Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 16 Story Review – New Turn

Tonight’s episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay laid the foundation for future developments. Mahjabeen’s innocence and her reactions continue to be the most likable part of this drama. Abdullah appears to be much wiser in comparison to Mahjabeen. Both of them have their strengths and weaknesses, together they make an adorable on-screen couple. I am disappointed with Mansoora after watching this episode but I am glad that the writer is showing gradual changes in her character. Everything was shown realistically tonight, the performances never disappoint. Shanzay’s husband-to-be is turning out to be an annoying character, you wonder why she accepted this proposal since she was shown as a sensible young lady. The actor playing the role makes the character even more annoying if it really was someone with some ‘class’ everything would have made more sense. Apart from the excessive background score in the last scene and Shanzay’s track, everything about this episode was perfect.

Mahjabeen and Abdullah are Adorable

I loved the opening scene since Mahjabeen took the lead and rightly so! It is really amusing how Mahjabeen takes everything someone says to her so seriously. This is one of those character traits which actually worked in her favor tonight. She remembered what Mansoora said to her and because of that she has a new-found confidence. Her biggest insecurity was that someone might ask her to leave the house, now that she knows that no one can do that, she can exercise more control in her own way. Mahjabeen is all emotions yet she forgives so easily. Yumna Zaidi looked really pretty in the pink dress and her attempts to make Abdullah pay for his mistake were simply adorable. The excessive background score, however, was slightly annoying since this scene was quite long.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 16 Story Review - New Turn

Abdullah was disturbed for some time but his attitude when he came back home suggested that he had a difficult time doubting Mahjabeen. Abdullah is naive and also gullible. He listens to Sarwar more than he should. He uses his own mind and often he draws the right conclusions but somehow he acts on Sarwar’s advice more than whatever he concludes himself. Bilal Abbas Khan has given such a convincing performance throughout. Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas Khan’s on-screen chemistry is a big reason why their scenes are always a treat to watch.

Mansoora and Washma tried to ‘educate’ Mahjabeen and Abdullah in this episode. It is good that they have a lot of positive people around them who are always giving them sound advice. The romance it seems has started and it remains to be seen how soon these two truly fall for each other. It is great watching a love story which involves such characters, there is no ego at play, both of them are innocent and gullible at the same time. They have their strengths and weaknesses which makes both these characters appealing in their own unique way.

Mansoora and Sarwar

Mansoora yet again has gone back to being swayed away by her husband’s charm. She showed her discontent and also for the first time set some boundaries. Unlike before she did not sit back and watch Sarwar tell Abdullah what he should be doing but at the same time yet again she let her husband manipulate her to some degree. She was clearly hurt when Abdullah confided in her but her reaction was not as strong as I was expecting it to be. One thing is for sure, Mansoora does not show her actual emotions or even what she is thinking. She is much wiser now, something she said to Sarwar too indirectly but at the same time, she is choosing not to confront Sarwar, which is actually quite realistic.

The fact that Mansoora is completely smitten by her charming husband has been laid down well therefore it won’t be easy for her to change her attitude towards him completely overnight. I find Mansoora’s character more interesting than all the other supporting characters right now. It is a well-etched-out grey character, we don’t get to see such characters n our dramas often. Also, she picks her fights wisely knowing fully well that letting Sarwar go is not easy for her. Atiqa Odho has translated every single emotion impeccably on screen. The director deserves credit for making sure that the camera catches all of these emotions.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 16 Story Review - New Turn

The change in Sarwar’s attitude after Mansoora shared her point of view with her showed that Mansoora could have things her way if she put her foot down more often. Sarwar acted naively yet again and he also manipulated his wife with the ‘step-father’ dialogue. No one has mentioned Abdullah’s position and the table he was given in the office. Mansoora did what she wanted to, she did not feel the need to ‘discuss’ this with Sarwar. Last week it seemed that she was only going to go forward but it will take something huge for her to take a big decision.

Mansoora’s dialogue about the house being her kids’ was my favorite tonight. It went to show that although she ended up falling for the wrong man, she is not foolish. She is wise enough to get a lot of messages across without directly confronting Sarwar. Her husband obviously knows how to win her approval. Sarwar definitely lives a sad life! Omair Rana never fails to impress. I am waiting to see if Sarwar will confront Abdullah at some point. Mansoora could have easily told him off without telling him that Abdullah shared this secret with her. Sarwar’s conversations with his mothers are being used intelligently as a means to communicate his true feelings with the viewers.

Shanzay’s Annoying fiancé

The actor playing Shanzay’s is really irritating! It would have been good if someone like Omair Rana was playing this character. The writer through this track is obviously trying to show that in a way Shanzay is being punished for telling Abdullah off. Now she has someone in her life who does not value her and thinks she is not good enough. Honestly speaking, I feel that Shanzay was only being honest with Abdullah, and in a way she did him a favor. She was however insensitive at times therefore the writer is probably trying to show that what goes around comes around. I find this track slightly immature so far but I am waiting to see how it progresses in the future.

