Darmiyan Episode 3- Farishtay’s unfortunate past!

This episode was not as fast paced as the last one but it was still good and kept me hooked. The drama just keeps on getting more interesting. Farishtay’s unfortunate past is finally revealed. Raheel did not marry Farishtay because he doesn’t trust her. Just because he saw Farishtay talking to her neighbor, Raheel left her. The neighbor was actually apologizing for his behavior but things didn’t go well. Raheel insulted Farishtay in front of  everyone. He had no right to  do so. If he’s really that conservative, why did he take Farishtay out for lunch? Why didn’t he wait for just 3 more days and take her out after marriage?


I absolutely hated the neighbor’s talk. One says she already had an affair with someone and the other says he saw her with guys a lot of time. Seriously? The landlord getting into the house with a bunch of guys, doing a lot of damage and threatening them to leave the house or else they’ll burn Farishtay alive was as out of fire in frying pan. This is unbelievable! Farishtay hasn’t even done anything and yet the whole family has to suffer for something they never did! This is just sick!


Farishtay had gone to her best friend, Mehwish, with some hope but Mehwish is helpless as well! I felt bad how Mehwish’s husband was forcing her not to meet or help Farishtay.


One thing I still don’t understand is how is Qaiser Naqvi related to Aliya? Aliya calls her khala but is she her real khala or not? Aliya left in Mehran but reached the mental hospital in a Corolla. I think the director needs to be extra careful!

Farishtay’s mother couldn’t tolerate any more and so she passed away. They had already suffered a lot. I actually thought that Farishtay died but Farishtay is still alive. I felt so sad for Farishtay. She hasn’t even done anything and yet she has to suffer for something she hasn’t done. Her mental state is not normal anymore. She doesn’t even recognize Aliya and she is still in her past. She still thinks she’s getting married to Raheel!


Aliya’s hatred for Raheel just keeps on increasing and she desperately wants a revenge! Raheel is leading a happy life with Nida and two adorable kids. Raheel doesn’t know but Aliya has been stalking him.


Nida giving ad for the helper in the newspaper was exactly what Aliya needed to get into their lives and take revenge. Aliya has seen that ad in the newspaper and she has planned everything. Who was that guy who asked Aliya in the end what she wants to do now and she said barbaad. He took Aliya to Farishtay as well.

I think that the writer hasn’t been good in introducing some other characters. Overall, it was a good episode! All the actors acted really well! The direction was good as well. I can’t wait for the next episode! Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!


Alia Khan


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  • The best thing about darmiyan uptil now for me is “The OST” … Just luv it… Drama is a bit slow but seems ok….. I didnot know who was the person at the end with whom Aliya is staying and was having a conversation at the end as well… agree with u that its writer’s flaw… didnt introduce the characters … !! mistakes apart…. some good things are coming ahead (i hope so :p) … i want aliya to ruin raheel’s life… he deserves this… how he can be so selfish n he is living a satisfied life…

  • Start of this drama was impressive, the drama has only one main storyline, there are no side storylines, so is somehow reduce burden of director and co-director. This episode has many flaws in continuity, also the threat of landlord seems very unrealistic. The guy with Aliya, just came on scene with no introduction.

    Regarding calling of Qaisar Naqvi as Khala, well “khala” is not unusual its common and respectful word for english word auntie, infact before we introduced to word auntie and uncle, every other elder lady or elder man were called as khala and chacha respectively, but time has replaced these words mostly in urban centers with auntie and uncle. Even in punjab before the influence of urdu language , word “maasi” was commonly used instead of khala.

    • I agree! That’s what I thought too that Aliya is calling Qaiser Naqvi as ‘khala’ to show respect but how does she know her?

  • Funny thing was nida (sana saeeds) earring got changed in the scene her son’s kidnapped to him comin bak with a touch of fresh lipstick when she comes frm skool and cries wth her mom n law….gud story but too many flaws…

  • Yaar Kulsoom khala is a neighbour like Batool khala in Humsafar , she was not in town when all that happens , she was gone to perform Hajj when all that happend to aaliya’s family , in middlecalss or lowerclass areas peoples are used to say neighbour aunties , Khala and baji etc ,yes their was some flawses also in continuity sequences like Corolla like uniform it was fault of associates of this project , the Guy afaq is aalia’s freind , we introduced him with a proper sequence that how he realtes to aalia and all but the director edited all that sequence even he hasnt told us about it , with his help aaliya finally makes an entry in raheel’s house with winning their hearts , also she will do all the things with extremism but there should be an exhausting point for her with who she can share all the doings , ab agar director nay kat diya tou hamari ki9a ghalti ??:(