Khudgarz Episode 15 & 16 Review – Going Strong!

Ohkay so, it was yet another amazing episode of Khudgarz. I love the way the writer is intelligently taking the story forward by addressing so many intricate issues that too in such a convincing fashion. A lot of episodes have passed by to safely say that this is one of the best dramas of the season which has not only been written perfectly, it has been directed to perfection as well & since the actors are nailing their characters, everything is making such an impact!

Inayat realized his mistake & because he had to pay such a heavy price he knew that he had to do whatever he could to make things right. His confession made it easier for Salma & Junaid to see what Hassan actually did.

I liked the conversation between Junaid & Salma, where Salma being a mother was pouring her heart out to the son who she knew listened to her & most importantly understood her. Salma has lived a very meaningless life where she was reminded every step of the way that she was unwanted, unloved in this house. Munawwar literally took her son away from her & she couldn’t do anything because she had no courage or even authority to do so. Salma sympathized with Hassan a bit too much & that gave Junaid a perspective that she wasn’t ready to do anything for him & Aairah. It was sad that Junaid knew what was right but felt helpless in doing anything for himself & Aairah especially.

Aairah was punishing herself & just because she knew that Junaid was weak emotionally, she was getting more & more depressed. I think the way the writer has portrayed depression in this drama is phenomenal, we never really get to see such a realistic & convincing portrayal where it is shown what the person actually feels or goes through & most importantly, what could be the triggering factors. Aairah was relying on the medicines because she felt that was the only way to deal with what she was going through. Junaid’s weak personality was one of the main factors that pushed her to the limit because when it came to Hassan & even Munawwar, Aairah had the courage to face them & fight them on her own but it was Junaid who she needed at this time & he was finding it hard to come to her!

Salma finally decided to do something for herself, for Junaid & for Aairah. Junaid’s disappointment in her was enough to let her know that she had to do what was right. The way Salma took matters in her hand & went to meet Aairah showed that she was done feeling helpless, she was done not being able to help those who were being wronged.

The confrontation scene between Salma & Munawwar was so gripping. Salma finally put things into perspective & made Munawwar realize his mistakes too. When it came to Salma, she put up with him but now she could see that his continuous & blind support was not helping Hassan in anyway & it was in fact encouraging him towards the wrong path. What Salma said was basically a crux of the entire situation that just because Hassan hasn’t seen his father respecting his mother, he doesn’t see any woman worthy of being respected. The way Munawwar stood there speechless basically showed that even he was ashamed & could see that he was not a good influence on Hassan but because his ego is too big, he chose to overlook everything by not making it obvious in front of everyone especially Salma that she had a point.

I think the biggest enemy of Hassan is Munawwar. Yes, Munawwar has all the right to sympathize with his son, he has the right to support him, encourage him, guide him & lead him in the right direction but sadly, the way Munawwar turns a blind eye to all of Hassan’s mistakes is his biggest mistake because that gives Hassan the edge to do whatever he wants to without even bothering about the consequences. Yes, Hassan on his own is quite unreasonable & because he suffered from an injury & lost the love of his life, he can’t see anyone happy but still, what helps him in this negativity is no one else but Munawwar himself. Munawwar has seen that Hassan is causing loss to the business but he chose to focus more on finding faults in Junaid, how unreasonable is that?

I wish it was Junaid who had taken a stand & brought Aairah back but it was Salma & Junaid just stood there like a spectator, but then again, seeing how Junaid has spent all his life, it was befitting that he wasn’t the one who took charge of the situation because he couldn’t change himself drastically in such a short span of time. Hassan left & Aairah came back, she still felt guilty that she was making things difficult for Junaid but then being her husband, the way Junaid comforted her was sweet. It is nice to see Junaid being aware of his shortcomings & knowing that he has to work on himself if he wants to make Aairah feel secured.

So, Hassan came across Omar (Yasir Nawaz), a new entry in the story who right from the beginning gave such vibes that he will end up being Hassan’s counselor, he will mould Hassan’s personality & will show him the right direction. I loved how in such a short span of time & with such few dialogues, the writer introduced Omar’s character to us. Omar quickly & rightly judged Hassan that he comes from a sound background, has anger issues & has lost direction in life. Omar’s reminder to Hassan that he should set himself free of worries about other people being worried about him was spot on, it did strike a chord but because Hassan was preoccupied with the thoughts of his father being worried about him, he couldn’t bring himself to pay heed to what Omar was saying. I think Omar was the friend that Hassan needed, who could tell him when he is right & when he is not. I am actually looking forward to the changes Omar will bring in Hassan’s life. I must say, the way the power of friendships has been shown in this drama is another beautiful aspect. Aairah became a friend to Abeer & brought her out of her miseries, similarly Abeer did exactly the same when Aairah was falling apart & now it looks like Omar will act like a true friend & guide Hassan the best way possible, can’t wait to see that. Also, yes, Aairah & Junaid set a base for their relationship by becoming each other’s friends too.

Overall, I loved this episode too. The way the writer has shown weaknesses & strengths of all the characters is brilliant. Despite showing Junaid as a weak man, the writer has hinted that he is farsighted too because of which he believes in savings & investments. It was nice to see Junaid having someone from the office who was supportive of him. Munawwar was rattling because he could see that his power was slipping away from his hands because those who he believed in oppressing were finally standing up to him. I could see a lot of similarities between Hassan & Munawwar in this episode where they both had big egos & felt empowered by belittling others. Abeer also got a chance to stand in front of Hassan & speak to him about what he did to her. It is amazing how every single episode of this drama gives the viewers so much to talk about. Can’t fault the writing, the direction & the acting. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khudgarz.

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