Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 12, 13 & 14!

Ohkay so, these three episode of Zara Yaad Kar made a lot of progress in terms of the story & the character development. I do however feel that I found it to be that way because I watched these 3 episodes one after another, therefore I didn’t pay attention to the overall pace of each & every episode but I am dreading that it will get back to the slower side because I will be watching the episodes on weekly basis from now on. Having said that, I will say that I liked all three episodes because they took the story forward & gave us something to talk about.

Mahnoor is struggling deep within because she knows that everything that is happening with her is her own fault. She chose to shoo away the guy who loved her for the sake of a guy who doesn’t trust her enough to tell her what is happening in his life or what he is upto. Mahnoor has to be the most insensible girl ever because she drove herself into this deep pit & now has no one who can pull her out of it. She gambled with her life just because she ‘assumed’ that Waqar was the one who’ll make her happy while being completely oblivious of the fact that he didn’t even respect her let alone love her.

Gaiti & Waqar’s relation is nurturing because Waqar can now see that Gaiti is a potential politician & because of Gaiti, Waqar can get the authority & the power to empower the people of Umarkot. Also, Gaiti is trusting Waqar way more than she should, but then again, I find this to be a little glitch that just because Mehtab Deswali has fled, Gaiti has lost contact with her father & Mehtab has left her only daughter to deal with such serious stuff on her own & he has allowed Waqar to have a free-hand when it comes to his daughter. Also, where is Gaiti’s brother who made an appearance when Gaiti returned from America? I don’t believe that conservative guys like Mehtab & his son will leave the only female of their family in the lurch to figure things out on her own. At least, they should’ve shown that all this while Gaiti was in contact with her father & he was guiding her daughter, who for the first time, has stepped into the field of politics. I find it a little unrealistic that Mehtab isn’t worried about his daughter, whereas he was shown to be quite farsighted where he hired Waqar as Gaiti’s Urdu tutor because he knew that Gaiti needed to be fluent in Urdu in order to make an impression on the people of Umarkot, so now when she is actually with those people, Mehtab isn’t telling her what needs to be done & how she can leave a good impression on those people that will guarantee another win of their party in the next elections.

Honestly speaking, I do understand all the feelings Waqar has for the people of Umarkot & how he gets emotional when he talks about their helplessness & how they have always been fooled by the politicians, but I feel all his feelings would’ve made far more impact if he himself would’ve been an honest & sincere person. The way Waqar’s character was introduced & the impression he has left so far by playing with the feelings of Mahnoor & Gaiti doesn’t really make him look like someone who can feel for someone without expecting something in return. There’s an entire contrast in his personality when it comes to how conniving he is in his personal life & how selfless he becomes when it comes to the people of Umarkot, but still his cunning side takes the lead & curbs the niceness he displays every now & then. Also, I find it amusing that Waqar never did anything for the people of Umarkot on his own, he just chose to educate himself & make a life for himself in a city, but now when he has landed an opportunity to be in contact with the family of politicians, he doesn’t mind shedding a tear or two to show how much love he holds for his town & its people.

It is actually quite disturbing that Waqar doesn’t even understand the difficulties Mahnoor is facing & he doesn’t partially hold himself responsible for instigating the divorce between Mahnoor & Haadi. Mahnoor has unfortunately understood that the love she thought Waqar had for her doesn’t exist & she left everything, her shelter, her security blanket, her safety net for a guy like him who doesn’t even love her to begin with. The way she is clinging onto Haadi now & the way she is finding it hard to move on goes to show that she is left with nothing but deep regret with her decisions. The conversations between Haadi & Mahnoor were done well, they showed the transitions both of them have made & the different impact that their divorce has left on them both. Where Mahnoor is shattered emotionally, Haadi is in peace. Where Mahnoor is feeling regret, Haadi is content as he knows that he has nothing to lose now. This divorce has matured Haadi mentally & emotionally whereas it has made Mahnoor even more immature because the way she is not accepting the fact that Haadi has moved on goes to show that she still has a glimmer of hope in her heart that may be things will work out between them once again. Mahnoor knows that Haadi loved her truly therefore she is still expecting him to showcase that love & pull her out of her misery that she has inflicted upon herself.

Uzma on her own is dealing with the self-created stuff. I do understand that she is a good & selfless soul but the way she is dealing with her equation with Haadi isn’t sparking an interest & seems a bit forced actually. Uzma’s explanation behind her brave act of writing a love letter to a married man didn’t justify anything. Uzma on her own thought that she was doing a favor to both Mahnoor & Haadi by writing a love letter to Haadi, thinking that it will strengthen their relationship which sounded nothing but a lie. I fail to understand how can anyone be so lifeless to actually sit & think about someone else’s love life to such an extent that confessing their love seems like a good idea to them. It is so obvious that even Uzma knows that Haadi’s divorce means he is free to think about her, therefore she is trying to maintain a distance which seems nothing but another attempt of grabbing his attention. I do like Uzma’s character but somehow I am unable to accept her seedha-pan.

Overall, these three episodes were written & directed well. I must say I loved Sana Javed’s acting the most in these episodes, where she made sure to convey the storm that has overtaken Mahnoor’s mind & heart. Each & every expression told a tale of how shattered & regretful Mahnoor was but she was putting up an act to show her mother that she was strong enough to deal with her pain gracefully. Zahid Ahmed acted really well too & the thing that I noticed & loved the most was the change of body language of all the characters/actors after the divorce took place, where Haadi looked relaxed, Mahnoor looked tensed & Uzma looked equally uncomfortable. All the actors have done a superb job & yes, there were quite a few conversations/dialogues that hit home for me. I enjoyed watching these three episodes, so please tell me how’d you like them by sharing your thoughts too.

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