Zakham Episode 18 Review – A Good Episode

So this episode of Zakham shed light on Farhan’s efforts to help Takbeer get rid of Khawar and the tortures he made her go through.

It was generally a better episode with some happiness seeping into their lives by Farhan’s engagement and upcoming marriage. It was good to see Takbeer smile and focus on something other than her own miseries which are always shadowing her happiness. I do not know when will Sultan and Farhat return since every phone call is ending with his announcement that he is arriving soon and a similar conversation starts in the next call.

It might seem odd that a brother is collaborating with his sister’s ex fiancé for her divorce so he can get married to her, but under these circumstances, it seems like the most logical and natural thing to be done. Farhan has to the best brother in the world. If more Pakistani brothers were the same with their sisters, our domestic abuse rates would fall dramatically just due to this one thing.

I don’t understand all the legislation but I am sure there must be something in our law that would help such women get freedom from the wedlock of absent husbands. There is a glimpse in the promo when it seems like the court has declared Takbeer divorced in the absence of Khawar. He was so abusive that seeing Takbeer happy and herself in her parents’ home, I’m sure we all are also vouching that Khawar never returns. He has such a mad character that even watching him gives you stress. His absence is making the drama much more palatable. Hope Faysal Quraishi fans are not offended, but truth be told, his role is horrible.

When the khulaa notice reaches Khalida, she rushes to Takbeer’s house and the woman is so indecent that she started throwing accusations at her without considering all the people who were sitting together there. One other character that surpasses even Khawar in  its spiteful essence is Khalida. She is hands down the most loathsome sister in law I have ever seen. Takbeer and Farhan showed utmost restraint when dealing with her and that showed the difference in theirs and Khalida’s and Khawar’s upbringing. When Javiad was defending her the next day, his words were sounding lame to his own ears, and that is why he came back so angry at Khalida for all that she had said to Takbeer. I don’t know why is the spotlight on Khalida now. Maybe both she and her brother have the same kind of psychological disorder, which was initially mentioned about Khawar.

I hope the directors show some kind of happiness in Takbeer’s life very soon. It is becoming harder to watch such a tender character as her suffer so much.

Musa was also great in today’s episode. He is like a silent rock behind Takbeer and Farhan. He is cautious, strong and caring and he and Takbeer are not having any romantic conversations now but respectfully waiting for the moment when circumstances will full allow them. Yet, they carry glimmers of hope in their hearts for better times quietly. It was also very refreshing to see Musa and his mother not making an issue that Takbeer has a baby in her life now. Rather, they are wholeheartedly anticipating Takbeer’s imminent freedom like she is the same person whom they loved before her marriage . Takbeer will turn from very unlucky to very lucky very soon if her divorce is granted.

Stay tuned xx

Mehwish Mansoor

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