Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 06!

Ohkay so, it was another week, another interesting & happening episode of Khuda Dekh Raha Hai. I really like how the story of this drama is progressing smoothly with a perfect pace to keep the interest of the viewers intact. There are still so many questions that we’re seeking answers of but I like how they are revealing a few cards at a time which actually make me look forward to the next episode every single time.

I really must say I hate Moeez for being such a hypocrite. Firstly, if he really can’t stand the idea of Zoya attending a concert, then he should have the same issue with Sanam for going to Junaid’s concerts as well because she was the one who informed him about Zoya’s presence, so when Moeez can create a havoc over such a thing then he should have similar standards when it comes to his fiancée. I just never thought that he would be so selfish to put Sanam ahead of Zoya. Apparently, his choice of getting married to the one he loves isn’t something to be questioned about but in Zoya’s case, according to him she should be ashamed? Moeez never really cared that Zoya was defaming his family or something but he blew it all out of proportion just so that he can later infuse the idea of Zoya’s marriage to Adnan. Another thing that really caught me off guard was that Moeez has so much acceptance to whatever Sanam does just because he has gotten used to the idea of her being a liberal, modern & independent woman but when it comes to Zoya, he couldn’t even tolerate the fact that she can also like someone & can choose her life partner herself just because she comes from a simple background & hasn’t been raised like Sanam to be independent & liberal? It’s like he wants his sister to sacrifice her happiness just because she isn’t modern enough & in that case she isn’t entitled to making some choices for herself.

I really don’t like Sanam as well, yes, we all understood the thing about her that she was selfish & dominating but just for the sake of her own benefit, she is ready to spoil Zoya’s life? She knows her brother inside out & he is not an ideal match for any girl but just because she thinks Zoya’s a simple girl, she will put up with all the wrongdoings of Adnan? I must say I hated the idea of Moeez being so blind that he himself saw how unsober Adnan was but he chose to ‘ignore’ it just because he happens to be Sanam’s brother? I am sure the way Sanam has him wrapped around her finger, Moeez himself will suffer a lot after his marriage to her because she knows how to get what she wants & Moeez for now is unable to see how she’s plays with him because he is too blinded by his one-sided unconditional love.

To be honest, I feel Junaid’s friend gets a lot of coverage in every single episode. His scenes are boring & unnecessarily long & his conversations are repetitive to the core. Yes, we all get that he is Junaid’s well-wisher & tries to show him the other side of the picture too but bhai sahab when you already know that your friend has pretty much made up his mind then why don’t you try to mind your own business? He’s a pessimist & I hope his scenes along with his role are cut short in the episodes to come.

To be honest, for the first time I liked the motherly instincts in Khalida. As much as she was shocked at what Zoya did, she ended up understanding her point of view, she considered what her daughter wanted & she also agreed to her husband because she knew he made a lot more sense & outdid all her arguments that she had against Zoya & Junaid’s relation. I have always felt that no matter how unreasonable Khalida might be, she is easy to trick & convince. I really can’t emphasize on how much I like Akhtar’s character; he is an ideal father who knows how to be friends with his children. Moeez is least bothered about his parents & he only maintains his terms with his mother because he knows that eventually she ends up controlling everything that happens in the house & she listens to him plus Moeez also knows that his father doesn’t have much say as Khalida hasn’t given him the edge that normally a husband has when it comes to these matters. I really loved Akhtar’s relation & connectivity with Zoya & how he supported her & I must say all his dialogues are well-written because every time I feel he ends up saying what’s going through our minds.

Khalida is pretty much engrossed in what she does but I am still eager to know what’s the story behind her becoming the way she is now. Khalida also hinted that she wouldn’t allow Zoya to do what she herself has done in her past. I am sure Khalida pretty much understand what it means to love someone & how much one wants to be with the one they love. I actually enjoyed the mother-daughter scenes that Khalida & Zoya shared in this episode. This drama is getting a lot more interesting & I so hope that the pace stays the same. Please share your thoughts about this episode & the drama in general. :)

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