Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai Episode 11 Review – Aik Elan Aur Aik Khawab!

Ladies and gentlemen for the first time we are witnessing a drama in which playing mind games (continuously in every single scene) comes naturally to all the characters and somehow the viewers are expected to relate to these seriously twisted people who have zero problem solving skills. I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw a drama like this one on television in which people who talk like philosophers don’t even have brains that function well enough to solve simple problems! Making issue out of non issues is the pastime of every character in this play. It is overloaded with dialogues which remind you of those long tashreehs (explanations) you had to do in the Urdu papers in order to fill the required space even when the poem did not have enough substance, you just had to say a lot about it because the entire question was of 10 marks! That is exactly what the writer has done here, the characters and their stories are so simple and done-to-death yet his approach towards all these rather simple and even ridiculous scenarios is so serious that you wonder why he decided to put all his perspectives regarding love in this one serial!

When someone starts talking in this serial, you listen in the hope that they will say something that will blow you away (only because of the background score and those serious expressions!!) but then half way you completely lose track of the entire conversation because although there are a lot of difficult words and similes which are continuously being used in these dialogues but the fact is that the feelings of these characters can be expressed easily in a much simpler manner. The complications the writer has tried to present in this drama are completely forced. All these people, who are supposed to be intelligent and sensitive resort to weird and indirect clues in order to get their messages across which is extremely twisted. Conversations which can end in two sentences are dragged just to increase the duration of the scenes.

I am not sure when Waqar fell in love with Maheen because not very long ago he was going all out and supporting Gulrez but the way this entire track has been handled showed that none of the important developments in this play will be handled in an intelligent way. Ami Begum’s solution to all the problems is one of the most annoying aspects of this drama. She was actually contemplating giving Waqar his share and asking him to leave! Talk about taking extreme steps and yes that is exactly one of those things which showed the eldest person who everyone looks up to having zero problem solving skills!

I honestly felt for Shehzad sheikh and Imran Abbas both in tonight’s episode – yes I am talking about the actors and not the characters. Both of them have made their characters as likeable as was possible but the way these characters have been written makes it very difficult to connect to them. They don’t have definite traits and they just go with the flow! I don’t even feel like commenting on Ayeza Khan’s acting and outlook any more because she failed to keep the balance needed to make this character cute and not over the top or annoying. I don’t completely blame her for this because it is quite apparent that the director expected everyone to go overboard. Few of the actors  still managed to keep a balance however but Ayeza Khan is definitely not one of them. Also, the clothes she is wearing look completely out of place, they are cool but definitely not casual clothes which someone would wear on daily basis.

Maheen and Gulrez’s bachpan ki mangni was a shocker! No one ever mentioned that and if this was supposed to be the surprise twist then it was completely lame because Maheen was shocked and offended when she learned that Gulrez had proposed to her. Even Ami begum said so many times that she reacted like this because she wasn’t expecting it. If this was bachpan ki mangni then why was she shocked? Gulrez mentioned the khawab he never saw multiple times in tonight’s episode and the way Waqar’s “elan” shocked everyone was also completely lame; Wali later on told Neelam that they were all expecting just that! I am honestly shocked that this drama has turned out to be this lame!

How many of you watched this episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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