Zakham Episode 20 Review – More Trouble

Zakham has to be one of the most roller coaster drama to be seen in a long time. Every episode brings a whole new set of problems, while the previous ones are still unanswered. There were some good improvements regarding Takbeer and Musa in yesterday’s episode, but things have taken another turn and a whole new dimension today.

This time the focus was on Nuzhat’s character and so much importance was given to her and her mother’s schemes that it is more of an evil bahu saga than a psychopathic husband tale. And not another one faking pregnancy report to keep her husband under her thumb please!!

On the flip side, Madiha Imam is still the saving grace of the play. Her presence and personality is extremely realistic and relatable. She is trying to keep her head high amidst all that is happening with her. She has been dealing with evil and scheming relationships since her marriage and yet she has not lost her positivity and charm and goodness and loyalty of relationships. Ismat Iqbal is also giving a good performance. Her helplessness at her daughter’s plight was very evident today. Nuzhat and Farhan were also good in their respective roles.

The one thing that is standing between Musa and Takbeer is still divorce, which is prolonging and makes me afraid that Khawar will return before that and Takbeer will face his scorn once again.

Aside from Nuzhat’s antics there was not much in the play today. She is shown as one of those phenomenally jealous women who are so driven by the typical saas and nand fights that she is creating problems where there are none. She is going all out to compare herself to a fatherless infant and showing her heartlessness. When Takbeer was sitting and remembering her relationship with her bhabi Farhat poignantly, it was very touching to feel the loss she was going through because of Nuzhat’s demeanour.

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Mehwish Mansoor

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