Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 21 Story Review – The Best

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was extremely emotional and simply beautiful in every way. This was the kind of episode which makes your cry and laugh at the same time. The director Saife Hassan did complete justice to all the beautiful, moving scenes. The actors too did a commendable job of translating these priceless emotions on screen. Ehd-e-Wafa gets more emotional and impactful with every passing episode. Last week after the episode went on air there were so many twitter users who criticized the writer for suggesting that politicians can influence the people who selected higher ranking officers after candidates pass the CSS exams. It seriously infuriates me how ill-informed such tweets are since it was made quite clear in the previous two episodes that Shahzain was lying and he had nothing to do with Shehryar’s selection. People of course are free to discuss the bureaucracy and politics whichever way they want but why do it with #Ehd-e-Wafa when the writer is not implying anything like that! I feel that there are so many people nowadays who rely on social media when it comes to figuring out what a drama stands for or is conveying. My request to all such people is to at least watch the entire drama before drawing conclusions!

Most Emotional Opening Scenes

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa had the most emotional opening scenes which were yet again filled with positive and impactful messages. Saad’s parents conversation about his wedding was truly refreshing. After watching so many dramas which revolve around yeh shadi nahi ho sakti scenarios, Ehd-e-Wafa is truly a treat to watch in which the consent of the parents is the least of the children’s worries! It is truly amazing how the parents and children in this drama have been shown as partners. This partnership is the reason why Dua and Saad were able to focus on their education and their careers. They knew that their parents will support them whenever they decided to get married.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 21 Story Review - The Best

Saad’s mother’s constant support and her wise approach towards everything had been shown through a few scenes in the past few weeks and tonight we also saw his father being really cool about the whole thing! This was such a good way of showing that there was nothing wrong with children wanting to get married out of their own choice. Dua’s mother’s attitude was the same too. The open-minded and wise approach of the parents is definitely something we need to see in dramas more often. I absolutely loved how this entire track has been covered throughout. While the writer has quite a few inspiring scenarios for the young people in this drama, at the same time there are a few tips for the parents too! Saad and his father’s scenes were acted out so well by both these actors. It is almost as if they are actually related, their performances and the chemistry these two share has been simply remarkable.

Shehryar and Firdous sahab’s scene was extremely emotional as well. The way Shehryar took Firdous sahab to his office and made him sit on his seat was such a nice gesture to show just how much he valued and respected him. The writer intelligently added Firdous sahab in this present scenario since the viewers already had emotional attachment with him and his son. Later on, everything was covered realistically because surely it wasn’t going to be easy for Shehryar to deal with a land mafia which was well connected. In this way the writer Mustafa Afridi yet again highlighted another corrupt element of the system. Ahmed Ali Akbar and Khalifa Shajeer Uddin’s performances in these scenes were absolutely brilliant. Ahmed Ali Akbar is such a phenomenal actor, I  am eagerly waiting to see more of him.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 21 Story Review - The Best

Saad and Dua

The way Saad and Dua’s track was taken forward was yet another impactful and emotional element of this episode. Saad and Dua clearly are partners as well. Alizeh Shah and Ahad Raza Mir looked great together in this episode and their love story is my favorite at the moment. It is the perfect example of a healthy relationship and how partners should support each other. At the same time, they have fun with one another and there is enough romance to make it cute and entertaining. Their scenes are not too plain or too cheesy. Dua’s dialogues about how Saad’s family made her feel were so easy to connect to because the viewers got to see just how welcoming they all were. Saad’s father opened the car door for Dua which was such a wonderful way of welcoming her. Saad’s parents acceptance of Dua and Saad’s support for her was the best part of this track tonight. Dua’s comment about the ring size and the other candid conversations were truly delightful to watch. Few weeks back I couldn’t even have imagined that I would find their scenes together so sweet and heart-warming.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 21 Story Review - The Best

Saad and Shahzain

Saad and Shahzain’s scene tonight showed just how far Saad had come. All this time we had all been waiting for Saad to be the leader, the bigger person with Shahzain which he had been with his peers in the PMA. Tonight, he did just that. Even Shahzain seemed like a vulnerable individual who was in need of love and attention. Their conversation was written really well and I am honestly relieved that these two are finally back to being friends after so many years.

