Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 14 Review – Intense & Interesting!

Ohkay so, another week, another beautiful & intense episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan. I am loving how they are revealing the story even at this stage of the drama. It is absolutely commendable how even after giving away so much about the characters, the writer has still kept some secrets which she reveals at the right time & because of that, all this while, we’re compelled to make guesses about how the characters are going to react given the circumstances. It is amazing how even after so many episodes, the writer is giving us something or the other to keep us hooked to the show. The director also deserves a special mention here for doing justice to such a complex script with such unique characters & more so for giving equal coverage to each & every aspect because that shows his grip on the script & sheds a light on how he is doing justice to his role as a director!

I loved how they revealed another side of Rani’s character in this episode. Rani for the first time showed that she has all what it takes to become Reena Begum & she is not doing anything to let go of what has come her way. Rani herself has forgotten that she once used to be Rani because now she is entirely focused on becoming Reena Begum as she has a assigned a massive duty to herself that she has to make everyone forget who Nigar Begum was & what she used to be like.

It was quite interesting how they gave us an insight into Reena, which showed that she was always a rebel. She hated her life when she was a beggar because she had restrictions around her, later when she achieved her dream of becoming Nigar’s servant, she once again started hating everything because she had a new set of restrictions that were imposed on her & life didn’t turn out how she wanted it to be. Reena used to miss her family & she would cry for them because she knew that they were out of her reach & she couldn’t meet them due to those restrictions, which showed that her rebel nature always forced her to assume that the grass was greener on the other side but now what she has done was so expected yet unpredictable! Reena had all the opportunity in the world to reunite with her family because Nigar died & there was no one restricting her to meet her family but just because she got the freedom that she yearned for all her life, she reset her priorities immediately & sadly, her family wasn’t on the list. Reena knew that this was once in a lifetime opportunity that she was getting & if she wouldn’t make the most of it now, she’d regret it later. Well the time will definitely teach her a lot of lessons because everything comes with a territory & Reena will find out about it but right now, she thinks she has made the right choice. Who would’ve thought that Rani who used to call her father for help after getting beaten up by Nigar or who used to miss her mother’s comfort in times of distress would turn a blind eye when she’d be given the opportunity to see them? Yes, Rani has bitter memories of her father but her mother always supported her, so to see Rani forgetting all about her mother is heart-rending!

I loved Shammi’s role in this entire situation where he lied because didn’t want to hurt Reena’s sister & indirectly Reena’s mother by telling them the truth about her. Shammi once again tried to convince Reena to look through the grave mistake that she was making but Reena chose not to listen to him. It was quite interesting how Reena compared her opportunity with Shammi’s & also reminded him that he also wouldn’t want to go back to his family & his old life but then again, she is missing the point that Shammi’s situation was different & he earned everything on his own, at least not by crushing someone else’s realm or if we openly say it, by becoming a reason behind someone’s death. The note at which Shammi parted with Reena broke my heart, it was so obvious that he wasn’t emotional because of how Reena rejected him, but he was actually sad seeing this new Reena that he never imagined existed. Shammi can see that she is going to regret everything later in life & she will suffer but since he is feeling helpless, he feels defeated!

Basit’s thesis on ‘balance’ was backed by some amazing arguments & justifications. It was quite interesting to hear his thoughts on how he saw everything having a soul & a value because of it being Allah’s creation. Basit’s life has finally shaped up & he not only impressed the jury members but also bagged a job at his university. It shows how dedicated Basit was & how he was serious about shaping his life up, despite all that he was dealing with in his personal life. I really like how composed, focused, calm & collected Basit is, like he knows what he wants to achieve & he puts his mind & heart to it. To see Basit becoming a reason for this huge smile on his father’s face was actually quite sweet, I love seeing how his parents treat him with so much of love & affection because they really have raised an ideal son.

So, finally the cat’s out of the bag now & we know that Nazneen had a plan. I think Nazneen only went ahead & told her parents to fix her marriage with Shahzeb so that she could get back at him because she felt insulted so she wanted him to feel embarrassed as well because otherwise, there was no reason for Nazneen to go to such an extent of allowing her parents to fix the date & then telling them the truth about him. But then looks like Nazneen wanted to make things believable I guess for her parents that’s why she chose such a time when she knew they’d panic the most & would try to come up with a solution immediately with the wedding looming on their head.

Just when Shahzeb said yes to what Malik Hashmat asked him about, I actually for the first time felt bad for him. It is because Shahzeb loves Nazneen so much that he knew what she was trying to achieve & just because he didn’t want to put her in an awkward position by making her look like a liar, he ended up taking the blame on himself. I am sure Shahzeb will try to explain his position but he wouldn’t say much as he wouldn’t want Nazneen to face any kind of brunt for how she used his truth against him. He really does love her!

Overall, this episode was beautiful. I love how the writer has forced the viewers to become emotionally invested in all the characters & their stories. It is like a complete package with so much happening & with so much to process that you just feel they have taken you into another world. I am loving the fact that we have a drama so intense & so phenomenal that it just makes it a wholesome experience when you tune to it. All the actors have done a brilliant job, I must say Kubra Khan’s expressions were spot on in the last scene & even her parents acted perfectly in this episode. Shehzad sheikh is nailing the character of Basit & he has given him a perfect treatment, like he has made it easy for everyone to understand what Basit goes through & the pain he feels, which is brilliant. For me, even though the performance lasted for a few seconds, the performance of the episode was by Nargis Rasheed, like seriously, the way she talks so fondly of her daughter Rani & with so much love & hope that one day she will come back to her is so so so heart-warming & special. I just loveeee seeing a scene or two of Rani’s mother where she is always speaking about her & inquiring about her like a concerned mother. Also the way she cries when she realizes that she has to wait a little longer is just so touching yet beautiful. Nargis Rasheed should take a bow for making Rani’s mother’s character just so beautiful & real. Loving this drama so far. Please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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