Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 08!

Ohkay so, it was one cracking episode & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. This is for the first time that I felt the KRQ charm in comparison to all the previous episodes of Zara Yaad Kar that I have seen so far & I say this because my favorite character from the lot got enough coverage to say what we all wanted to hear. Even though not much happened in this episode, but the major thing that happened was given a well-deserved screen-time because we needed to see all the reactions associated to the game changing decision of Mahnoor & I must say, the way the writer wrote & the director directed the reactions of each & every character was ‘spot-on’.

Mahnoor definitely is someone who has no insight whatsoever. She is someone who lacks basic judgement one has when it comes to judging the people you’re surrounded with. All the things she said to Waqar which implied Haadi as a ‘kamina’ went to show that she never really understood who her husband, Haadi was & how he was like because if she had a tad bit of a sensibility, maturity & wisdom, she would’ve known that Haadi was one of those guys who’d do anything or might as well go to any extreme but would never ever hit or harm a girl in their entire life, & it surely was a mindless assumption on her part. I am amazed that Mahnoor is ready to go to such lengths based on something that she has no solid reason for. She has never ever heard it from Waqar that he intends to get married to her & there she is, sacrificing everything thinking that she has bagged herself her Mr. Perfect!

Uzma didn’t show the signs of distress at the things she heard from Mahnoor about herself & Haadi, that is why she was able to give Haadi the courage he needed by telling him that he could & he should forgive Mahnoor. This is probably the first time that I liked what I heard from Uzma in regards to Mahnoor & Haadi’s relationship. Very effortlessly she made him understand that a man can be insincere too & can still expect his wife to forgive him, so now if he is at the dead end, he can pave a way out of this by resorting to forgiveness. Haadi was definitely disturbed but he got his head together & mustered up enough courage to forgive his wife if he’d find her apologetic but what he heard shook his ground!

I loved everything that Aneesa said to Mahnoor in this entire episode. She was quiet but she was planning it all along as she could foresee what her daughter was going to put her up with. Aneesa knew that Mahnoor was getting out of control, that is why like a helpless mother, she did what she deemed fit in a hope that at least something that she’ll say will make her daughter realize how she is blatantly playing with fire. When Aneesa saw that her indirect taunts weren’t enough for Mahnoor, she forced herself to confine Mahnoor in her room, thinking that at least it will show her daughter that her mother would never approve of what she was hoping for.

Haadi actually thought that Mahnoor will apologize to him but what she said was something that he, never in a million years would have imagined. The reaction of Aneesa, followed by the blank expression of Haadi was spot on. Haadi couldn’t believe what he just heard his wife say & left in a disbelief yet hopeful enough that this might be a nightmare that might get over soon. The way Haadi went to the confectionery shop to get what Uzma asked for went to show that what just happened to him started to sink in & Haadi was ready to deal with it his way!

“Mohabbat ki aik se ziyada daleel nahi hoti, aur bewafai ke sau se kam bahanay nahi hote”, just beautiful! Coming to the show down between Aneesa & Mahnoor, I was most certainly blown away & all those slaps that Aneesa placed on Mahnoor’s cheeks made me ask for more because this is exactly what a mother should do when her daughter loses the plot & this is exactly what a daughter should receive when she decides to bring a bad name to her family. “Haq lena apna, aur batana appne Waqar ko ke tumhare liye kiss tarhaan bewaqaar ho ke ai hoon”, without even hearing a word from Mahnoor about why she took that decision & what made her ask for a divorce, Aneesa just exactly knew what was running through her daughter’s mind & isn’t it just amazing because recently we’ve only seen those mothers who are well-aware of the feelings of even the kid that might be playing in the neighborhood park, but she is completely oblivious to what her daughter is feeling & is going through. That is why, I found it brilliant that Aneesa didn’t need to hear anything from Mahnoor & knew exactly who she was doing all this for. I am really glad that the writer here showed what exactly mothers are capable of as they are never unaware of their children’s feelings, emotions & sufferings & that is why, even though the situation Aneesa is faced with is gnarly, she has made it possible for us to understand her & feel for her character. The way Aneesa pushed her daughter Mahnoor out of her life & broke down went to show that she was holding onto the last bit of courage she had in her in order to take such a big decision & when she was done with it, she cried at her misery hysterically. What a beautifully written character I must say!

Well, we got to know that Gaitiara not only confessed her feelings to Waqar & has now even started relying on him because all those questions that she asked Waqar about Umerkot, went to show that she wanted to hear everything from him, even if it might show her the bad side of her father, she was ready to do that, why, because she takes Waqar to be an honest & straight forward person & in such a short span of time, Gaitiara has started to believe that if there’s one person she can depend on, it is Waqar. Well, the smiles that Waqar threw back at Gaitiara went to show that he was ecstatic at her confession & wouldn’t mind forming a bond with her. Well, it was good to know that Gaitiara & Waqar’s conversations will now have a little more meaning as the writer tried to convey a message about the politician’s selfishness & the sufferings of the nation due to these leaders. Let’s see how Gaitiara will change & challenge the system set by her father with the help of Waqar.

The preview of the next episode actually got me looking forward to it. After seeing Aneesa’s reaction in this episode, I thought that Haadi had finished everything off but looks like he hasn’t divorced Mahnoor yet & will be speaking to Uzma about it. I am actually looking forward to see how Waqar will ditch Mahnoor when she will cross the boundary & step into his zone. The dialogues of this episode were spot on & were written & delivered perfectly. All the actors, especially Saba Faisal, Sana Javed & Zahid Ahmed did a wonderful job but Saba Faisal takes the crown, hands down. She is the saving grace of Zara Yaad Kar for me & I love her acting, her expressions, her tone & her dialogue delivery. Aneesa is going to be a very memorable character for me I am sure of that. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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