Aabro – Episode 19!

Aabro – Episode 19!

Ohkay so, this episode of Aabro was good but kind of slow as well. I really think that in stead of showing one phase of Afsheen’s life at a time, they should show a bigger picture & wrap the drama up. I don’t know why I feel that HUM TV has really made the ratings their focal point due to which they end up dragging the dramas that tend to get more TRP’s. I feel that in stead of focusing on their profits, they should take care of what the viewers want. Lately I have been feeling that the dramas of HUM TV have lost their charm & it’s a sad state of affairs considering they were the ones who revived the drama industry when the entire Pakistan was addicted to Star Plus!

So, Afsheen got to know that her parents can not afford the tuition of a medical college therefore she had to accept the fate & decided to go with what her parents will choose for her. Ali & Aabro did try as much as they could by asking for Abid’s help once again but then again, even though I feel for them, this time I felt that they were going a bit too far by not planning things properly yet again. Yes, they do not make enough money but when they knew that Afsheen was approaching the end of her F.Sc, why didn’t they start saving a few bucks in order to have a decent amount required for the admission fee? Also, Afsheen scored 2nd highest marks so I guess they could’ve tried their luck for a scholarship just like Ahmed suggested? Its like they just had a dream but didn’t have enough wisdom to pull it through & achieve it. Once again Ali & Aabro lacked some planning & sadly Afsheen had to give up on her dream of becoming a doctor.

Ahmed believes in supporting Afsheen because he knows that she is a bright student & has worked so hard to get such good grades but sadly, it all went down the drain because of her parents & even because of his parents too as this time around, Abid held back & didn’t want to help them as he has Ahmed’s tuition fee to take care of as well. Just like Fauzia, Abid believes in face saving too because despite knowing that his son isn’t so good at academics, he is pushing his luck by getting him an admission in a medical college on self-finance. I must say, I like the way Ahmed takes stand for Afsheen, not because he likes her, also because he can see that his whole family mistreats Ali’s family & he feels bad for them.

Oh well, I must say I am disappointed at Zafar uncle’s selfishness, as he left the world peacefully but I am wondering why doesn’t he miss Zubaida so much to call her to the place where he resides too because that’s the only place suitable for Zubaida as well. I really feel that they are now pushing the hatred she has towards Ali, Aabro & sadly Afsheen is facing the brunt of it too. It just doesn’t make sense that Zubaida can not see the difference between Ahmed, Aima & Afsheen’s upbringing & personalities & she doesn’t leave an opportunity to insult them all by making a point that Afsheen will only bring bad name to their entire family. I think bas abb bohat ho gaya, like seriously, it used to be amusing watching her cursing Aabro & Ali but not anymore because enough time has passed already so they should have shown ‘someeee’ difference in her attitude towards them by seeing how nicely Aabro & Ali brought Afsheen up. Also, I do feel that they could’ve confined her hatred towards Ali & Aabro & should’ve shown that if she didn’t appreciate Afsheen, then she didn’t insult her needlessly too.

It was good to see Afsheen taking a stand for her mother & telling Zubaida off. Also, it was good to see that Ali told Zubaida clearly that he won’t let her have her way in the matters concerning Afsheen’s life & future because if she can’t love or respect them, she can not dictate them too. I think Aima & Ahmed have disappointed Zubaida enough for her to do some thinking that her perfect bahu Fauzia’s childern didn’t turn out to be so perfect after all so its not a hard & fast rule that Aabro’s daughter will only turn out to be like Aabro as well.

Anyways, this episode was decent but the progress in the story overall is a bit too slow for my liking, also the preview of the next episode once again suggested that things are going to remain slow as they will be focusing on the developing relation between Ahmed & Afsheen. I am sure things will get ugly once Ahmed will openly declare that he likes Afsheen more than just a friend. I must say I really really like both the actors who’re playing the characters of Ahmed & Afsheen. It is good to see some fresh new faces. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aabro.

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