then apologise and move on.

  • Ye Dil Mera is indeed a good show! Great review Zahra, on point!

    I feel that Meer Farooq was related to Amaan’s mom some way as the child Amaan identified Meer Farooq was the one who killed his family. May be Nilo was the witness to their murder by Meer Farooq or at least knew about it and that’s why Meer Farooq killed Nilo as well. Amaan’s mother could be Meer Farooq’s sister and he must have killed her in the name of honor as she married against his will or may be married someone not matching their status.

    • Thank you so much Smita for appreciating the review. Very interesting theories but yes, it does make sense. Meer Farooq, Nilo & Amaan’s mother were related one way or the other. Now that you have said, I see it being a biggest hint that will be revealed later that Amaan recognized Meer Farooq as well as Ali Baksh immediately, which does show that their families must’ve met quite a lot of times before this incident happened. Let’s see. :)

      • If anyone remembers… when ana out of nightmare told aman abt her dream where she is at station amaan had a background voice… “begum sahiba ka kal raat station pe murder hogaya”… so it predicts k ana ki mother ka murder amaan k parents k murder se pehle hua…

  • Gr8 review Zahra, I agree with u, the episode was slow but very engaging and it doesn’t loose ur attention. The performances by both were excellent, but I felt Sajal was just phenomenal, when she was feeling uneasy in the car, her expressions, hand movements, everything was mind-blowing, at times I feel she is not one of the best, but the best actress in Pk dramas. I always felt that Ahson tallish didn’t deserve this drama, and at times he proves it, but still overall he has done a good job, maybe bcoz the writing and story itself by Farhat ishtiaq is amazing. Other than Suno Chanda, all other dramas of Ahson Talish have been a big drag, but this one has been fast paced till now.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. Yes, I totally feel that Ahsan Talish is responsible for all the issues & glitches the audience see in this drama because the rest of the team like Farhat Ishtiyaq & even the actors have done their part well. I remember leaving quite a bit of shows of Ahsan Talish in the middle because I couldn’t continue watching them. Sajal Aly is surely a gifted actor. Both Ahad & Sajal are phenomenal in Ye Dil Mera.

  • Thank you for the review.
    Yeh Dil Mera isn’t an average show. Its is multilayered story with complex characters. Even though some people will say that it was slow and they should reveal the real thing, I felt these episodes were needed as foundation for whats to come. We got to know how Aina is suffering from her childhood trauma, but didn’t really get to see Amaan’s behaviour. I am in absolute awe of Farhat Ishtiaq’s brilliance of writing this character and Ahad Raza Mir playing it exceptionally well.
    In last episode he was in revenge mode and he showed Aina one side of his mood swings. He was cunning, manipulative, controlling and on a mission. In this episode, he was vulnerable, like a lost child who yearns for love and care and that he will get from Aina only. He never got the healing, he needed.
    So yes, I am loving the show and even the pace. The only thing off is the editing. I wish Momina Duraid had given this brilliant script to an able director and editing team. As much as I want to ignore the continuity issues, they are so apparent and annoying that they can’t be ignored.

    • You’re most welcome Sabahat. Yes, Ahsan Talish couldn’t really direct this script the way it deserved to be directed & the issues that the viewers see with this drama is only because the director didn’t pay attention to detail, which otherwise would’ve made it even better.

      I also enjoy watching Ye Dil Mera for a lot of reasons, I like the mystery and thriller aspect of the story. Both the leading characters have so much to offer that it turns out to be a treat to watch them.

  • Agree with you Zahra, the pace has slowed down considerably.
    I feel that there’s a deeper connection between the 2 families, one because it’s been mentioned a couple of times that Aman’s mother belonged to a rich family so I’m thinking maybe she was related to Meer Farooq in some way & secondly Amaan knows Bua from his childhood.
    Also, the writers annoyance at not filming the murder scene properly means that this flaw would become more obvious in the coming episodes that Mir Farooq didn’t realise that Amaan wasn’t in the Jeep when his family was killed when Mir farooq knew that there were 4 family members, not three.

    • Thank you so much Tricksy. Good to hear from you after a long time. Yes, I am sure Meer Farooq knew Amaan’s mother because after he shot her, he looked at her in a very strange way, which showed that there was some connection between the two. I am certain that Nilo took Ana to Amaan’s family cottage & that’s where she got killed as well, that is why Ana finds that place so familiar. It is unfortunate that Ahsan Talish couldn’t do justice to this script, because it would’ve made an even better drama than what we’re getting to see now.

  • Assalamoalaikum zahra. Ap ne exact wohi points likhy hain jo es epi ko dekhty huy mery zehn main the.
    Mery liye bhi sb se meaningful conversation aina ao amaan ka late scene tha jis main aina amaan ko psychiatrist suggest karti hain.
    Mujhy es darmy main editing ka thora sa masla lagta hay but woh itna bara nahi ki main us pi soch soch ki apny fav dramy ka maza kharab karoon hahaha.
    Baqi ap ne jesa likha main us se 100 percent agree karti hun. Es dramy main har actor ne apna best dia hay.
    Mujhy bhi cottage ka dono per effect acha laga and mujhy yeh bhi feel ho raha hay ki yahan aa kar amaan ao aina dono tooty ge ao toot toot kar juregi.
    Acha mujhy to promo bhi acha laga speciallt jab aina ko amaan ko kahin jaany nahi deti. Es play know teaser main aina amaan ko yahan per aik jhooly ki barey main bhi kehti hain. Es jhooly pi aina childhood main jhoola leti hain and in ki bilkul peechy stairs pet in ki mothers (both zarnish and meera sethi) batein kar rahi hoti hain.

  • Pakistani writers should stop justifying abuse. Amaan’s mental issue do not absolve him from the responsibility. People with mental issues should also be held accountable for abusing their wives. How stupid of Ana to take this roadtrip with a husband who had such a traumatic episode only last night. So she isn’t even talking to her father now. Not met him even once or gone to her house. As a married woman I find all this impossible to relate. Girls visit their house after being married. What stupidity are they showing?

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