Moray Saiyaan Episode 14 Review – Bothersome!

Ohkay so, honestly speaking the interest that I had in this drama is subsiding real quick because the story isn’t moving forward & the scenarios have been repeated so many times that I have completely lost track of how many times similar things have been shown. When I signed up to watch Moray Saiyaan, I was interested in the characters & the relationship of Ghaziyan & Zubaria but I never knew that the main hero & heroine of this drama are going to be Zakia & Kabeer lol & the world will be revolving around them. I seriously think I am going to give this drama a couple of chances more & if it still doesn’t do much in terms of progress then I will stop watching it altogether & unfortunately, the preview of the next episode didn’t entice me much!

Just when I was getting put off with Zubaria’s forlorn face, I sighed with relief when Ghaziyan told her to not be so stern with him by ordering him around to be serious all the time. Honestly speaking, I have yet to meet a couple so young, like in their early 20’s or a bride of Zubaria’s age who finds it hard to even smile & be happy in her life. Zubaria has everything going for her, she has a supportive father, an access to good education, a very loving husband & now a very considerate father in law, so I am not sure what is it that makes Zubaria so unhappy that she has to keep that forlorn expression pasted on her face throughout the episode. Make no mistake, the girl playing the role of Zubaria is pretty but you just can’t stare at a pretty face with no expressions & zero smile all the time because it gets on your nerves & the character of Zubaria is ticking me off big time!

I got a spoiler alert in one of the previous reviews, even though I deleted it but I got to read it & now when I hear Ghaziyan talking so casually about the flowers on his grave & not having any wish to live a long life & also questioning Zubaria what if something happens to him, so I really am forced to think if we have a sad ending of this couple in store for us because if that’s going to be the case then I am not sure about the purpose of this drama? I was told by the writer that the drama-makers wanted to provide a light-hearted entertainment for the viewers but now I am wondering if it was just a bait for the viewers to keep going with this drama because after 14 episodes, this drama is everything but light-hearted!

Please don’t tell me that Zakia, a woman probably in her late 40’s or early 50’s is getting jealous of a newly wedded couple in their early 20’s, like seriously? I rolled my eyes every time I saw her looking at Ghaziyan & Zubaria with jealousy overflowing through her eyes. This woman has gotten a lot of screen-time, a lot of coverage & it is getting burdensome to watch. Also, are they trying to imply that Anas & his wife were on such a long honeymoon that his wife fell pregnant during that time & still doesn’t want to come back? LOL! Well, I don’t blame her, she has seen Zakia at her worst (which is always) so who would want to be around such a toxic & negative woman!

So, Ghaziyan & Zubaria are trying everything to bring Kabeer & Zakia together, to some extent it worked but I am sure now that Zakia has seen Zubaria & Waris having a conversation where Waris was treating her as a family member, she would stick around, not wanting to give Ghaziyan, Zubaria & Waris the satisfaction of being together like a happy family. She once again went on with her rants & before her noise could pollute my TV lounge, I deemed it better to forward that entire scene. It is sickening to see a woman like Zakia getting so much of screen-time & so much of importance, like she is such a woman who has a problem with every single person around her, so I think everyone should leave her alone to sulk because she finds solace in that!

The entire scenario about Jamshed missing & his wife caterwauling was just so uninteresting that I don’t even feel like talking about that. It is good that they showed us some sweet moments between Ghaziyan & Zubaria & I do agree that they are cute & stuff but to see them romancing & taking selfies in a graveyard left a bad taste in the mouth. Some places are meant to be respected irrespective of the fact if they are being visited in real or reel life, so I really wish they had shown some consideration before planning to shoot a scene of Ghaziyan & Zubaria getting chummy with each other & clicking pictures while standing over someone’s grave! Anyways, I am totally unhappy & not impressed with the way the story has moved forward, like it is getting bothersome to tune to Moray Saiyaan to say the least. Pretty cast & beautiful locations were the saving grace of this drama but not anymore! Please share your thoughts about this episode.

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