Final Remarks

The timeline in this drama can be confusing at times but other than that Ehd-e-Wafa has taken off for sure. Tonight’s episode was a complete package, it was emotional, entertaining and well paced. It was written and directed exceptionally well. Ahad Raza Mir and Ahmed Ali Akbar are remarkably brilliant actors who never cease to impress. They are both so good at translating varying emotions impeccably on screen. Aadi Khan was cute as the over-smart Malik Shahzaib. I hope that Firdous sahab’s track will be handled well in the upcoming episode. The preview of the next episode showed that all these friends will finally get together on Saad’s wedding and it seems like Dua’s inclusion in the armed forces will perhaps be a surprise for Saad. Really looking forward to the next episode of Ehd-e-Wafa already.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • For the first time i felt for Shahzain. I kinda see now where he was coming from. Lots of ugly things happen in friends but if they are your best friends then you should know them better. I see Saad’s mistake too now. For the first time i could relate to Shahzain and OB did a really good job. Ahmad Ali Akbar is absolutely phenomenal. He did a fantastic job. This drama is so refreshing to see.
    Absolutely phenomenal review and wonderful drama

    • True! I think the dialogues make a huge difference. Those dialogues were so well written and therefore it was easy to understand why he was being so unreasonable. Love Ahmed Ali Akbar, he deserves tons of appreciation for the kind of acting he is doing here.

      Thank you so much Ahsan for appreciating the review and for sharing your views. So glad EeW is on track now and delivering.

  • What a wonderful episode and what a wonderful individual Shehryar is!! This character happens to be my most favorite among all four boys. I loved his interaction with Firdous sahab. This scene was brilliantly penned.
    And thank you so much for raising your voice on these Twitter k Danishwar. Asal mein internet packages sastay ho rhy Hain tou her koi critic bn gya hai. Ghar walay b koi decision laity waqt aisay logon ko lock kr daity Hain separate room mein aur yahan inki expert opinions he khtm nhi hoti.
    Your review is perfect as usual. This episode was undoubtedly the best. Aur episode Kya, for me Ehd e wafa is the best drama of season. It is very saddening to see that at PISA, they didn’t even nominate Saif e Hassan as Best director. Nadeem Baig no doubt did an amazing job as well, but Saif e Hassan’s direction in this drama has been phenomenal! Waise did you notice how beautifully Dua’s mother call her name? DUAA — that elongated sound of A in the end sounds so good. Infact this is how this name is supposed to be pronounced if we dig deep into it’s original pronunciation.
    Aur Fatima baji articles at reviewit are totally losing their charm. Where are amazing people like Areeba Mohsen, Kanwal Murtaza, Maryam S. and Kanwal Javid? They always used to come up with very interesting writings apart from drama reviews. Ab tou khair.. Kya kahein
    اللہ آپ کو خوش بختی کا استعارہ بنائے۔ آمین

    • Ameen and thank you so much Shorbaan, your comments and most importantly your duas always make my day, special thanks for that. You are absolutely right about Shehryar and I absolutely love Ahmed Ali Akbar in this role, he has nailed it completely. You’re so right about the pronunciation, love the relationship between the mother and daughter. Saife Hassan is great with new actors, never afraid to experiment and this episode reminded me of those iconic scenes in Bari Aapa which kept us at the edge of our seats.

      LOL@ twitter ke danishmand, so true! Ek clip dekh ke ya kisi ki tweet prh krh aise opinions share krte hei jese sb pata ho!

      All these wonderful people and writers are busy with their lives, studies, family, work and you are right we would also love for them to write for us again.

    • I so agree with you over injustice with saifee hassan at pisa. Band kamray main shooting kon sa kamal asal maharat to outdoor shooting main ha.
      Also, standard of articles here has drastically deteriorated which is saddening.

  • Such an emotional episode!
    U named it perfectly”the best”…
    Im last episode I was fearing ke saad ko kuch ho na jaye ,par everything is fine…
    Sheheryar was awesome…
    Dus se gyara hue to bara baja duga!
    The saad and shahzain scene made me cry..I was remembering my school friends itni jaldi aage chali jati hai aur hum kuch nhi krskte.
    I simply love this drama !

    • Yes it was! Every single scene was beautifully written and executed. Totally in love with this drama.

      Appreciate your feedback LFI. Keep reading and commenting.

  • All what I have to say about this drama is that it is a complete package…entertaining, refreshing and inspiring. Romance between Saad and Duaa isa breath of fresh air with no traces of being “cheesiness”. The parents are supportive and connections between all the “SSG” group have evolved beautifully.
    Firdous Sahib’s character was integrated intelligently to take the drama towards completion. Shaher Yar is conscientious but very realistic and uses brains as always to handle land mafia’s situation.
    All the characters have done full justice and chemistry between the characters and the pace of the story makes it a total delight to watch.
    I agree with Fatima about people commenting on certain parts of drama without having a complete knowledge. Shah Zain was just bluffing that he got Sheher Yar through the interview process (in one of the older episodes) and that was evident when he did not even know about Sheher Yar’s domicile was from KPK.. I appreciate the writer’s grip on the story and profound attention to detail.
    Thanks Ehd e Wafa team for a superlative play and Fatima for in depth and comprehensive reviews.

