Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 20 Story Review – Emotional and Engaging

This latest episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was yet again entertaining as well as emotional. It was well written, beautifully directed and most of the performances were truly impressive. All the actors are playing their roles exceptionally well and for now Osman Khalid Butt’s wooden acting suits the role he is playing. All the boys, with the exception of Shahzain, are on the right track and watching them go ahead with such confidence has been heart-warming.

Saad’s Track

Tonight’s episode opened with Saad and Dua’s conversation which was both romantic and meaningful. Ahad Raza Mir has been performing remarkably well throughout but now Alizeh Shah too is quite likable in this role. Dua’s character in the beginning didn’t have a lot to offer and it kept the viewers confused as well. The fact that both these characters have much more going for them than the relationship they have is definitely the best part. It is great watching a drama which shows that young people can be in love and focused on their studies and careers at the same time too. I however was waiting to see a conversation between Dua and Saad before he left for Waziristan. There were a few scenes which suggested that Saad might not survive the mission but I do feel that it is too early to show something like that. Honestly speaking, I would love to see Saad as a ghazi in the end. After all ghazis are also heroes.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 20 Story Review - Emotional and Engaging

This episode of Ehd-e-Wafa didn’t just have one but two really touching scenes covering Saad’s relationship with his father. The on-screen chemistry both these actors share is remarkable and their scenes always leave an impact in some way or the other. In the first scene Saad’s father showed him who was the boss even though Saad was quite confident. And in the second scene, he made sure his son knew that he was lucky to be given such a good opportunity at such an early stage in his career. Saad’s mother’s reaction and their scenes together were even more emotional. Ahad Raza Mir’s expressions in all these scenes were beyond impressive. Their dialogues were also written really well.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 20 Story Review - Emotional and Engaging

Shehryar’s Success

Shehryar and his father’s scene was directed and acted-out beautifully. It was the most sweet and emotional scene in this entire episode. Right from the beginning Shehryar’s track has been extremely emotional. He has not only been the most level-headed and likable character in the play but his circumstances have been such that the viewers have been rooting for him for a long time. Therefore watching him get this far and then watching him present his success as a surprise to his parents was an absolute treat to watch. The way his father saluted him was the best part of this scene. Later on, when Shahzain told Shehryar that without him, he couldn’t have made it to where he was today, it was really good to see Shehryar not falling for this lie. On the other hand, Shahzain succeeded in fooling Shariq completely. Shahzain still feels the need to dominate his friends. He knows he cannot do that, the way he used to because all of them have made it quite clear to him that they won’t be taking dictation from him therefore now he is doing so by making them feel like he has been doing them favors which were crucial to their careers. It was really nice watching Shehryar take a stand for Saad, he is a wise young man!

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 20 Story Review - Emotional and Engaging

Shariq’s scenes clearly showed that he had managed to make a big name for himself. Even though he is an intelligent man who has carved his own path yet he let someone like Shahzain fool him, that particular aspect did not work for me. Other than that watching the channel owner giving him all the liberty and so much respect was something easy to connect to since there are a lot of such media persons who have made a big name for themselves and even if they switch channels, they retain their viewership.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 20 Story Review - Emotional and Engaging

Final Remarks

If you stopped watching Ehd-e-Wafa because it did not come up to your expectations then it is time to catch up because Ehd-e-Wafa surely is delivering what it promised. The script is turning out to be a meaningful one and this drama definitely offers the kind of entertainment we don’t get to see on our screens very often. Apart from Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmed Ali Akbar has given a phenomenal performance right from the get-go. I would love to see more of him on screen in other dramas as well. There will be yet another reunion in the next episode, impatiently waiting to watch that scene.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • کیا انٹرویو کے بعد اسی وقت بتایا جاتا ہے کہ آپ سلیکٹ ہوگئے ہیں، اور ڈپٹی کمشنر بن گئے ہیں؟

    شہریار کی ٹرینینگ پوری ہوگئی اور اس کی پوسٹنگ بھی ہوگئی تو اگر اتنا ٹائیم گذر گیا تو سعد کو ایک دفعہ گھر واپس آتے دکھاتے جو آٹھہ مہینوں کا کہہ کر گیا تھا۔ اور ساتھ میں دوستوں کی ملاقات بھی دکھاتے اور لارنس کالیج بھی۔

    مزید اس قسط میں گلزار کے مزاحیہ تڑکے کی بھی کمی تھی۔

  • A thoroughly entertaining episode but this time the scenes were highly emotional. Saad and his father’s shooting scene was so enjoyable..and Ahad’s expression were priceless. This young lad will definitely become the shining star of our industry in times to come.

