Besharam Episode 18 – Amazinnnggg!!

Ohkay so, like always, this episode of Besharam was interesting too & I am so glad that the director knows what he is doing because every time we expect things to blow out of proportion, the director lets us know the clarity he had in his mind about the script. Also, I will thank Sarwat Nazeer for writing this drama so brilliantly which is filled with nothing but positivity.

Honestly speaking, I never really thought that Qadeer will not only listen to Mishi so keenly but he will believe everything that she will tell him too. I thought that Qadeer will try to defend Saba & will choose not to listen to Mishi because of the opinions his parents had about her, but Qadeer proved that he is not only wise but different from his family too. He knew that everything that Mishi was saying couldn’t be a lie because how would her friend know about Saba, if Saba hadn’t walked into the studio herself for a photo-shoot. I must say, what I liked about the entire conversation was how Mishi tried to tell Qadeer that she wasn’t trying to infuriate him, but in stead, she was only trying to make him cautious so that Saba doesn’t commit more mistakes. I also liked how Qadeer thanked her because all the things that he heard shook his ground but he didn’t forget his manners.

Sara has pretty much accepted Haider wholeheartedly, but she is used to the idea of putting him down, that is why she once again told Mishi how she wasn’t happy that she was going home. I love how every single time Mishi tells her mother about all the positive aspects of her marriage & tries to make sure she doesn’t think much about the things that according to Sara must be negative, like Haider not having enough money or a lavish house. Haider has proved to Sara that he is not going anywhere & he is not only going to take care of Mishi, but he will be extending emotional & moral support to her too because the way he persuaded Mannan to come to Pakistan to meet his mother was another pleasant surprise.

Finally, Sikandar’s family learned the truth about what Saba did & how she was the one who took the amount to give it to the photographer. I loved how without beating around the bush, Qadeer told Saba that he found out what she did. Even though the reactions were natural & the way Shakira beat Saba out of sheer frustration was something that usually happens when girls cross the line, I knew that their decision of getting her married straight away will push Saba further away from all of them. Saba is immature & more than harsh reactions, she needs someone who can make her understand that she is wrong & also make her realize that she is only bringing a bad name to her family & herself as well.

Well, Haider, the hero that he is, saved the day again & brought Saba home. I was actually quite relieved to see how Sikandar not only admitted his mistakes but also realized that it was the karma that he was facing now. Also, the way Khadija found out about the Doctor being Amir Liaqat (meaning fake degree holder) was another positive message that the writer sent across. I love how the writer has brought the fact into the light that all you need is positivity & honesty in your life, because these are the only things that you need to shape your life up & one should try to stay away from scheming & plotting because what goes around comes around too. All this while, like all the parents, Sikandar & Shakira thought that they had an upper-hand because their kids were innocent & better than Khadija’s but the time told them that they were wrong & Khadija’s children were definitely better. I have always liked Sikandar for the fact that even though he is an opportunist & quite selfish, but he is honest in his own way, like he never supports his wife in saying anything bad about Haider & even after finding out about everything that Saba did, he regretted his decision of calling Qadeer & Humna’s relationship quits.

Quite often I come across a lot such comments where the viewers say that they derive lessons from Zara Yaad Kar & I also see them advocating that the writer of Zara Yaad Kar is giving out lessons about relationships but quite humbly, I put forth a request that if they want to derive some lessons from a drama, then it should be this drama; Besharam. This drama is filled with such positive messages in regards to all the relationships & also about how one should lead his life because where the writer showed us the hardships that Sikandar’s family faced because of their selfishness, the writer also showed us how Khadija’s family is at a happy place right now because they are far away from negativity & only believe in living their lives with honesty & simplicity. This drama also gives out a much needed message of how spouses should treat each other with respect & love, but also should give each other a time & space which is necessary to nourish a relationship. Mishi was a model & everyone judged her due to her choice of career, but the writer showed that if a girl finds her Mr. Right, who treats her with love & respect, she will go to any lengths to please him. This is exactly why Mishi & Haider’s relationship stands out the most because even though they react like normal couples do, they look like a unique couple on screen because we hardly get to see such pairs, thanks to our writers who are bent on showing these twisted people who have no respect for this sacred union called marriage. I thank Sarwat Nazeer for bringing us such an amazing drama which is free from all the clichés & is turning out to be a memorable journey.

Oh well, Wahab Sunyanra made an appearance & like everyone, I am his fan too, that’s why I enjoyed watching his scene as well. Wahab finally admitted that he did everything as he wanted his revenge from Haider, but I hope that he backtracks from it & Sofie makes him realize that Mishi is quite happy with him, so there’s no need for him to attack Haider financially. I am sure like all the things the writer & the director have taken care of, they will put an end to this animosity between Wahab & Haider too.

Overall, this episode was amazing & I loved watching it. No doubt when the episode of Besharam ends, it leaves me feeling positive but I also find myself happy while watching the episode as not only all the characters are amazing, but their conversations with each other & their reactions, everything seems very realistic & relate-able as well. I loved the conversation that Humna & Mishi had & also, the scenes between Mishi & Haider were like always, the best part about this episode too. I just love how the writer has written the character of Mishi, where only Haider’s love & attention is enough for her. I also love how the characters have evolved in this drama, where Khadija from being someone who disliked Mishi has turned into someone who can’t stop cherishing her presence in her life. Sikandar has evolved from being a selfish father to an understanding uncle who is now regretting everything that he did. Sara has also evolved from being that mother in law who disapproved of her son in law into someone who now acknowledges everything that Haider does. I am sure I have said it already but I just love love loveee everything about this drama. Saba Qamar looked very pretty throughout the episode but she had this innocence on her face in the scene where she is having a conversation with Humna after offering her prayers. Ah!!! I am feeling positive. Please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Besharam. :)

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