    • You’re most welcome Shabnam. Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Few weeks back, I couldn’t even have imagined falling so completely in love with this drama. I am so happy that it turned out the way it did, looking forward to more awesomeness from the Saife Hassan, Mustafa Afridi and the team.

  • Today episode of had e wafa was brilliantly written.. Dua ‘s meeting with Saad’ s family and reunion of Shahzad and Saad was very touchy. Loved every bit of this episode

  • Awsome episode today. Love the way how the true friendship has been shown. Today’s episode was truly nailed by Shahryar. Hats off ahmed alu akbar. Anxiously waiting for ur another project with same reality based acting

  • Since u appreciated my questions the previous time Fatima, here are a series of questions which I came up with…😅

    First Question: Am I the only one who couldn’t help but crying at seeing reunion of Shehryar and Firdous? What an outstanding/ powerful/emotional/utterly brilliant scene!! The array of feelings i felt while watching that scene are beyond words. That’s why we have u Fatima, for articulating our thoughts in difficult times like these😅.

    Another question: Was Ahad wearing the same jacket but different sweater in all the scenes after picking up Dua from the airport? Anyways, I have got my eyes on that jacket, despite the fact that winters are in their last stage at Islamabad! Oh well 😔

    Last one: Despite Shazain’s grudges with Shehryar and Shariq, but can there be a possibility that he might have actually learned his mistakes regarding his issue with Saad? ‘Cause for a moment I saw tears in Shazain’s eyes.. but then again tears can be deceiving 😬

    Ok.. Last one: Did u hear about the list of winners at PISA? I mean , talk about unfair!! Every single award to MPTH, not even a tinge of recognition for serials like RRK, Alif and Ehd e Wafa? And then they say ‘ We are acknowledging the best of the the entire entertainment fraternity’. Really? What’s ur take on this?
    Baki sawal aglay haftay ke liye..

    • LOL!! Thank you for the sawals Ibrahim. No, we all cried while watching that scene, it was too emotional. Yes, I noticed the jacket too, he has worn it before too I think. I think this time Shahzain is being genuine for a change but he still perhaps has a big ego! Anyone who trespasses will be treated the same way IMO

      The whole PISA affair seemed like a farce right from the time they started promoting it. Nadia Afgan who was given the award wasn’t given the ticket! So many celebrities and PR agents complaining about it. Even one of the critics who was promoted as the jury members was left in the lurch. And surely RRK deserves so many awards for the best story, direction and even acting. Iqra Aziz performed way better in RRK than Ayeza Khan did in MPTH. Imran Ashraf of course deserves the award for his performance. I think Nadeem Baig and Humayun Saeed truly deserve the awards they got but I am waiting for RRK to be recognized.

      • Exactly…we have to make our award ceremonies free and fair for all, if we are further gonna develop our entertainment industry.

      • But if we compare humayon and Nadeem baig’s performance with that of imran ashraf and kashif nisar’s respectively i think the later still have a upper hand. And awards should be given on the basis of quality not quantity.

        • Nadeem Baig IMO totally deserves it because he is the one who made MPTH what it was completely. Kashif Nisar had a great solid script. He is an ace director undoubtedly but Nadeem Baig’s direction played a big role in making MPTH the hit it was. It was a really difficult script to handle, he made the most of it.

      • Very disappointed that they ignored RRK completely. RRK deserved best actor, actress, writer, director. I feel they deserve it in popular cateogyr as it was both commercially and critically acclaimed. Yes commercially MPTH was a bigger hit, but atleast jury awards could have been given to RRK.
        RRK was pathbreaking, MPTH was just overhyped. I don’t think even Humayun saeed or Nadeem baig deserved it.

  • Thank youf or your review. I second you. Loved this episode. Saad has turned to be gem of a person and no doubt it is because the upbringing he received. I liked Saad’s father’s stance on his marriage. Also, the respect for teachers was highlighted too. Sheryar’s attitude of be-the-change-you-want-see is inspirational. This show clearly tell us regardless of our profession, we can do something great for our country. Although there were little issues with timeline, but the director did pay attention to details, like Saad’s car had number plate of Islamabad.
    Looking forward to next episode

    • You’re most welcome Pakistani. So glad we agree and thanks a ton for your feedback. Loving this show, looking forward to more.