    However, the best scene of the episode was Saad and his mother’s scene. Soldiers don’t just sacrifice their life on the battlefield but sacrifice these precious bonds of love for the safety of their motherland. If I hadn’t known better, I would definitely have thought Ahad and Vaneeza to be a real mother-son duo!! There performances are so convincing and so real!! Man Gaye Bhai!!
    I think now only 2-3 episodes will be left of EeW since Saad had gone to Waziristan ,where he(No,No,No!!) probably would be martyred. I am so not ready for this!!😢

    BTW, Fatima did u watch Jhooti? In all honesty, what had happened to drama serials and our actors these days? Kya yahi topics reh Gaye hein Bhai? We are sick and tired of seeing the same-old ghissi pitti stories. Thankfully, logon ko akal Ana shuru ago hai. Alif is leading the views on YouTube… O yes.. Did u start watching Alif too?
    I think sawall ziada hogaye so I should conclude the comment. 🤦‍♂️🤣

    • Yes it sure was Ibrahim. Loved the emotional scenes.

      Haha Yes I watched it. The first episode was pathetic! I was not expecting it to be this bad. Alif got 2.2M and Jhooti got 2M so I would say yeah thori buhat aqal haha!!

      LOL!! Sawals are always welcome. Yes! I started watching Alif, watched the first two episodes and I must say that I am not hooked just yet. I am sure it will get better since so many people are liking it. Not a big HAA fans, way too many expressions. Currently, looking for another play to review therefore will be tuning in to Ishqiya tonight – with no high hopes of course.

      • Jhoothi, Pyar kay sadqay, deewangee, nothin is upto the mark. And no hopes from Ishqiya. Eevn Ruswai and Thora sa haq are nt gr8, but good timepass.

        • I know! Waiting for that play starring Nauman Ijaz and Savera Nadeem to air and have some hopes from Mushk but Ahson Talish is directing it so not too sure.

          • There is also a we series coming up, Dhoop ki Deewar, penned by Umera Ahmed, starring Sajal and Ahad… Why don’t u review that? I guess it will be releasing in February or definitely in March..

          • Ibrahim, thank you so much for the suggestion and for the info. Most people don’t watch web series therefore I prefer reviewing dramas. But will definitely be watching this one.

          • Yes, but I guess some of our leading channels, probably HUM will buy it like the web series starring Asim Azhar. Even if they don’t, I heard that they are going web series will be available on a free entertainment website not like Netflix.

            But anyways, I agree that it would it will not be available to the masses as TV drama serial. Either way, i would definitely like to read ur views if u decide to watch it…:-)

  • Overall this drama is doing great, but here I’d like to mention somethings which this drama lack. Sheheryar’s whole journey of being a CSP officer is unclear. I myself is a CSS aspirant. Let me clear out details for viewers & readers.
    CSS written exams in Feb
    Result in Sep/Oct
    Then Psychological Interview
    Viva voce/panel interview
    Final result is declared in Mar/Apr, more than a year after written exams.
    The CTP starts mostly in Sep/Oct, after that STP comes, and then comes the final posting.
    Whole process of becoming a CSP takes almost 3 years.

    Mujhy bht afsos k sath kehna par rha k etna famous or well established drama, and it lacks such details.

    Enho ne to essy dekhya hai, jesy ye bachon ka khail.
    Sirf ek Army Officer ban’na hi ehmiyat nhi rkhta
    Doctor ban’na ya CSP ya phr koi b profession ho, it requires equal hard work & time.
    I wish I could write these details to drama writer, director & producer as well.

    • They have shown that Sheryar is a brilliant student, maybe a wee bit better attention to detail could have brought more clarity to civils services.
      Nevertheless, Dua has no time to talk to her love of life as she is so focused to achieve her goal of being a doctor.
      Similarly, Shariq faces all those hurdles to be a successful journalist and of course being a typical politician requires to kill your soul. In my opinion the writer has done great justice to all professions.
      However, putting army/forces
      in the lime light could be because these great people have to go through the rigors of academics and risking their lives through out their professional careers.

