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Aangan Episode 26 Review – Finally!

Ohkay so, if there’s one writer who knows how to create one suspence after another, it is Faiza Iftikhar. Just when one of the most anticipated secret was revealed, the writer created another one to keep us guessing regarding the reasons due to which this marriage took place, but yes, I am glad I was right, it was Asim who got married & not Zahid!

Sadaan & Afrah started their marital life together but to be honest, I am getting tired of Afrah & her Roti Surat. Yes, she has all the reasons to be sad & upset because of the circumstances in which she got married but then, smiling at your husband & not pestering him wouldn’t harm her because more than her, it is Sadaan who has to do the heavy-lifting because Afrah’s parents sent her away but now it is Sadaan who has to convince his mother. Honestly speaking, seeing a forlorn face of Afrah’s mother justified why Afrah is like that too, I guess it runs in the family & the fact that Mariam Ansari is playing this role makes it even harder to like Afrah!

Well, even though I am a fan of all the characters & like them for who they are but if a few weeks back, someone had asked me about my favorite character, I would’ve picked Hajra but not anymore because that spot has been well & truly taken by Sajjad. The highlight of this episode (more than knowing that my guess was right) for me was when Sajjad took a stand for Shaina. Sajjad knew that he granted Sadaan his wish so now he had to do justice between his children & for that matter, he supported Shaina too. I loved that even Abba Jee was on-board with that decision & everyone was happy. I honestly can’t believe that a peace-maker like Hajra who is also so far-sighted & understanding towards each & everyone in the family can be so thick-skinned & stern when it comes to her own children. May be because when it comes to her role as a Bahu & a Bhabhi, she doesn’t have much control & has to be flexible to please everyone so when it comes to Shaina & Sadaan, she feels better knowing that there are two family members who she has a control over? I say this because that’s the only reason I see behind her rigidity. Anyways, Sajjad tried to make Hajra understand but then again, I really didn’t see anything changing in her because she just didn’t show acceptance or respect to her husband’s decision but I am so glad that Sajjad finally did what a father should do; giving his children a ground to just be, the motivation, the encouragement to believe in themselves & their abilities, standing by them so that they know if they fall, they will have his back – loved it!

So, Haseena is Asim’s wife. Obviously not much was revealed about her or where she comes from but the conversations between Afrah & Sadaan, also between the neighbour, Laila & Rubina were enough to suggest that she comes with a baggage that gives people a reason to judge her. I saw Haseena differently though, yes, she has a very out-there personality, totally opposite to Laila’s, she is not that groomed or refined but then again, I found her very simple-minded & also very lonely, someone who despite having a social security was looking for acceptance & validation. As it was suggested, Haseena was an indepdendent woman too, probably making a living & supporting herself but it did look like she always dreamt of a domesticated marital life where she’d play a role of a dutiful wife, that is why despite knowing that Asim was married, she accepted him & settled for a hope which he gave her regarding telling his family & most importantly Laila about her after their marriage.

Zahid really has no idea what he is going to get into but now when things are about to get settled after a storm that’s on the way, I so so sooo want things to get better between Zahid & Rubina – especially a change in Zahid’s attitude towards his wife & in general is so much needed. We saw a glimpse of it when Zahid tried to advocate Rubina’s emotional & mental state in front of Abba Jee when she gave her baby to Laila, so I would love to see him changing himself & doing something to not give Rubina a chance to complain so much. Allauddin & Anila were there to provide the comic relief in this otherwise heavy episode. Also, the scene where the entire family gathered around Sajjad & Sajjad’s drama to stoo more questions coming his way regarding Sadaan was so amusing.

Overall, this entire episode was perfect. I can’t wait to find out more about Haseena. Even though all the actors have done a phenomenal job right from the beginning but at this stage they all seem even more comfortable in their characters, it’s like they got used to playing these characters that they are living them now. This drama is love. Please share your thoughts!

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