Yeh Raha Dil Episode 24 Review – Agony Aunt In Action!

Ohkay so, let me get this out of the way first, I am sure this episode would’ve worked for a lot of viewers but sadly it didn’t work for me. The only good thing that I saw in this episode was a development in Nida’s character which was again long due, so I am glad things finally moved in that direction where her character went through an emotional transition but that’s where it all stopped for me because I didn’t enjoy Zaki & Hayat’s scenes nor their behavior!

So, Tabrez only tried to exploit Nida as he knew that she is emotionally weak, so he thought he would once again use her to make himself feel better. Tabrez’s ego didn’t allow him to accept that Nida was finally moving on in her life & that is why even after breaking up with her, he was tailing her because of which he knew that she was getting married. Tabrez himself is a weak man who by making the most of others’ weaknesses feels good about himself. Nida actually got scared & thought may be she had left something with Tabrez that he was trying to use against her.

It was good to see Hayat trying to comfort Nida but that’s where her character stopped making sense for me in this episode. All her lectures to Zaki & her overly portrayed concerns for Nida were off-putting, to the point where I started seeing Hayat as an Agony Aunt. For the first time it looked like Hayat was arguing for the sake of it, only to test Zaki further to see if he will actually stand by his word & will protect Nida. Again, seeing Hayat taking the ‘credit’ for lecturing Zaki on dignity was off-putting. Hayat needs to sort her own mess before trying to fix others’ problems as it looks like Hayat really is interested in others’ lives more than she is in hers & that makes her look lifeless & aimless at times. Yes, to be honest, in the beginning it was good to see Hayat being this strong, level headed, independent sort of a girl who wasn’t weak but now seeing all that she has been doing from last so many episodes, that thing is making her look annoying rather than interesting. For me, in this episode, Hayat came out as an Agony Aunt who had a hard time minding her own business. Yes, Hayat wanted to protect her sister Nida but then seeing everything that she directed at Zaki was uncalled for & then the way she tried to argue with him a bit more to get back at him really made it look like she was trying to pick a fight & when Zaki wasn’t giving her that chance, she was getting agitated!

It was good that Zaki took a stand for Nida & told Tabrez that nothing that he’d say or do will make Zaki change his mind. Tabrez, like I said being a weak man only needed this dose to know that Nida was not alone & that’s why he lost the confidence he had when he threatened Nida. To be honest, I didn’t feel a thing for Hayat when she was standing there shedding tears on her ‘majboori’ where she is backing out of her love to give Nida the love of her life, sorry, she has done this to herself so no sympathies there!!!

Now, coming over to the good thing about this episode, it was Nida’s realization. Finally, Nida was tired of playing games, she was tried of manipulating people, she was tired of exploiting Zaki & she was tired of doing everything that she has done till date, that is why even when Jimmy tried to show her the brighter side of the picture that things will sort out after her marriage, Nida didn’t seem thrilled by the idea as she could finally see that everything was wrong. She has really played games with Zaki, Hayat & has also involved her mother to achieve her goal, so now when everything was under control, she could see that she wasn’t at peace as her conscience was making her realize that she was wrong all this while & she won’t be able to have that happiness that she dreams of while having so many burdens on her heart & mind.

Overall, this episode was just alright. I enjoyed a few light-hearted conversations that Affaq, Haroon, Azra & then Azra & Zaki had. Anum Goher’s dressing (except that white kurta near the pool) in this episode was hideous, I guess she forgot that she was playing the character of a fashion model in this drama. Yes, Nida’s character was going through a transition but that shouldn’t have affected her dressing in such a bad manner. Yumna Zaidi’s bright blue shirt was nice & it suited her complexion, probably one of those very few dresses in Hayat’s collection that were good! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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