Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 26 Story Review – Some Developments

Opening Thoughts – Few Developments:

Ohkay so, this drama is a classic case of good story ruined due to poor execution & probably hunger for ratings. It is unfortunate that the drama makers decided to extend this drama & change the ending. I am glad they showed a promising preview of the next episode because that is the only reason why I will be tuning to Ishq Zahe Naseeb next week. Mystery is always good but there’s a way to execute it but unfortunately, the greed of touching the 30 episode mark has absolutely taken away the charm this drama once had. A few important scenes here and there in an overall average episode has been the pattern of Ishq Zahe Naseeb for quite some while now & it is unfortunate that this is not even close to ending anytime soon.

Unnecessary Lies:

Kashif & Gauhar are digging their own graves. The way they are hiding the truth about Jahangir from both Sameer as well as Donia is uncalled for. Kashif & Gauhar are associated with two mature individuals who themselves have had a past. Sameer was engaged to Zoya, similarly Donia was engaged to her cousin. So, there’s no reason why Kashif & Gauhar can not tell Sameer & Donia the truth that they were together in the past & had to move on due to unfavorable circumstances? Both Sameer & Donia are not narrow-minded tunnel visioned people who will not understand that their spouses could have a past & were once interested in each other? Why is it such a big deal anyways? Gauhar has seen how Sameer has stood by her, he has always been supportive of her, plus now when she is married to him & taking care of him, he will have all the more reasons to be understanding & accepting of her past. Sameer has always made it obvious that he can not stand lies, therefore I am not sure why Gauhar thinks she will get away with this. Similarly, Donia has always been understanding & Kashif has already told her that he was/is in love with someone, so what difference would it make if she finds out that the girl Kashif had an affair with in the past happens to be Mrs. Gauhar Sameer, who has very much moved on? Unnecessary scenario, unnecessary linking up of Gauhar & Kashif.

It is actually frustrating to see Gauhar & Kashif acting all suspicious thinking they will be able to fix this thing by hiding the truth from their partners. Jahangir is out to get Gauhar, so it is absurd of her to think that she should not involve her husband Sameer & rather let her ex-boyfriend tackle the situation for her. Lying is a bigger problem than hiding the truth. The way Gauhar has been acting suspicious & trying to seek permission to go out without actually telling Sameer about her plans is quite unconvincing. At one hand, they have shown Sameer to be quite controlling of Gauhar & on the other, he doesn’t even ask about her plans, that’s just unlike him. Sameer is quite authoritative, he is sorted & he always wants to know the complete picture so for him to be ok with a vague answer is unconvincing. Also, not sure why Kashif had to meet Gauhar in person to tell her about Jahangir’s blackmailing. In an era of widely used mobile phones & Whatsapp, he has to meet her to inform her, knowing it might put her in an awkward position is another funny detail!

Interesting Aspect of The Episode:

The only interesting aspect of this episode was Gauhar & Sameera’s interactions. It is good that Gauhar has now started dealing with this entire situation seriously & she is now doing everything to push the limits to understand how far Sameer can go. Gauhar has also found out that Sameer is capable of hurting someone when he is in the Sameera mode, which made her think whether he was responsible for Zoya’s death or not. I am glad there was progress in this track, which happens to be the ‘ONLY’ interesting aspect of this entire drama. Give me Sameer/Gauhar’s scenes anytime over Shakira’s flashbacks & Kashif Donia scenes & I’ll be happy.

I think I will now only discuss about Shakira when they will reveal it all, it is tiresome thinking about her where they are deliberately not giving much away & keeping it as a suspense. Chalo phir aisay hi sahi. There was a time when despite the overdose of Shakira, I was interested in her story & track but this episode has put an end to it.

The important detail which was laid out in this episode was that Shakira killed Ehsan, which means Sameer is also capable of killing someone. I do get it, Sameer imbibed her personality, he observed her closely, he likes the idea of her, of being with her but not sure imbibing her personality ‘traits’ is realistic or a bit of a stretch. I am not sure if Shakira must’ve told Sameer that she killed his father Ehsan, for him to develop those tendencies too. Shakira wanted to take away that manliness from Sameer & she wanted him to be his ‘saheli’, so for Sameer to kill someone when he is actually in the ‘saheli’ mode is hard to grasp. One thing which Shakira has reinforced is that she did not want Sameer to be a man enough, a man like his father!

They have so far shown Sameer, channeling out “his” innermost feelings/secrets through Sameera, so when did it turn out to be the case of Shakira channeling herself through Sameer to the point that she can make him kill someone either? Yes, she did say that she will live through Sameer because she knew she had damaged his impressionable mind quite a lot but to now turn Sameer into a ditto copy of Shakira where he also can kill someone because she has done that is again hard to absorb. If that’s the case then may be Sameer will commit suicide because Shakira did too (if the wheelchair ridden lady is not Shakira *rolling my eyes*). I think they will give Sameer a clean chit in the end by showing that he was not himself when he killed Zoya (if he did), but anyways. Hoping they put an end to these ifs & what nots ASAP. I am glad Gauhar decided to take this matter in her hands & dealt with it her way. Those interactions were the best part about this episode & both Sonya Hussyn & Zahid Ahmed acted phenomenally in those scenes.

Closing Thoughts – Good Acting:

Zahid Ahmed & Sonya Hussyn should be very proud of themselves for phenomenal acting. They have stayed true to the essence of their characters & have been in the element right from the beginning till this point of the drama where everything is probably losing its grip. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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Zahra Mirza.

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