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Zun Mureed Episode 20 Review – Strong Messages

zun mureed

zun mureed

Tonight’s episode of Zun Mureed yet again showed the impact Tabbbasum’s teachings on her students and how this was affecting her relationship with her brother. Tabbasum found relief in teaching the younger generation to not make the mistakes she did even when she was going through the lowest period of her life. Every episode has a new lesson and message for all the young girls out there and also those women who are suffering in silence. This drama continues to be realistic because the writer has been really honest when it comes to showing how difficult it is for a woman to stand against all odds. This episode put forward the message that women should help each other take a stand for what is right and raise their voice against injustice. I truly appreciate the way the writer has conveyed all these beautiful and apt messages and I still feel that even with its slow pace and repetition Zun Mureed continues to be a much better play than all those done-to-death dramas which promote clichés. Having said that, some of the scenes in this episode were difficult to sit through. The fact that Rubina isn’t reliable and is definitely not the ideal person to look after the children has been well-established by now and this part of the drama should be wrapped up. She shouldn’t be getting so much screen time because most of these are filler scenes which could easily have been chopped down.

In this episode, Tabbasum’s brother tries to convince her that she should somehow stop this divorce from happening. Although, right now Tabbasum doesn’t feel too “strong” but she isn’t confused any more about what she wants. ( Her conversation with Sidra helps her understand things better and she also gets a chance to analyze her own situation when she is teaching the girls. The writer has also shown that a teacher can play an important role in educating her students in such a manner that they are more informed about their rights. I find Tabbasum’s nieces’ discussions with their mother very interesting too because every time these girls say something it is simple yet more sensible than everything their mother has to say. Once again through their scenes the viewers were shown why the parents and guardians would be more comfortable teaching their daughters rules which are more in line with our social norms. It was funny watching a woman who completely controls her husband and is totally capable of brainwashing other men (Abid) telling her daughters that women should do whatever their husbands and in laws want once they are married!

I also really like the way it has been shown that how the absence of a responsible mother affects children’s lives. One really important message in this episode, which I completely agree with was that children shouldn’t be allowed to watch news channels and grown ups shouldn’t discuss issues which don’t concern children in front of them. This happens in our households all the time and most often people don’t even think about the repercussions. Sajjad’s boss told him off once again, this particular aspect of the story has also been well-established therefore this track also needs to be move forward. The viewers perfectly understand now the flaws in his personality and the reasons behind them. . I am waiting for the time when Sajjad will realize how wrong he was and still very interested in Tabbasum’s journey. I must say that I feel for the children more than anyone else at this point.

How many of you watched this episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

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