Noor ul Ain Episode 10 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Noor only focused on what both Noor & Khizar went through when their family members turned their back on them!

Khizar decided to speak to his mother for the last time but she remained persistent that she was not going to go to Noor’s house again in order to solve this matter. She chose not to budge because this was her way of teaching Khizar a lesson & telling him that he shouldn’t expect anything from her!

Well, Ghazala finally decided to come clean & let everyone especially Noor’s mother know what was in her heart. Ghazala owned what she did & called it her revenge. She obviously is mistaken & holds everyone else responsible for whatever happened with Shumaila.

Qasim thought Noor will stay back & won’t go with Khizar until he brings his mother but Noor’s decision shocked him to no end. Noor decided to stick with her decision without even bothering about what it was that her father wanted & she thought shedding a few tears will earn her the forgiveness that she was after but obviously the way she has shattered the trust of her father, she really shouldn’t expect anything from him.

Well, Noor got hospitalized because all of this was too much for her handle & then she went to Khizar’s friend’s place because Khizar the genius has also left his house. Taaliyan!

Honestly, while watching this episode, I thought that even though the director has directed this drama to the best of his abilities, it still is lacking that Sarmad Sultan Khoosat Factor, why? Because the script is so so so weak, like there is practically nothing in this drama to offer to its viewers & then give them something exciting to talk about. Sajal Ali & Imran Abbas have done their best too but then again, the characters of Noor & Khizar have zero personalities so their performances aren’t doing much for the viewers either. Anyways, please share your thoughts.

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