Kun Faya Kun Episode 6 Story Review – Simple Yet Profound

Opening Thoughts – Decent Progress:

Ohkay so, this episode of Kun Faya Kun was well-executed. This drama isn’t too fast paced but every episode brings along a decent progress in the story. However, because there is a focus on a single character going through so much in her life, it does tend to seem a little stagnant at times but overall, this drama is still quite interesting to tune to.

Mashal Continues To Get Tested:

Shama continued to do what she is good at, maligning Mashal’s image in front of her friend. Even though they have shown such nominal things that Mashal faces but like I discussed in the previous reviews, they are showing all of these situations only to elaborate on the kind of mental pressures Mashal goes through. This is a story of Mashal who against all odds has no other option than to just accept, be patient & move on. Mashal is young, that is why she finds it very hard to see the bigger picture but she will later understand everything & that will be interesting to see definitely.

Mashal has Appa Jee’s back, she still has no idea how big of a blessing that is. Appa Jee as usual decided to defend Shama & she was once again put in a tight spot, not because of anything else, but because what she did was wrong on so many levels. It is interesting to see how despite having their own daughters, both Shama & Faseeha do not even think for a second before saying anything about Mashal. It will obviously all come back at them & they won’t be able to undo that. Shama did see a little trailer of it through Armaan though, but yet again, she continued to blame Mashal & never once thought that it was her hatred for Mashal because of which Allah put her in this test!

Armaan let Appa Jee know what was in his heart. It was sweet the way he made it very clear to her that he didn’t take this decision because he pitied Mashal, rather he loved her, that is why he wanted to make her a part of his life. To be honest, Mashal’s reaction caught me by surprise. I mean she is ‘young’, isn’t it, so the news of marriage should’ve at least shaken her a bit but her happiness made it look like she was waiting for exactly this thing to happen & couldn’t contain her happiness when something on those lines was suggested. Matlab, thora sa heran to hona chahiye tha Mashal ko but wo to jaisay tayar bethi thi, hehe! However, let me say, that entire sequence of Mashal & Armaan was so beautifully executed, with the OST echoing in the background & the director taking full advantage of Mashal’s innocence & beauty. It was super sweet.

Armaan let Shama as well as Obaid know that he wanted to get married to Mashal. Obaid obviously was happy to hear that but Shama wasn’t. Bisma on the other hand has also developed ill feelings for Mashal, not that she thought good of her before but the fact that Hashir has a soft corner for Mashal in his heart makes Bisma resent her even more. It is interesting how each one of them only sees what they want to see & just do not even think about the fact that because Mashal is an orphan, people could have empathy for her. Then again, people like Shama & Bisma are so big on their egos & only think that what they believe is the truth, they could never give Mashal a benefit of doubt! They gave us a little more insight in Bisma’s character. She is not only in a relationship with Hashir but she is possessive about him to the level that she wants to control him, that is why Bisma mentioned that even the thought of Hashir being with someone else sent shivers down her spine. Bisma will definitely make it tougher for Hashir to continue with this relationship, considering the kind of nature & personality she has!

Areesha took her obsession with Armaan to a whole new level. Areesha has been quite ill-willed & that is why she didn’t mind taking such a route to guarantee her togetherness with Armaan. Mashal was tested yet again, she was once again faced with the bitter truth that she will not get what she dreams of, just so easily. I am sure Areesha will think that her wazeefas worked but in reality, Mashal will back out & she will be the one convincing Armaan to get married to Areesha. However, this entire situation made me wonder, what will happen when Mashal will find Hashir being in love with her? Will she sacrifice yet again for the sake of Bisma’s happiness because like she said in the preview, she wouldn’t want to build the palace of her dreams on someone else’s unfulfilled wishes? Quite interesting!

Closing Thoughts – Great Acting:

Overall, I had a great time watching this episode. I loved Nargis Rasheed’s scenes yet again. I love how Nargis Rasheed has given those minute expressions, especially in the confrontational scenes, it is like Shama knows she is crossing her limits by misbehaving with Appa Jee but still because she can not hold back, she continues to say all of these mean things to her about Mashal. Shama knows she could be wrong, she definitely is wrong but because she wants things to work the way she wants to, she continues to be mean. Brillianttttttt acting done by Nargis Rasheed in Kun Faya Kun. Haye! When I saw Mashal crying yet again in the very last scene, I was like not again please but thankfully the episode ended so I got a week’s break before I see her crying again. It is not about crying or anything, I have been seeing characters crying their eyes out in every other drama, it’s Alizeh Shah who makes it hard to be honest. I liked Zarnish Khan’s acting in this episode too, especially when she was like ‘soch hai tumhari’, very real. I must commend the dialogue writer for keeping the dialogues so real because they strike a chord & make it very easy to grasp everything, however I know in order to justify the title they had to rely a lot on the words Kun Faya Kun but in some conversations they sound forcefully added. Anyways, really happy with the way the drama is progressing. Can’t wait to see more. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Kun Faya Kun.

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