Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

Celebrities have to look good and made up most of the time. In order to look their best Pakistani celebrities are continuously getting their hair styled in different ways. While getting this styling done, their hair obviously gets damaged because of the heat from the hairdryers and chemicals from the hair sprays, etc. Therefore the celebrities try extra hard to keep their hair looking healthy. Hair-related issues have to be the most common problem among the masses as well. People are always looking for ways to keep their hair healthy and shiny. Different people have different hair concerns therefore in this article we have tried to address all these concerns. Home remedies are always better than using products which we get in the market because we don’t know what goes into them.

Some of the top-notch celebrities with healthy hair shared some of the best tips and tricks which are easy to follow for everyone. Few of the celebrities who gave these tips themselves have the most beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair. These tips will be really useful for all those people who are desperately looking for ways to stop hair fall and have stronger and shiny hair.


Sarah Khan’s Simple Hair Care Tips

Sarah Khan is an exceptional actress who is loved for her attractive looks just as much as she is liked for her good acting skills. Sarah Khan is one of those celebrities who have the most beautiful hair. She is definitely doing something right which is why even after all the styling and exposure to chemicals, her hair has not lost its shine.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

In a show, Sarah Khan shared a hair tip that we have heard very often but we don’t always follow it because we are not sure if it actually works.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

According to Sarah Khan having long hair is not important but having long healthy hair is a top priority for her. Sarah Khan shared that in order to keep her hair healthy she always gets it trimmed after every three months. This is absolutely essential to keep the hair healthy in Sarah Khan’s opinion.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

The second tip Sarah Khan gave was to use the right shampoo. She suggested that the shampoo should match the hair texture.

Nadia Khan’s Smoothing Hair Mask

Nadia Khan is a big fan of all kinds of masks and products to keep the skin and hair looking healthy. She always shares her experiences with her followers by giving honest reviews.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

Nadia Khan very often shares details of the products she buys from the market but in this video, she shared details of a DIY hair mask that makes the hair shiny and deeply conditions it.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

The ingredients needed for this hair mask are – bananas, cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, honey, lemon. In this video, Nadia Khan explained the whole process in detail and the difference in her hair was instantly visible after the application and wash.

Noor Bukhari’s Homemade Hair Oil

Noor Bukhari has long luscious locks because of which everyone turns to her for advice when it comes to hair care. Noor Bukhari has her own YouTube channel and through this channel, Noor keeps on sharing different tips about skin and hair care.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

Noor Bukhari swears by the age-old method of oiling the hair. She firmly believes that oiling the hair every time before shampooing it is crucial. Unlike other celebrities, Noor relies on natural oils instead of other products.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

The oils which Noor Bukhari mixes are – coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil, organic amla oil, castor oil, and almond oil. Noor Bukhari also suggests that hair dyes shouldn’t be used and if someone wants to get their hair dyed, they should use good quality products.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

Just like Sarah Khan, Noor Bukhari also suggests getting the hair trimmed on a regular basis because she thinks that getting the split ends and the dead hair cut is essential for hair growth and health. Noor also suggests using as little shampoo as possible. She believes that shampoo has a lot of chemicals therefore using a large quantity will do more harm than good. Noor suggests adding some water to the shampoo.

Ghazal Siddique’s Natural Ingredients Mask

Ghazal Siddique isn’t seen on screen anymore but most of you probably don’t know that she has her own YouTube channel which is always buzzing with activity. Ghazal Siddique still looks as young and attractive today as she did so many years back therefore people keep on asking her the secret behind her everlasting beauty.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

In one of her videos, she shared how she makes a mask which she uses to keep her hair healthy and shiny. She also suggested that those people who do not have very damaged hair should use this mask once a month and those people whose hair is too damaged should use it once a week.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

The ingredients needed for this mask are ripe banana, yogurt, egg yolk, aloe vera gel, olive oil, and castor oil. In this video, Ghazal Siddique shared in detail how to make and use this mask.

Dr. Khurram’s Hair Fall Remedy

Dr. Khurram is a well-known skin specialist who has been part of different shows for a really long time now. He passionately shares all his knowledge with his viewers and he is always very sure about the suggestions he gives since they are tried and tested.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

Dr. Khurram shared the method of making a mask that kills hair lice, thickens the hair, and also stops graying of hair, a problem that is common nowadays. This oil is also anti-dandruff. The ingredients needed for this hair mixture are coconut oil, fennel seeds, sunflower seeds, surma, a piece of jute, and onions.

Amar Khan Swears By Mustard Oil

Amar Khan is another top Pakistani actress who has beautiful hair. Although she does accept the fact that her genes contribute to the texture of her hair, she also believes that using mustard oil on regular basis has really improved her hair texture and growth.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

Many people out there are already quite familiar with the benefits of mustard oil and now that Amar Khan highly recommends it as well, there is more reason to use it more often.

Komal Rizvi’s Sugar and Salt Scalp Exfoliator 

Komal Rizvi has so much exposure and she also has her own skincare range. She is often generous enough to share such secrets and tips with fans which most celebrities do not share with others. In one of her YouTube videos, Komal Rizvi talked about the importance of scalp exfoliation, something which she says people don’t talk about here in Pakistan.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

Komal Rizvi rightly says that if the scalp is clogged then no natural or chemical product can do its job since none of it makes it to the roots of the hair. Komal Rizvi swears by all-natural sugar scrub which can easily be made at home by mixing sugar, honey, coconut oil, and essential oils.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

The other scrub is made by mixing pink Himalayan salt, deep conditioner, apple cider vinegar, avocado, or coconut oil. Komal Rizvi knew what she was talking about when she shared the importance of exfoliation and the basic idea behind the ingredients being used for the process.

Azekah Daniel’s Complete Hair Care Guide 

We all love Azekah Daniel’s beautiful hair and she has finally revealed the secret behind it. She has an entire haircare regime that she follows in order to make sure that her hair always looks its best and is healthy. Azekah believes that oiling is a must since without proper moisturization hair cannot look good.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

She shared different ways of using these oil by mixing them with essential oil. She also believes that people should keep on changing their shampoos and not stick to one shampoo for a long period of time. She also suggests that hair should be handled carefully. Here is a complete account of what has helped her hair throughout the years.

Kinza Hashmi’s Hair Re-Growth Tips 

Kinza Hashmi is not only talented but also very beautiful. She also has the most beautiful hair. While talking to Nida Yasir, Kinza Hashmi shared that there was a time when she had a massive hair fall and the doctor suggested PRP.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

It was, however, ultimately, Jamba oil (Taramira) that saved her. She guarantees that anyone who is facing the issue of extreme hair fall should apply this oil at least once a week and the results will amaze them. She did not get PRP done and got all her hair back by using this oil.

Komal Aziz’s Natural Conditioner Recipe

Komal Aziz is another popular Pakistani actress who has short hair but her hair always looks its best. She shared that when she moved to Karachi, her hair texture became really dry due to the water there. She tried everything possible to restore her hair texture but nothing worked.

Best Hair Care Tips By Top Pakistani Celebrities

Ultimately, Komal Aziz started using a natural protein treatment that is used in many households. She started applying a mixture of yogurt and egg on her hair and that mixture completely transformed her hair.

All of these suggestions by the experts and celebrities prove that using natural ingredients is really good for hair health. Some of these tips are easy to follow and the mixtures and oils are easy to make. How many of you are going to try some of these masks and oils? Do share your views in the comments section.


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