Zakham Episode 10 Review – Madiha Imam Steals The Show

The latest two episodes of Zakham have been aired back to back but this one was much more interesting than the last. Not only has the story moved forward but also the characters have taken a major shift in their stances.

Thw episode starts with Takbeer becoming a bit more independent and going out of the house for essentials, which is not sitting very well with Khawar. Then came the uproar of Takbeer’s pregnancy, after which the episode moved forward at quite a pace. Khawar in his illogical, unreasonable and pervert state of mind is seen torturing himself over thinking that this might be Musa’s baby. When he pours his dirty stream of thoughts in front of Takbeer, she does not take it lightly. She rightfully creates a big fuss and Khalida in her shrewd ways tries to silence her once again, but this time Takbeer has had enough. What happens in the after math of Khawar’s dirty doubts brings out all the more ugliness in both him and his sister.

Takbeer leaves for her father’s home. She knows where and how to stand up for herself. I think she is one of the most intelligent women our dramas have ever shown and despite her restrictive circumstances, she is not going to let her husband get away with abusing her character in the worst possible way. Madiha Imam was beyond phenomenal in this episode. She was so natural that if the drama becomes a hit, Takbeer would be to her what Khirad was to Mahira.

Takbeer does need to say much, her expressions speak volumes but when she does speak, she takes the audience by a storm. Her conversation with her bhabi when she questions her that why this happened to her even though she had just been a dutiful daughter was absolutely amazing. Madiha Imam is bringing to life the turmoil, the anguish and the physical and mental exhaustion a woman suffers when living with a psychopath and a narcissist. She is exercising her patience to the limit but Khawar never fails to do the thing that will make her lose it. He wants to break her spirit into obedience, but she has enough self preservation left in her to fight his dirty tactics. She again stole the show in her scene with Sultan when she looks at him incredulously when he wants to confirm that she never met Musa after marriage.

Farhan was certainly immature in going to Khawar’s house but it was understandable, since he is the youngest in the family and loves Takbeer to the moon and back. It was natural for him to be so mad to go get hold of Khawar’s collar, however, that gave him and his sister the opportunity to turn the tables around and put all the blame on Farhan’s reaction, rather than Khawar’s action. When Khalida asked, shareef gharon mai aisa hota hai, I wish someone had reminded her how shareef and khandani her own brother proved himself by doubting the paternity of his unborn child.

Khalida’s husband finally had some lines in the show and he was talking quite a lot of sense, though Khawar and Khalida are beyond any of that. He is telling Khawar the exact truth that since they have confirmed Musa is not around, there is no point in not admitting his fault since he can pry Ahmed out of Takbeer’s hands but not his other child which Takbeer is carrying. I doubt Khawar will understand any logic but it was still a very good try by his brother in law.

Hum nay to sir e mehfil

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Mehwish Mansoor

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