Koi Chand Rakh Last Episode – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Good Ending:

Ohkay so, this episode marked the end of Koi Chand Rakh & I am glad that it ended on this note, which obviously is the first time to have happened in any Pakistani drama in recent times. I am glad that in Koi Chand Rakh, the so-called hero didn’t get away with everything & had things his way, rather it was the heroine who made the decision for herself by ditching the ungrateful hero who never really saw her for who she was.

Rabail Chose Her Own Path:

Everyone continued to make Nishal understand that she still had a chance to reverse things & bring her life on track but I guess she wanted to keep a heavy-hand on the negativity, just exactly like how she had on her makeup. Zain had pretty much made up his mind that he wanted to lead a ‘happy’ life with Rabail being his wife who’ll sit on a front seat & Nishal could choose to sit next to Ujala at the back seat if she’d like but oh well, things didn’t go accordingly. Zain had a proper plan & he was so sure of being welcomed by Rabail that he actually put in a lot of effort in his dressing but too bad, Rabail didn’t even pay heed to all of that & his green trousers changed with the change of his location too.

When Zain left Rabail for Nishal, Rabail actually didn’t really know if she’ll be able to survive without his support, without having a husband by her side but after she was left alone, Rabail got to know what she was capable of. Zain’s betrayal actually was as a blessing in disguise for Rabail because it let her know of her potential. This testing phase made Rabail realize that she was better off without a husband like Zain who tossed her aside & treated her like a doormat. It was because of all that Rabail went through that she realized who was loyal to her & who wasn’t. It was like after being pushed to the limit, Rabail found her strength in herself as well as her daughter. Rabail went through a lot, she practically raised her child without anyone’s support so it was enough for Rabail to have this faith in herself that she will do right by Ujala in the future too. Rabail took the right decision by choosing to part ways with Zain, it was like Rabail could not forgive Zain for betraying & mistreating her. Rabail knew that she didn’t deserve what Zain put her through therefore she decided to move on & never look back. I am glad that we finally got to see a hero meeting this end where the self-sufficent & independent heroine took this decision & chose not to settle for a guy who came back only after exploring his options. It was good to see this kind of a decision being taken by the female lead where she put her self-respect ahead of everything else.

Zain & Nishal chose to live engulfed in their own miseries whereas Rabail finally acknowledged Umair’s feelings & decided to spend her life with him. Even though the confession scene was done well, I wish they had written some better dialogues because as usual Rabail’s philosophy was too much to grasp & mostly didn’t even really make sense. Umair’s reaction when he finally saw his dream coming true was actually very sweet. Umair’s persistence, his innocence as well as his loyalty finally convinced Rabail that he actually loved her like no one ever could & just how she deserved to be loved.

Closing Thoughts – Director Failed Big Time:

Koi Chand Rakh could’ve been far better if the director had a better approach & vision for elaborating this story. Rabail’s character was the backbone of this drama but the director didn’t really get the best of it & failed to extract it to the best of its potential. This kind of script definitely needed a lot more detailed approach in direction but the director failed to do that. It seems the entire creative team especially the director heavily relied on the star power of Imran Abbas & Ayeza Khan because of which they & he failed to do their job seriously. It was like the director knew that the viewers will be in an awe of Imran & Ayeza therefore they will ignore all of the things wrong with this drama. Yes, I am sure a lot of hard work must have gone into making Koi Chand Rakh but it should have been a team effort no matter how big of a star cast they had to play these characters. When Umair heard that Zain had come to take Rabail with him, he left all disappointed & upset but in the next scene, he stood there enjoying the rain with a goofy smile on his face, that too when he had no idea that Rabail had ditched Zain & she was going to accept his feelings. These are the little details that made this drama poor in execution because the director did not pay attention to detail.

The last episode made me realize that I enjoyed the untimely sound of thunderstorms more than an OST sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. I am actually glad that the editors decided to use the thunderstorms in the background in stead of the OST in this episode. I wish that the next time we see Imran Abbas & Ayeza Khan together or on their own in any project, they will impress us & give us a memorable drama. I guess it’s about time that such big stars should stop working in such mediocre dramas. Muneeb Butt definitely outbid everyone else & he performed brilliantly. He made Umair’s character the best part about Koi Chand Rakh. Well, Areeba Habib, the less said the better but yes, I do feel she’s in a dire need of a sincere advice so I’ll hand it to her, girl, I’m sure by now you know that you need acting skills to be a good actress & not layers & layers of poorly done makeup, so yes, work on it. Ayeza Khan did a good job overall & Imran Abbas seemed to be struggling throughout this journey. It was like “Imran Abbas as never seen before” because I don’t remember him giving such an average performance in any drama. He deserves so much better so I guess it’s about time Imran Abbas starts making good choices because his fans expect a lot better from him. Even though I am glad that the writer showed Rabail choosing the path of her life on her own & I enjoyed seeing Rabail & Umair having a good time but I guess no one else will say it so I’ll do the honors; sorry to be bursting the bubble here Rabail, atkeliyan to kar lin but Iddat abbhi baqi hai meri dost. Please share your thoughts about Koi Chand Rakh.

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  • feel the same about this drama….and I stopped watching it about when she gave birth and then just watched the last episode. Also…great that she did not go with Zain but did not like that she went with Umair …..he is her ‘brother’ ….that is just very weird. But assuming normal for the culture

  • The end of drama is very much against the culture of society. If rabel treat umair his brother and his parents also admit it then why she accepted umair. Zain will think her character doubtful , nishal will prove right and umair parents will never agree to their marriage. If rebel want to leave Zain it will be OK, but why selecting her brother umair .This is giving wrong marriage to viewers.