Pepsi Battle Of The Bands Episode 2 Review-Finalists Selected!

The second episode of the battle of the bands was the final auditions episode. Judges had to select six bands for the final competition but due to great turn out and even greater music; they chose eight bands for the finals. The bands who made it to the finals are:

  1. Badnaam
  2. Roots
  3. Kashmir
  4. Madlock
  5. Aura
  6. Jasim and the Pindi Boyz
  7. Shajr
  8. Darwesh

Pepsi Battle Of The Bands Episode 2 Review-Finalists Selected!

Today the judges were more involved with the the performances and really looked out on what was happening infront of them. Fawad and Meesha also gave their input and made the job lighter for Farooq. The judges were however more inclined towards rock music.Positive first qualified for the finals but they were later disqualified because one of their band members was on temporary basis though they had registered him as a member. In their place they selected Madlock though I found Ehl e Rock more capable and better as Ehl e Rock brought a whole new genre to the show with metallica on Urdu lyrics. Khamaaj was also another band which could not make it to the finals though I found it worth giving a chance today as they not only had beauty of music in their performance; the song they had written Bezuban was also outclass. E-Sharp were also good but it wasn’t their day obviously.

Talking about the bands which made to the finals Badnaam not only has a catchy name; the style of their lead vocalist is similar to that of Asrar. Kashmir and Darwesh also deserved the position they reached as both of them were unique and talented. Darwesh’s style was very divine and their poetry was beautiful too as they sang an original. Pindi Boyz were let in after a moment of suspense. Now we have to see how they will take forward the quirkiness they had in their performance. Shajr’s music was very strong but their lead vocalist’s style does not match the music they make. However they have advanced to the final round; how they will make the coordination of the voice and music will be a point to watch in coming episodes. Aura and Roots also made it to finals with Aura’s music gave soothing feels to the judges. The finalists are selected and the bands I will be looking forward to are Kashmir, Darwesh, Badnaam and Pindi Boyz.

Pepsi Battle Of The Bands Episode 2 Review-Finalists Selected!

Today’s episode had an exciting moment for the audience too. Aaroh reunioned and performed Raag Neela for the fans. The band performed on the stage of Battle Of The Bands after 15 years; where they earlier performed as contestants and this time as stars.

Ayesha’s hosting game needs to up a bit as whenever she speaks it seems like she is trying to be excited; trying being the operative word here as obviously she does not seem excited in reality. Atif was missing today again; maybe he will join the show from the final round.

Which bands are you looking forward too and which do you think should have made it to the finals? Share your opinions in comments!

Pakeeza Dar

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