  • What an episode. Full of emotions. Itna inspirational drama mn ne aaj tk nhi dekkha. Ek hi drama mn itne lessons hn. Characterization of everyone is brilliant. Maza aa gya dekh k. Every scene was just phenomenal. Ab dekhna ye h k aagy kya ho ga. Ahmad ali akbar is amazing actor. Loved his performance. Ahad never disappoints. And ost is beautiful.
    And ufff last scene………. Kya kahoon mn Ab.

    Excellent review FA!

  • I soo agree with all you said . Ehd e wafa is giving some really positive lessons but some ppl just want to spread hate. Some ppl just wana criticise it cuz its an ispr production , and criticising the army is “cool” . Then others say it’s propaganda based cuz they’re showing everyone else is corrupt…. however, it’s showing positive in the media too, in the form of shariq, sheryar is also shown soo positive . Only shahzain is shown a bit negative, and I’m sure he will also have a positive change. Anyways, coming to the episode, it was yet another beautiful episode. A complete package! I just loveee ehd e wafa. Kudos to all the actors and director and writer. Every one has done complete justice.
    Ooh and i can’t waitt for the next episodee😍

    • So glad we agree and yessss totally agree with you there! Loved every bit of this episode and I have a feeling that the last few episodes of EeW will be even more remarkable. I don’t want this drama to end just yet but I also don’t want it to drag LOL!! Love the connection I feel with the characters.

      Enjoyed reading your comment. Keep reading and commenting.

  • I wanted to see more of Dua’s interaction with Saad family before marriage…. at least sharing some lighter moments over dinner. Anyways, drama’s grip has tightened enormously now. 21 episodes down, and still lot more can be shown. It clearly gives feelings that this play will keep us hooked till very last moment. Main lead marriage is not next episode, so we are going to have some very emotional scenes afterwards. Finally Saad and Shhazain met, I was feeling for Shahzain. This last scene message was loud and clear… “Ana ko fana kernay main hee faida hai”.

    Saad ki shadi to khair dekhanee hee hai, Gulzar ki tonsa sharif ki traditional way main honey wali shadi bhee dikhadain to maza aajaey. 😊

  • I literally can’t! No words. Mindblowing. This and Alif are seriously the best and most groundbreaking dramas in years. That because of its lessons on spirituality and connection to our creator. This because of it’s breakthrough and unique messages on friendship and authentic parenting. I was a bubbling baby crying through scene after scene. I’ve never seen a drama feel less like a drama and more like 100% real life. Every situation, every misunderstanding and patch up, every progression and every emotion connects you and tugs at your heart. I can’t praise Ahmed Ali Akbar and Ahad Raza Mir enough.. Saad’s parents are doing amazing too. OBK was great in this episode as well. Sigh, hats off to Saife Hassan this drama is everything rolled up into one. I enjoyed every last second of this episode and will probably watch it again. Thank you for the review! Agreed, it was THE BEST!!! This is real life and show exactly as it should be.

    • You’re most welcome Nadia. Loved your comment too, you said it all! Same here, I didn’t feel like I was watching a drama while watching this episode, it was all so real.

  • Amazing episode and great review. I cried through Firdous Sahab and Sheheryar’s scenes. It is so true that elders who are strict and as kids, we may be scared of them, can be vulnerable and weak in old age and then we see the difference in the situation. Sheheryar’s character is my favorite, hope we get to see a happy ending for him and Masooma.
    Saad’s family and Dua’s parents are the best. I wish we get to see such positive elders more in dramas. You are right about Saad and his dad, they do look like family. I like the smile that Faraz carries on his face, of a happy and proud father.
    I am glad Shazain and Saad finally met and hugged. It was long due. Looking forward to the next episode but am also sad that Ehd-e-Wafa may be coming closer to its end. It is my current favorite and will miss watching it every week. Looking forward to your review of the next episode.

    • Thank you so much Asma. Faraz is soooo cute, love his character and the actor, so genuine and sweet. Saad and his dad have come a long way for sure and watching their journey has been such an emotional experience.

      Yes, same here, don’t want it to end, I just fell in love with it LOL!!

      Appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • I Really liked the episode. shehryar is my fvrt character and Ahmad ali akbr rocked as sheryar… I just want to know the real name of khursheed. He was phenomenol too in jail scene. And that was the best scene of todays episode

  • gr8 review, definitely it was the best episode , all performed well. ahad and alizeh make a gr8 pair. I liked the ending patch up scene the most, it made me emotional. both should have apologized, atleast saad bcoz I always felt that it was his mistake, and he was the most responsible in the change of shahzain;s behavior.

