Ye Dil Mera Episode 27 Story Review – Intense Episode

Oh wow, this was one intense episode of Ye Dil Mera. Before getting into the rest of the details, I will straight away say that Mira Sethi should be super proud of herself for giving this level of performance. Every step of the way, she made me feel Nilofer’s pain & the mental & emotional turmoil that she was going through. Mira Sethi has appeared in a lot of dramas but this is the first time she has actually wowed with her performance. The director usually is given credit for the flaws but this time around, he definitely deserves a credit for extracting this sort of acting from Mira Sethi.

Nargis Bua’s One Sided Approach & Nilofer’s Turmoil

The viewers now got an insight into the past through Nargis Bua’s perspective. She seemed eager to get in touch with Meer Farooq because she wants to save Ana. There was an ambiguity regarding her intentions, however the preview of the next episode proved that despite knowing the truth, she still thinks Amaan is the culprit who is going to harm Ana. Maybe all these years, Nargis Bua has brainfed herself to see the goodness in Meer Farooq, especially after seeing what a doting father he turned out to be after Nilo’s death, this is why she thinks Ana is better off staying with her criminal father than Amaan, who she assumes is capable of hurting Ana. Nargis Bua will get her answers later as well obviously but right now, she should be thinking more rationally. It can also be considered that Ana’s call has forced Nargis Bua to see one side of the picture & because she could hear how upset Ana was at Amaan, she thinks he has hurt her or is going to do so.

Nargis Bua reminisced about the day when they found out about Humera’s car accident & the events that followed. Nargis Bua firsthand saw the toll it took on Nilofer. She was trying to figure things out on how she should approach her husband Meer Farooq after all that she heard from Humera & before she could do anything to help her friend, she got the news of her demise. The way both Nargis Bua & Nilofer broke down after getting to know about Humera’s accident was so heart wrenching. The emotions they portrayed were realistic & heartfelt. Nilofer already started feeling alone, she had no one to turn to – the husband she trusted was not trustworthy & the only friend she had was now no more.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 27 Story Review - Intense Episode

Meer Farooq’s aloofness was already something that Nilofer couldn’t wrap her head around. I really want to know what was the paper that she saw in one of the pockets of Meer Farooq’s jacket though? Anyways, Nilofer ended up hearing the discussion that happened between Ali Baksh & Meer Farooq & she knew that was it. It didn’t take her much longer to even doubt all of what she was hearing couldn’t be true because Humera had already told Nilofer about the harm that Meer Farooq could cause to her family & now that had finally happened. I definitely liked seeing Nilofer’s perspective & how she mourned the loss of her friend as well as dealing with the pain of her husband’s disloyalty.

So, Meer Farooq & Nilofer ended up confronting each other. The psychopath that Meer Farooq is, the easiest thing he could do was to assault his wife trying to suppress her emotions by intimidating her. Nilofer did seem adamant to not stay quiet. She even wrote a letter to her father, but it’s yet to be seen whether Nargis Bua posted it or not. Maybe after Meer Farooq killed Nilofer, he got rid of all the evidence that could lead anyone to him & that letter being one of the things that were destroyed.

Ana & Amaan

Coming to Ana & Amaan, finally Ana’s dreams are back. The memories got triggered after she visited her childhood cottage in Daryabagh. The dream this time was more clear & she could figure out the entire scene that was happening; a woman packing her bags & running away with her child, going to the train station trying to escape but in the end getting shot. When Amaan came to calm Ana down, she was immediately reminded of the pep-talks Meer Farooq used to give to her whenever she spoke about her dreams & told him what she saw. At that particular moment, Ana could actually connect the dots & could feel that the dream that she is seeing is not a vision from the future but rather her past that she has experienced, therefore she immediately stopped herself from dwelling into the details because it was going to confirm her worst fears.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 27 Story Review - Intense Episode

Ana relying on Allah & asking Him for guidance was one of the best moments of this episode. She has been trying to find the answers all her life & now when she was finally starting to see some sort of clarity, she decided to seek Allah’s help to ask for more clarity. Amaan’s feelings were conveyed brilliantly as well. He hates seeing his wife, the love of his life in pain & he knows that everything that he has said has put Ana in an awkward position but still he feels for her because he knows the truth & is very much aware of how Meer Farooq took away Ana’s mother from her too.

Intense Episode

This was one intense episode of Ye Dil Mera. As I have said it earlier, I will say it again, Mira Sethi should take a bow for this performance. Her body language, dialogue delivery, all the expressions showcasing Nilofer’s emotions were on-point. Adnan Siddique had very limited scenes but even in those, he was right in his element & delivered a brilliant performance. Sajal Aly & Ahad Raza Mir have done complete justice to these characters as well. Naima Khan has given a brilliant performance as Nargis Bua as well. Another thing that I noticed was Mira Sethi is a lefty, I don’t know why but I find it very fascinating so it was an interesting thing to pick. The background music, editing & everything in this episode of Ye Dil Mera worked. It seems the next episode will be half interesting & half of it will cover Ana’s repetitive dialogues & the other half will be dedicated to Farhana Khala’s slow-mo dialogue delivery. Let’s hope things are put into perspective soon. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ye Dil Mera.

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  • Thank you for your review. Now the last part, Nilofour’s scene is left and I feel we will see that from Anna’s perspective. I fail to understand, why cant Aman tell her it was her house and why cant he take her to railway station.

    • Thank you so much fot reading the review. I think Amaan is pushing Ana’s limits so that she herself recalls all those memories. So far he continues to say that he doesn’t want to hurt her more, which doesn’t make much sense though because he has already told her about what Meer Farooq has done.

