IK Tamana Lahasil SI

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Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si Episode 13 – Ahsan-Ramla Spot On

Well there were some developments in the story this time but still it seemed stagnant to me at some parts. Finally what Nadia had been doing has been revealed & that too in a shocking way. I guess the panic

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Ek Tamanna La Hasil Si Episode 12 – Interesting except some details.

Ohkay well the serial is getting somewhat interesting. I actually find myself liking it & don’t find it hard to watch at least once. The story is taking its twists & turns but I guess some of the content shown

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Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si Episode 10 – Ruqaiyya having a hardtime

Ohkay, just when I thought this drama in the beginning of the episode was getting realistic it just blew out of proportion by the end. The support that Ahsan has promised to Ramla is something perfect & exactly what every

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Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si Episode 9 – Serious Yet Laughable.

 Well, I saw this episode light heartedly & enjoyed it a lot. The more serious it gets the more funny it seems to me. All the quarrels & Ruqaiyyas’ input in the arguments is making the situation really funny in the drama.

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Ik Tamana Lahasil Si Episode 9: Predictable Yet Interesting

By now everyone is pretty much aware with the plot of the drama. I see feedback of many telling it’s a typical & predictable story but I believe even if it is something common & has been seen before but still is

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