Zakham Episode 14 Review – The Silver Lining

The fourteenth episode of the drama brought some very sweet and amicable scenes to the screen. It was wonderful to see this one episode relatively free of tension and stress and conflict and of course Khalida.

Somehow after threatening Takbeer with the suicide note, Khawar mellowed down and told her he would not resort to this. Then he wept and explained to her that he is hungry for love and attention and that he has no one in his life to ever support him. Takbeer and I think all of us fell for this vulnerable side of him. I could totally relate to her anger evaporating, as I felt that same with mine. The next scene where she came down to sit with him on the porch and tried to take him out of his misery was beautifully executed and both Madiha Imam and Faysal Qureshi performed brilliantly. Madiha has been the undisputed winner throughout the drama but yesterday Faysal Qureshi’s acting matched up with her. Even though Faysal closed up before really revealing anything significant but their chemistry was a treat to watch. She was feeling for him and trying to help him as best as she could, while he appreciated her for this concern and acknowledged her efforts, could not bear to reveal whatever deep dark secrets he is hiding.

The significance of the mazar and dam track eludes me. I totally fail to understand why is it there. Maybe it will have some light shed on to it later.

In Takbeer’s parents’ house, suddenly Sultan announced that his wife is going abroad for delivery. The news and its details was a shock to Takbeer’s parents, and rightly so. One thing that stood out was his father’s stance to it. How do parents unintentionally discriminate between their kids. A father who is so supportive of each and every one of his son’s decisions, becomes so rigid and non understanding when it comes to his daughters.  No wonder, Sultan is so mature, so balanced and so wise. His father’s unwavering support for his son is wonderful. If only he was as good as a father to Takbeer, she would not have to go through so much pain in her innocent life. Even Tehreem was not able to share her troubles with her parents, even though they were consuming her.

Everything was going well in Khawar’s and Takbeer’s house until that fall out in the end about Mehwish’s wedding card. Considering the tension, it might have been wiser for them to drop Takbeer’s card in her parent’s house, but still it wasn’t reason enough for Khawar to be so mean to her all over again. It was like the last scene was just shown to remind that Khawar is still the same person and not to raise our expectations of him.

The next episode seems quite happening.. Keep watching and reading..

Mehwish Mansoor

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