    • CSS exams denay 3 saal aur 6 mahiney baad you sit on the seat of Assistant Commissioner aur yahan mazaq banaya huya hai.

    • Unfortunately Army is everything in this country and aim to drama is to uplift the image of Army by using taxpayer money through ISPR
      see how an impression of General’s superiority is created by showing shooting competition of Army General any Captain.
      No doubt Army job is more demanding and that is why highly paid interns of pay AND privilege.
      Other professions like police , doctors engineers are also at par but not recognised as such

      • They were showing highly disciplined army on one side and in next scene Sheryar was driving bike without helmet in Islamabad! All politicians are chor, and all media houses are dhokebaz. 🤔

        • There is Shariq too who is a civilian, he has worked hard to get where he is today and is fighting a tough battle, he has surely been shown as a hero. Shehryar not wearing a helmet is not that big a deal especially when you see his character’s journey overall. Shehryar is not corrupt in any way, he has worked hard and even now he has not taken advantage of his position, even his parents decided not to move in with him. Well, about the politicians, I guess most people agree that the representation is correct. It is an ISPR drama therefore yes they are not going to show what goes wrong in the army, that is a given – that has never been shown in any drama why would you expect that from this drama? There is no questioning the discipline in the army however…the foundation of the entire institution is discipline.

          • آپ نے کیسے سمجھ لیا کہ میں آرمی کی غلطیاں دیکھنا چاہتا۔ ہوں؟ 😏
            لیکن اگر آرمی کی اتنی چھوٹی چھوٹی چیزوں کو اتنے خوبصورت طریقے سے پیش کیا گیا ہے تو اگر سویلین سائیڈ دکھانی ہے تو اتنا کیژیل ایٹیٹیوڈ کیوں؟ سی ایس ایس کے اگزیم کو مذاق بنا دیا کہ جناب انٹرویو سے باہر نکلے اور اے سی بن گئے!!! آپ نے تو شائد پینل پہ بھی غور نہیں کیا ہوگا جو انٹرویو لے رہا تھا۔۔۔۔ ہیلمٹ کا ذکر آپ کے لئے بڑی بات نہیں ہوگا لیکن آپ جناح ایونیو اسلام آباد میں بائیک چلا کر دکھائیں؟ جو اچھی چیزیں رائج ہیں وہ بھی نہیں دکھا رہے تو یہ کیا امید رکھنا شاہزین اچھا سیاستدان ہوگا! پہلے ہی بہت برے ہیں تو امید تھی کہ کچھ مختلف اور اچھا میسیج ہوگا ینگ پالیٹشنس کیلئے۔۔۔۔

            Army is our pride, no doubt about it.

  • Another great episode and superlative review. The best part about Ehd e wafa is that it is very relatable to people who respect our heroes, believe in sheer hard work and doing their best.
    I am so thankful to Ehd e Wafa’s team for portraying characters that can shape up our youth’s ideology. Shah Zain’s negative character provides a great comparison to the route the other three friends have taken and strengthens belief in good ethics.
    I agree with Fatima SZ’s wooden dialogue delivery, now somehow suits his personality portrayed in the serial. Shariq looks a bit naive not being able to see through SZ. However, Shaher Yar was always had better emotional intelligence. I hope Saad comes back home as a ghazi and Dua’s perseverance through hardships is rewarded. Overall, a great play with positive messages. Last but not the least Rahat’s voice has added to the impact of the story.

    • Thank you so much Shabnum for liking the reviews and for commenting. Same here, I also want to see Dua with Saad, living a happy life since she has been through so much and she is such a nice girl. Totally agree with you there, this drama shows what young people really should be investing their energy in.