    • Thank you so much tiger. I always felt that Shahzain was at fault but yes Saad’s behavior at times was quite unreasonable too. Still feel Shahzain has a bigger ego than Saad.

  • Mam have u the power to write the bitter truth agaist the the holy cow of our country.why only other institutions being criticized in the drama .

    • Zain, why do you expect an ISPR drama to criticize the army? It is a given that they won’t do that. Can you tell me a single drama in Pakistan’s history which showed army in a bad light? I think this criticism is simply ridiculous!

      I think the focus here is more on the youth, the importance of education and the difference few good people can make. Also, I truly appreciate the fact that for a change we are getting to see young people who are making their parents proud. I have been following this debate on social media and I must say that it is sad that a drama like EeW is being criticized in this manner considering it has so much to offer. Why give a drama a political spin when there is simply no need to do so!

      • And let’s not forget 95% people involved in the project are civilians. ISPR just provided logistic and financial support. Criticizing EeW for no reason is actually belittling the efforts of all people involved in the project.

        • I feel there are tons of people out there with an agenda who are constantly looking for ‘excuses’ to criticize army and men in general!! The cool crowd who doesn’t even watch Pakistani dramas but has a problem with them constantly based on the information they get from social media. They really should choose their battles more wisely!

  • What a powerful episode and what a great review. Truly impressed by the writer and thedirector. Mustafa afridi and saifi hassan always create magic together.
    Also I’ll like to thank you for clearing out things for some naive viewers in the first para. It’s frustrating to see how some of the best brains completely missed out the whole concept of the story. Anyways, there have been some issues here and there in terms of dealing with procedure of getting into medical college and doing CSS but what we need to understand is that this drama is not about career counseling. It’s just about inspiring youth which it already is doing.
    P.s i think dua showed saad her recommendation letter in the park. So, her getting into army won’t be a surprise for saad.
    Otherwise, Ahad and Ahmed ali akbar always stand out even though rest of the cast is good too.

    • Thank you so much Javeria for liking the review and for sharing your views here. Basically, there are a lot of people out there who see this drama as a propaganda! It is sad that people are simply missing out on so many positive messages this drama has and focusing on the negative. That’s why people don’t make good drama, too many people nitpicking and sb se mazay ki baat most of these people generally don’t even watch Pakistani dramas!

      I thought she showed him her degree. That’s nice!

        • It definitely has a lot to offer, it depends on how many ‘good’ episodes we get to watch now since there have been so many slow and ill conceived episodes in the past few weeks. But yes definitely, it is a really progressive play which offers way more than MPTH.

  • Exactly my thoughts:) Really loving the drama. Just when everyone was praising #MPTH, I was watching #EhdeWafa & am glad it turned out to be the best drama just as It’s predators #SunehreDin & #AlphaBravoCharlie

  • I am surprised people are discovering Ahmed Ali now. I am. Not even Pakistani but I have liked him on everything. He was great in everything. I thought he was brilliant in Tajeed e Wafa.

  • Assalamoalaikum Fatima
    Es episode ki liye aap ka heading main sirf THE BEST dekhna hi mery kaafi tha.
    It was the best episode of the best drama.
    Acha mujhy bhi aap ki tarah EHD E WAFA per criticism acha nahi lagta.uski bari waja ki es drama main jitni positivity hay uthni is time jo bhi dramy chal rahy hain us main nahi
    Log kiyon yeh baath kar rahy hain ki is main sirf army ko positive show kiya gaya hay??? Main un sab se yeh poochna chahti hoon ki kiya journalism ko shariq positive potray nahi kar raha? Kia shehryar ka character negative hain? Obviously no.
    Shahzain politics main hain but us character ko thora sa time dein. I am definitely sure ki woh bhi es main apna positive role play karega.

    • Waelukum Asalam Noor Fatima

      Bilkul ji aisa hi hei, it was the best for sure. Meinay khud is dramay ko criticize kiya jb mjhe laga ke story slow hei aur dum nahi lekin ab tu samaj nahi aati ke itne sare achay points chor ke log beech mei se aise flaws nikal rahe hei jin ka na sur hei na pau.

      Bilkul meinay bhi pichli episode ke review ke neechay kisi ko yehi reply kiya tha ke yehi dikhaya hei ke these boys are bringing about a good change, hr jaga achay log bhi hote hei aur buray bhi.