Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Torture # Bees!

Oh boy! Are we having this conversation over those repetitive conversations again? Phew. I think the best name for this serial would’ve been ‘Chand Aurtain, Ghatiya Kahaniyaan’. I was searching for the purpose of this drama but gladly in the 20th episode I found it & it was just to show the mansion of Shakeel uncle. I am sure the director fell in love with the location & for that he made this drama because if there’s anything that’s technically sound in this serial, those are the different shots & angles of the place, that’s it.

The whole episode was dedicated to Areeba, who’s good enough to even spoil the taste of my birthday cake :/. I must say that where the technicality died, this drama came into being. Areeba & her father had a conversation on the couch about why she left & what was her problem but that whole scenario was divided into two scenes where Areeba’s father kept on begging her like bolo beta, bolo beta, bolo beta, bolo beta, bolo beta, bolo beta, bolo beta. I mean…I was like being her father the Justin Bieber uncle should’ve pulled her hair, pulled the tongue out of her throat, made her smell the dog poop & should’ve done every torture possible to get the reason for why she left Arham’s place but him being too cotton-like soft on her wasn’t necessary. Being a father, he should’ve taken all the steps to throw this daft unintelligent girl out of his place.

Shakeel uncle goes like I have to take a faisla & Shaiq reacted like ‘FAISLA’ as if he never had a conversation on these lines before. I don’t know are they really that dumb or have no brains to actually understand what the other is saying without having a question mark like expression on their faces. Shakeel uncle spoke about taking a decision but then again he went into the gruesome details & it looked like he was trying so hard to act but his acting was stuck in his throat like a fish-bone. Even though he tried, it couldn’t come out. Accha, Shaiq said he couldn’t even conceive of an idea to stay away from his family & I was like yeah right. He is the one who is never really interested in what’s going on with his family members & he says he can’t live without them, I think he’s another loon on the loose.

Finally someone’s giving Narmeen a Narmeen time (hard time). She is being blackmailed but like always Shaiq didn’t disappoint us & continued to sound like an absent minded puppet who even heard & asked about who wanted the money from Narmeen but then his disinterest continued & he left. I mean really? Stop being a botch up for Khuda’s sake.

Arham continued to whinge because his pamper needed a change & his Aya’s gone. I am glad that someone made a special appearance in this episode & that celebrity was Sarah. LOL. All of a sudden she is too keen to know why Areeba left. I believe they all live under the same huge roof but the way she said things, it sounded like she was abroad & came running to Pakistan when she heard that Areeba left. I really wish to see at least ONE, at leasttt ONE episode of this drama which does make some sense. Areeba’s equally annoying friend is becoming her psychiatrists, boy their Yakeen Yakeen conversation almost make me puke. Areeba’s friend goes around saying ‘Khud pe yakeen karnay ko hi Khuda pe yakeen karna kehte hain’. I so wish either she wasn’t in the serial or I would’ve gotten a chance to smack her or the dialogue writer. How can they write such such crappy dialogues which question the intricacy of our beliefs? This dialogue was way over the line. I hope the dialogue writer pays more attention before blurting lines on the paper.

Anyways, Areeba told her friend that she feels threatened because she ain’t that pretty. I am glad Areeba’s thinking on those lines, what else could be a better reason for her to get a good make up artist then, Haan Areeba??? It goes around showing that she wasn’t only a below average student but she has an inferiority complex too, wow. I am glad to confess that Areeba Arham have completely justified The Allah Milai Jori phrase. They compliment each other in so many ways that they themselves don’t know of. :) Masha Allah, Allah inhain nazr-e-bad se bachaye!

Wow! Next episode will have some action but I am sure it will go down rushing the western flush too.

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