    • Agree about Rahat, probably only Rahat song I like. Normally it feels like he is just caterwauling (dont hate me. lol)

  • Thank you for your review. Ahad is indeed a brilliant actor. Alizey has been performing much better than her other dramas. I too feel Saad will be a shaheed. But I second your view on Ghazis.
    Of all four boys, I always like Shehryar and over the time I began liking Saad as well. I feel Shegryar has been most mature. Saad was impulsive at start, but he matured eventually. Shariq still some traces of it and thus fell for Shehzains lies. And well Shahzain is a special case.
    I really like Saad scene is with his mom and Shehryar’s with dad

    • You’re most welcome Pakistani. I have really enjoyed watching Saad grow over time and Ahad Raza Mir has done exceptionally well in translating this transition on screen.

  • Another beautifull episode. You’re right, I too felt first ehd e wafa didn’t meet my expectations but it sure is now. This episode was indeed emotional and engaging. Loved the review❤

    • Thank you so much Fatima for liking the review and for commenting. I am glad, we are on the same page :) Keep reading and commenting.

  • Truly assessed review 👍.
    This drama depicts the social as well as domestic impacts. The way saad, shahzain, shaariq and shahryar’s roles have been portrayed, and the chemistry bonded among them, all deserve admiration. Such dramas motivate the young generation to come up with positivity in their minds. Well done Ahd e wafa whole team 👏

    • Thank you so much Muaaz for liking the review, appreciate your feedback. I agree with you, we need more such dramas which will point the youth in the right direction.

  • Great play by every star. Everyone playing his/her character honestly and emotionaly. All stories are near to real life what is happening in our society.
    Well done SSG

  • Assalamoalaikum. This was another brilliant episode of Ehd e wafa.apka review episode ka maza dobaala kar deta hay. Mujhy aaj review bhi bohat acha laga but sirf aik gela hay apny rani aur dada ki scene ko touch hi nahi kiya.woh bhi bohat zabardast tha na sirf fun tha balky us me bhi msg tha dada ki taraf se rani ko which was very good.

    • Waelukum Asalam Noor, buhat shukriya review pasand krne ka aur raani/dada ka scene add krne ke liye. Baaki sb scenes itne emotional thay ke yeh scene meinay mention hi nahi kiya. Thank you for that and for the sweet comment.

  • gr8 review Fatima, and a good episode, I agree with u that this drama is on right track without any doubt. all the 4 stories are being handled well, the screentime is also divided nicely and overall its enjoyable.

    Btw, is anyone going to review Jhoothi, I was eager to watch it for Iqra, but didn’t like the first episode iqra is convincing but too ott and loud, also somewat her acting reminds u of suno chanda and rrk, this was not a good choice I feel. Also this is not just abt jhooth, she is a laalchi or totally evil character, so the drama title is also misguiding.

    • Thank you so much tiger. Yes, so happy it is on track now and giving us so many emotional scenes. Most importantly all the beautiful messages it has are the best part of this drama.

      I wanted to review it but the first episode did not appeal to me at all. I found Jhooti’s character too OTT and did not understand the comic spin either. Will be watch Ishqiya today and decide if I want to review it or not. I miss MPTH LOL!! The most dynamic discussions ever.

  • Another great review on this episode! Lots of emotional scenes. I agree that Saad should be fine for now as its a bit early for something to happen to him.

  • Tou jee yeh jaan’na tha key ishqiya ka review hoga. Pata chaley drama dekhney key able hai ya nahin. Aap tou jaanti hain aapi fatima meri majboori poochni ki 😭😭

  • Hi Fatima!
    Great review as always. I really liked saad’s shooting scene & his expressions and his scene with his mother
    I was watching Noorpur ki rani these days directed by Haissam hussain & iam totally amazed by it.I wanted to know have you watched it. If not you should definitely watch it. It is completely different from the present drama serials.Haissam hussain’s all projects are superb & very unique like Dastaan, Dur e shehwar, Aun zara .I really miss his project & that his project are not coming nowadays

  • I intrest only two actor one is the Social worker Great one and 2nd Css One Commisioner which one Got ist division because i also doing css inshallah i would ….?

  • The four friends are depicting the trials and tribulations facing Pakistan Today; the clash between the various institutions, the army, politics, civil service and of course media.

    Its interesting how the politician is trying to control/influence the media and the the civil service whilst the army goes about its business of keeping the country safe.

    Of course, historically, this hasn’t always been the case with the army.

    As this drama has already indicated, the real clash is between the politician and the army officer, which has been brewing for quite some time now…. or in Pakistan’s case for 70 years.