Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 15!

Hmmmmm, this episode was a bit on the slower side. May be I felt it that way because a lot of focus was on Ruhina & I feel nothing for her, that’s why her scenes & her caterwauling couldn’t grab my attention & made this episode a bit uninteresting, unlike all the other episodes of Diyar-e-Dil.

Even though we all dislike Zohra as much as Ruhina, but what she said was just exactly what was supposed to be said to Ruhina. She should know that people around her also know Ruhina’s reality & how she let Behroz down just in his last days. Yes, Ruhina has to live with a lot of guilt for the rest of her life but it was good to see that others have realized that it was Ruhina herself who turned her husband away & no matter how hard she tries to put the blame on Agha Jaan, she can never do it. Yes, they all do find Agha Jaan responsible too but at least there is someone who deems Ruhina as a culprit & this is just what we wanted to hear.

Sadly, Faarah also thinks Agha Jaan is the one due to whom her family is facing all these hardships but going by the insight that was given to us regarding her character, it shows that she is a very considerate & is genuinely a very nice person, so I am sure it wouldn’t take her a very long time to realize that she was misunderstanding Behroz’s family especially Agha Jaan all this while.

Well, any sympathies that I felt for Ruhina? Absolutely none! She forsake her 20 years of healthy & strong relation due to a few weeks of Behroz’s attention towards his father, so she actually needs someone to make her realize that she is the one who was at fault & not anyone else. The way she misbehaved with Arjumand goes to show that Ruhina not only harbours a grudge against Agha Jaan but every single one of them, that is why just when she should’ve taken Arjumand’s words positively, she shunned her away too.

The highlights of the episode for me were the scenes revolving around Wali. It was actually heartbreaking to see him losing his calm & composure because it has been a while when someone gave him a shoulder to cry on. I am glad he had Feroze uncle by his side on whom he could confide in because he is more like a father figure to him as well. I also liked the scenes of him & Agha Jaan. I must say Abid Ali has been seamless in depicting the character of Agha Jaan; even a slight change in his expression tells us what he is going through & that is something commendable. Even though Wali tried really hard to ignore his demand of contacting Faarah & Ruhina by sugar-coating it but Agha Jaan understood that something was definitely wrong & Wali was trying to draw his attention away from it.

The preview of the next episode seemed interesting but I really hope we’re done with the mourning period by now. Well, just a random thought, I must commend Tajjamul for holding onto that plate throughout the scene where Ruhina burst out in anger, Tajjamul must’ve thought ke juice aur glass jaye lekin plate na jaye. I don’t know why I found that whole bit kind of funny & actually had a good laugh because on one hand Ruhina was crying out loud & trying to grab our attention but on the other, there was this spilt mango/orange juice on the floor & a small stark white plate in Tajjamul’s hand that I couldn’t look beyond. Haha!!!

So, this was it from my side for the day. Please share your thoughts about tonight’s episode & let me know how much do you guys agree with whatever the negative Nancy Zohra has said. :)

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Zahra Mirza.

ps: I watched this episode on HUM TV’s live streaming & for the first time got a chance to watch ‘Shaan Masalas’ Ramzan/Eid advert, I must say it was absolutely amazing & did the trick for me, it was absolutely overwhelming. :'( Have you guys seen it? What are your thoughts on it? :)

Zahra Mirza

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