Dengue fever: Causes and home remedies

Dengue season is upon us as winters are fast approaching. Dengue fever is a mosquito borne virus which can be deadly if not treated properly and with care. Dengue mosquitos can be distinguished from regular mosquitos as they have a white line in their legs.

Dengue symptoms include:

⁃ High fever

⁃ Abdominal pain

⁃ Severe headache or migraine

⁃ Persistent vomiting over a period of time

⁃ Severe eye pain

⁃ Red spots or rash on skin

⁃ Low white blood cell count

⁃ Drowsiness, nausea, lethargy

⁃ And many others

It is important to get yourself checked asap when you feel any of these symptoms so you can be dengue free. The doctor will run blood tests for a few days to make a sure diagnosis of the disease.

Dengue fever can last upto seven days or more until it starts wearing off.

How to protect oneself against dengue?

⁃ Try and wear long sleeve shirts and long pants so your body is not exposed to mosquitos.

⁃ Treat your clothes with mosquito repellents to keep the insect at bay.

⁃ Consider using mosquito nets especially on babies cots and cribs.

⁃ Try using fans or air conditioning to keep mosquitos away from rooms.

⁃ Make sure windows and doors at kept closed to avoid entrance of mosquitos.

⁃ Keep your surrounding areas clean with little or no still standing water as mosquitos breed on this.

⁃ Using mosquito repellent lotions on yourself before sleeping at night

Can dengue be cured?

Dengue fever does not have a predicted cure or precautionary medicine as it can only be treated after it has been diagnosed. There are a number of ways one can cure dengue fever at home more effectively than being admitted at the hospital

– Dengue fever can be cured by intake of lots of fluids such as juices, soups, etc.

Various fluids include:

Papaya leaf juice

Squeeze papaya leaves and drink the juice four times a day to lower down dengue fever.

Neem leaf tea

Neem leaves has anti bacterial properties which helps in improving white blood cell count, drink neem leaf tea thrice a day to cure the fever.

Giloy juice

Giloy is a herb which contains antioxidants which help maintaining the metabolic rate, protect your body from free radical damage and improve the immune system. Make a giloy juice or tea and drink twice a day to cure dengue fever.


Chicken broth or stock can help ease the body and work well as it contains a lot of nurtrients that are beneficial to the health. It can help in increasing blood cell count which in turn will break the fever and help in early recovery. Drink soup twice a day.

If you unfortunately have contracted dengue fever, make sure not to consume oily foods as this will slow down the recovery process. Instead opt for a protein rich diet (mostly fluids), and a diet containing fruits, vegetables, coconut water, etc.

Hope you all can be safe from this disease this season and take in account the tips and remedies to cure yourself.

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