Yaar e Bewafa Episode 06 Review – Drifting Apart!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yaar e Bewafa was on the slower side but everything that was shown needed this much of detailing because it was showcasing the struggles of two people who loved each other a lot but weren’t on the same page anymore & were finding it hard to adjust to the new side that their partner was showing to them.

Fizza has completely lost the plot & Neelam is adding fuel to the fire. Even though I didn’t understand Neelam’s involvement in Fizza’s life but then again, she would’ve never done that if Fizza herself hadn’t given her that much of an edge to say anything against Zaid. Fizza is the one to be blamed here for sharing the nitty gritty of her personal life with Neelam to such an extent that she got the chance to malign her heart against her husband. It is obvious, Neelam also belongs to the same social class as Fizza, so it is always going to be hard for her to relate to Zaid & see Fizza sacrificing & struggling to make her marriage work. Although, in this case, Fizza doesn’t even have to struggle or compromise, because it is basic compassion that she needs to understand what her mother in law & her husband are going through!

Fizza made the worst decision of her life & looks like she is not even going to regret it. She moved out & shifted to Neelam’s place only to test Zaid further. Going by the flashbacks that shed a light on the relationship that Fizza & Zaid shared before getting married, it was too obvious that Fizza bossed around Zaid & just because he loved her & couldn’t see her upset, he did everything that she told him to do because for him, that was his way of displaying his love for her. Fizza was always the dominant one in this relationship & Zaid didn’t mind it until that trait of hers ended up becoming the main reason behind them drifting apart. Fizza was finding it hard to relate to Zaid now, because for the first time in life, he was taking a stand against Fizza’s wishes. Fizza never imagined that she would get to see this side of Zaid’s personality too but in this case, Zaid has put his foot down for the right as all this while, he has done everything that she wanted, but now, not for his own sake but for his mother, he wasn’t budging & Fizza didn’t approve of that!

It was ridiculous seeing Fizza using her son Ahmed & his future as a weapon to blackmail Zaid but she chose to overlook Ahmed’s plea of wanting to be with his father & grandmother. Fizza wants do everything for Ahmed but she is missing the point that he is the one who is going to suffer the most. Fizza has forgotten that in the pursuit of ‘brighter future’ she is compromising on the bond that Ahmed & Zaid share which is obviously very important for Ahmed’s upbringing too. I liked the confrontation between Zaid & Fizza where he clearly told her that he didn’t have any time for her tantrums & if she wanted, she could come back. It was amusing how even during this conversation, Fizza was trying to dictate Zaid that she expects him to beg her to come back & she expected that he’d plead in front of her but since she has tested Zaid to the max, even he has given up & has reached a point where he doesn’t care anymore. Fizza being a mother should also consider herself in her mother-in-law’s position that what if at one point in her life she needs her son & if he’d turn a blind eye from her, how would she feel?

Amna & Saleem’s track hasn’t made any progress, he coughs, she tells him to take care of himself & he snubs her annoyingly. I really wish to see more in their story because not much has really happened in their track since the drama has begun. Overall, this episode was interesting, I like how the emotions are portrayed in this drama, that is why despite being simple everything is relatable & engaging. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa & oh yes, Geo TV drama uploaders set a new record by uploading the episode in 720p *touchwood*.

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