Mera Yaar Miladay – The Mobile Snatchers! – Episodes 18 & 19

I feel like I am onto something here. Like this whole Fahd-Mushq-Dabbu love story is just a secondary storyline in this drama but the main message is clear: do not rely on your mobiles to store numbers/addresses – always keep a directory/written back up! Always! From the moment Mushq’s father threw and broke her phone in anger and Fahd landed in Karachi and had his phone stolen (oh and both lovebirds did not know each other’s numbers by heart by the way for they relied only on the numbers saved in their phones) till now Dabbu’s phone being stolen and Striker’s being snatched it is as if had there been no mobile snatchers around – this love story would have reached its end far earlier!

Jokes besides, I watched these two episodes one after the other and although I grimaced when Mushq did her runner across the street at the sight of Fahd and then losing him, thinking oh God how many of these scenes will we have to endure before she finds him, next week’s episode’s preview shows that Mushq will be quite close to meeting Fahd and that is a relief.

The lingering looks, the constant thank yous, the ‘aap na hotay tau mera kia hota’ and the ‘bas aap khush raho Mushq ji’ – have begun. Okay, don’t hate me but somehow the Dabbu-Mushq scenes lacked I-don’t-know-what-but-there-was-something-missing factor! We all know Dabbu is angel personified but given Mushq’s luck with strangers, I would think she would be a bit wary of Dabbu. I liked how Mushq was gracious and not venting her frustrations out on Dabbu and when he took care of her when she was unwell was sweet. I know she is grateful there is someone who actually seems to care for her and she wants Dabbu to know it but her ‘poori duniya nay mujhay akela kar diya sirf ek aap par he tau yakeen hai’ and when she says ‘aap nay itna khayal rakha tau theek tau hona he tha’ and Dabbu’s ‘look’ when she says those lines seem to suggest he may, unconsciously begin to start reading more into them as Mushq also keeps uttering them!


Dabbu’s enthusiasm and positive attitude is truly mystifying. Without any idea of which part of Lahore Fahd lives in, he is strangely very confident they will be able to find him. Setting out on foot all day seems to be the plan of action and I really do not know for the life of me how that is supposed to help except maybe lose some weight which Mushq certainly does not need to do! I did say to myself ‘Lo jee’ at Mushq’s tantrum over the birthday scene but her apology the next morning and generally the way she is behaving with Dabbu showed that she was probably just very frustrated and needed to vent. I have to hand it to Dabbu how he takes everything in his stride and his only mission now in life is to get a smile on Mushq’s face.

Fahd’s wedding preparations are underway. I find the whole Butt Sb stepping up with biwi and beti to help Fahd and parjayee a bit too much to take in. How does ‘shaadi’ become the solution to all problems? Unwilling son or daughter forced and cajoled and threatened into a marriage and then when that marriage does not work out (surprise surprise) the parent ends up in the hospital with a heart attack. I mean, do yourselves a favour, spare yourself a trip to the hospital and NOT grasp an arranged marriage as the only solution? Isra’s claim however that she will be able to bring back the ‘old’ Fahd could probably be something that his mother believes but at this rate Isra seems to be the annoying tweety bird harping on and on and Fahd the sulky cat Sylvester!


I will take Fatima’s stance when she reviewed Dil Lagi’s mazaar scene and avoid commenting on the right or wrong of going to a mazaar. I was a bit surprised at Mushq’s dua though when she did not ask that Fahd be found but that whatever is best for her happens. Isra’s dua, if it comes true, sort of decides the fate of this drama already then for she will not give Fahd up easily. The shawl Mushq offers Isra seemed to have some sort of emotional sentiment attached to it – at least that was the impression I was given when she goes back in the room to fetch it and says to Dabbu that she could not leave it behind. But then why offer it to Isra and part with it? Will Fahd recognize it? The way his ears perked up when Isra said she met a couple from Karachi made it sound like she had announced a couple from Mars had arrived!

I am not sure what the message here is and if there really is one. The obedient daughter Zeba is going through a hell of sorts herself and the rebellious Mushq’s troubles are far from over so was it worth being obedient or taking a stand for your own desires and wishes? Although Nayaz is nice to Zeba but Baji’s negative presence and jibes seem to have Zeba upset all the time and now Baji has thrown in the ‘child’ factor making things worse. Zeba’s tears, Fahd’s angry sulky face, Mushq’s resigned, dejected face – sigh, enough already!

Seeing Fahd on the streets has given Mushq hope again and even though I am not a huge Sajal Ali fan I have to say she has managed to portray Mushq’s different emotions very well. The resigned and subdued Mushq seems to have woken up and is eager to find Fahad now that she knows he is somewhere near. Sundus Tariq as Isra is a bit too jolly and actually cringeworthy and I hope we will not have to see much of her before this drama ends. The mazaar scene did not make much of an impact on me and I have to admit part of the reason is that I caught up watching Dil Lagi yesterday and after Humayun Saeed and the way the mazaar scene was shot – this definitely could not surpass those scenes.

I know some of you may feel differently and that is totally okay but I did not enjoy these two episodes as much as I had anticipated. Next week’s preview looks promising though and I am looking forward to Mushq coming face to face with Fahd, I just hope it does happen next week though and not thrown in as the last scene. Did anyone else watch the preview – what does Mushq say to Dabbu about staying with him? I tried to watch that scene a few times but have no idea what she said. How did you all find these episodes? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Kunwal Javid

Kunwal Javid