  • It was an intriguing episode and a brilliant review Zahra! As usual, you’ve translated every part well in your review. Already waiting for the next episode to see what happened further clearly. But I wonder, if Nilofer got shot at the train station, why did the man who Ana found near her house say that the owner’s wife got killed in this house.

    Regarding the letter that Nilofer wrote, I remember Farhana Khala saying in one of the episodes that her father had received a letter from Nilo baji which had got him worried. I think this was when she was reading her father’s diary or may be it was the letter itself that she read, can’t remember clearly. But it was somehow confirmed earlier that the letter had definitely reached her father.

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for your kind words. Yes, now it is left to be seen how did Nilo actually die. I think they must’ve fired a bullet to intimidate & stop her. Meer Farooq or his goons definitely wouldn’t have killed her at a busy place like a train station. May be they brought her home & then killed when Ana wasn’t around, that’s why her dreams have been related to the escape & not actually what happened to her mother? It is definitely getting interesting isn’t it.

      Yes, Farhana did mention about the letter & she also read the one which she stated was the last letter that her father received before Nilo died. The letter that Farhana read in one of the episodes aloud was not the one that Nilo wrote in this episode. The other one was more cryptic which got their father worried. I think this one didn’t make it to her father. :(

  • i enjoyed reading your review it was perfect as usual so no need to say anything apart from that i found the episode interesting & everyone acted so well in all the scenes

  • As much as I love this drama and want things to proceed quicker, I feel the happenings get slowed down. I found this episode very slow and repetitive, with so many flashbacks. I fail to understand why Ana’s childhood memory is completely lost, all she can remember is just bits and pieces even she wasn’t that young when all of this took place. On the contrary Mani/ Aman remembers even the minute details, had Ana been in an accident in childhood that she lost all her memory?

    • Amaan could remember evrything since he chose not to forget those things. Also Amaan didnt have a peaceful time after his parents death and so he remembers those tragic days well.
      Aina, on the other hand, was forced to forget all these bad memories by Meer Farooq and he showered her with so much love that she actually feels all this is a dream and not reality.
      This is my assumption

    • Thank you for adding to the discussion Hina. This is what I mentioned in one of my previous reviews too but a lot of readers suggested that Amaan was much older whereas Ana was younger & very much distressed.

      In this episode, the scene where Ana remembered the things Meer Farooq used to say to her about her dreams did suggest that he played a huge part in making her believe that whatever she sees in her dreams is not related to reality. Meer Farooq made sure that Ana forgets everything this is why when she started connecting the dots, she immediately stopped herself because she doesn’t want to believe that her father is guilty.

      I will definitely agree about the pace though. This drama should’ve been wrapped up within 25 episodes.

  • I think the pace of story is good. The psychological elements of the story should be addressed accurately. Esa to nhi ho skta k ek hi episode mn sb reveal kr de.
    Performances are brilliant. Zarnish, mira, adnan, sahad all are amazing except farhana khala and ubaid.
    Ahsun talish is definitely one of the best directors. I watched his directorial alif allah aur insaan and tabeer. Those plays were brilliant. The continuity issue with suno chanda was due to its timing issue. It was shot in a short time. While YDM has these issues due to long span, date issues. Ahsun talish told in an interview.
    Drama is going to be 32 episodes long. I wonder whats in store.

    • Good to know that the pace is working for you. Yes, they can not reveal everything in one episode but they should refrain from the filler episodes which the last couple of episodes were. This drama could’ve easily ended in 25 episodes & would have been more girpping. Ahsan Talish’s direction is good definitely but I feel his projects become a little too commercial, with all the dragging & unnecessary prolonging. I couldn’t continue watching Tabeer & Alif Allah Insaan also ended up being a disaster with 40+ episodes & unnecessary focus on side characters.

  • Excellent dear zahra! I have the same views about this episode. I also noticed left hand thing and liked it as I am also a left hander.

    • Thank you so Samina for appreciating the review. Oh that’s really interesting. Two of my siblings are also lefties & I have always enjoyed watching them write. :)

  • The letter Nilofar wrote and handed over to Nargis Bua did not get lost but was posted much later.. Remember Farhana Khala got more curious by reading the same letter saved by her dad in his diary.. Thats what raised Farhana’s mental tension.. So Bua posted it after Nilofars death.

    • Yes, but as far as I remember the letter that Farhana khala read out loud saying it was the last one that their father received before Nilo’s death was quite cryptic. If they had received this letter & if Farhana had read it, she wouldn’t be so ambiguous about Meer Farooq & would’ve sure shot known that he wasn’t an ideal husband as he posed to be all these years. I am sure this one didn’t make it to their parents.

  • As per my analysis, Nargis Bua only knows k MFZ ne Nilofer ko mara ya marwaya hai, wo b AB k hathon. She does not know k Amaan ki family ko b MFZ ne hi mara. Esi lye wo Amaan ko ghalat smjh rae or esi lye onki loyalities MFZ ki trf hain. Or jo last letter Nilofer ne likha tha, wo post nhi hua hoga, Nargis Bua k pass hoga. Us se onko pta chly ga k Amaan ki story kya hai. Phr shyd wo Anna ko reality btayen. Phr Anna ki memory trigger ho or us past yad aye or apni Maa ka qatal b. But it is quite annoying k pace bht slow hai. 1 progressive episode k baf 2 fillers aty hain, which ruins everything. Or Amaan kyun nahi bta rha Anna ko bachpan ki sari story???

  • It was boring as hell for the last three episodes they are dragging the story and what kind of evidence Ana can manage to prove her father innocent and in what capacity?
    A very predictable thriller attempt by the team of yeh dil mera

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