Besharam Episode 22 Review – Slow But Interesting!

Ohkay so, this episode of Besharam was interesting too with some little developments to its credit. They have considerably slowed down the pace of the drama but I guess it doesn’t matter because they gave us happening episodes back to back for probably 20 weeks. I also feel they needed this time to introduce the turbulence that Haider & Mishi will face in order to emerge from it better & stronger.

Asfand has now started to push his agenda & that is he wants to do so many favors on Haider so that he can never come out of the deep pit he will be entering on Asfand’s orders. Haider is not wrong in feeling the need to access the lifestyle he only dreamt of because he believes he if getting everything based on his hard-work & due to the position he has secured in Asfand’s political party. Haider has always wanted to give Mishi the luxurious lifestyle that she left for him & because of that reason, now when the opportunity has presented itself, Haider is thinking one dimensionally. Haider has never experienced the life that Asfand is introducing him to, that is why right now it is seemingly attractive to him but Mishi on the other hand has lived such a life so she knows that that particular lifestyle comes with a territory & probably has more cons than pros.

I loved the way Mishi tried to explain things to Haider in simple words that she is far more happier & content in living a simple life with him & there is absolutely nothing good about the life Haider is dying to live. I liked the fact that Mishi immediately felt something fishy about the way Asfand was treating Haider. Even Khadija & Hamna didn’t seem too impressed because like Khadija said, it takes a lot of time, patience, perseverance & hard-work in materializing such dreams & these short-cuts never bring prosperity with them. I loved the fact that all three ladies of the house were on the same page & most importantly were right in their stance. Haider definitely doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation but I am sure he will have to fall hard to wake up & realize his mistakes. Haider right now is unable to relate to Khadija’s & Mishi’s feelings because he has tasted the power, so it is imperative that it will cloud his judgment to some extent. For the first time in his life, Haider has started reaping fruits of his supposed hard-work, that is why, he is not too sure why his mother, sister & wife are not being supportive. I wish Haider sees through Asfand’s intentions before it is too late.

Qadeer finally said yes to Shakira’s plea & he seems more than ready to get married to Humna. To be honest, even though Shakira did redeem herself by realizing her mistakes, she proved that she is enslaved to her selfish nature, because of which she ended up telling everyone that Humna was still engaged to Qadeer & they were going to get married soon. It was but natural that Khadija & Haider once again thought that Mishi was the reason why Mrs. Imtiyaz changed her mind about Humna but now when Mishi herself heard what Khadija said about her, I think she should put forth Manan’s proposal for Humna as she knows what Manan feels for her & she has also seen how supportive Khadija is of her despite being worried about her daughter’s marriage, I think Mishi owes them that much.

Everything that Humna said to Manan was actually quite sweet & even though I am not a fan of eavesdropping, I actually wished that Mishi had eavesdropped on that particular conversation because it would’ve been enough for her to get convinced that Humna was Ms. Right for Manan. I hope Sara snaps out of her depression, curbs her persistence & supports Manan in his decision of marrying Humna only in a hope to find some happiness by making her only son happy. Sara has lived her entire life on her own terms that too in search of happiness through true love but now when she doesn’t have a partner, she has her children who she should live selflessly for. Sara forced Sofia to marry Wahab despite knowing that their mental wavelength doesn’t match, she didn’t accept Haider despite seeing how happy Mishi is with Haider & now once again, she only wants to prove her authority to Manan by rejecting his wish to get married to Humna, so I guess it is about time that Sara realizes her mistakes & understands thsat even though she has destroyed her own life herself, she can not & she should not destroy her children’s lives too.

Overall, this episode was a little slow but I still had a good time getting the dose of my favorite drama after 2 weeks. The precap of the next episode suggested that Haider & Mishi’s relationship will suffer because of Asfand’s ulterior motives & Haider’s stupidity. Haider is being irrational to not see how Asfand is using him for his personal gains. I am sure Haider will soon realize his mistakes & he will bid good bye to Asfand & more than that I am looking forward to see how he will learn the value & importance of Mishi in his life when she will walk away. The effortless acting & the flawless direction makes this drama a treat to watch. Saba Qamar & Zahid Ahmed’s chemistry has made the couple of Mishi & Haider memorable. I can’t wait to see the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Besharam.

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