Final Remarks

Pyar Ke Sadqay is my favorite drama right now because of its beautiful characters and scenes which are almost always meaningful. Every episode has some substantial development. The preview of the next episode was enticing. Looking forward to the effect Washma’s words have on Abdullah. I am also wondering what Sarwar’s next move will be.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • Salam Fatima please make an article Meray Paas Tum Ho vs Dil Lagi and compare them in every aspect just like you compared Punjab Nahi Jaungi and Na Maaloom Afraad 2 please please make this article please

  • Normal logo ka pyar dekhna to hr kisi ko acha lgta hai lekin ese bawlo ko pyar mm dekh k waqai sadqa utaarne ko dil krta hai.

    I’ve no words. Yumna-bilal have my heart. The feel of their relationship is apart from world. Hmare sb dramas mn communication gap lazmi hota h lekin is drama mn nhi h jo m bht achi baat h. Or hr episode mn character ki growth dikhai jati hai. I love the ost.

    Mjy intezar h k story kya turn le gi? I hope jese ab tk is drama ne disappoint nhi kia aagy b nhi kre ga.

    I’m blown away by the performances.

    I watched yumna zaidi’s interview tonight. She’s is a gem. Truly a humble, genuine, pure and sweet person.

    Amazing review FA!

  • In the beginning it was, but not anymore
    I have been watching with my girls who are 10 and 12, and today I felt like I can’t show this episode to them….especially since they are growing up and might get some idea too soon for their age….so I told them honestly that there is some grown-up conversations and I don’t want you guys to watch, and thankfully they understood

    • It’s this type mentality that is wrong. Your kids are doing all kinds of things on internet and iPad, phone, at school etc. But you won’t have them watch a drama sitting WITH YOU, and explain to them things as you go along. Then you expect them to be good wives after marriage. Shameful if you haven’t done your part as a mother.

      • Shame on you for calling her a bad mother just because she doesnt want to expose the young minds of her kids to some stuff which is not appropriate for them at their age. Every thing needs to be told at a certain age.
        You are actually a bad parent who has given unsupervised access to electronic gadgets to your kids, and the kids like yours (who have unbaked information from stupid serials) corrupt their peers.

  • Everything is so good except the fact that Mahjabeen doesn’t know how to get pregnant. That aspect was unbelievable. Her mother should have told her something before the wedding. It was too much that she didn’t know even a bit or have a slightest idea but i can let it go just because this drama is so good. Yumna zaidi is phenomenal. I think she will be next Saba Qamar because yumna always does different projects. She is very underrated though. Bilal is awesome and has a really bright future ahead of him.
    Absolutely brilliant review. Loved it

    • Many girls don’t know how to get pregnant. I was one of them and had no idea until few YEARS of my marriage. Had to see a doctor who told my husband and I there were many couples like us living like friends because we didn’t know what marriage entailed. It was not an easy conversation to have. Friends ask why you don’t have kids and you say “how to have kids?” And then they tell you “watch a dirty movie”. Yes, these kinds of girls and boys exist in our oppressed societies – especially girls.

      • Please you guys, were you married when you were like five. really. There are lots of biological changes in human body when humans are growing, if one can comprehend those changes, why cant one know one basic thing especially when you are getting married.
        This whole scenario in the drama was a total mess and difficult to sit through.

  • Bilkul sahi Kaha aap nay. Akhri doo episodes bachay too bachay apnay waldayn oor Bhayoon k saat aap daykh nahin saktay…. woo jo kehtay hein k Hum TV likes to test the waters…. k kis hudd tuk aap ja saktay hein… ummed hay bus yeah doo episodes hi aysi hoon oor drama doobara track pur a jaye.

  • Definitely the one and only Pakistani drama worth watching after a very very VERY long time. The last one imo was Zindagi Gulzar Hai. This drama was superbly acted, no over the top idiot scenes, every emotion nuanced and beautifully captured, tempered acting, even the villain has shades. Gorgeous acting, glows through each scene. Haven’t forwarded even one bit. The lead hero and heroine are to be applauded but also all the supporting cast from Washma to Po and even the make up artists! Fantastic. Good script, solid acting, somewhat controversial overtones, educational (in showing how some innocent girls can be conned and taken advantage of, society needs to be aware there are lots of girls like this who have no idea about adulthood, and how to help them develop emotionally). Leaves the viewers looking forward to the next episodes. This is one drama worth re-watching. Well done!

    • @shanzay u have missed alot of dramas if u think ZGH was last good serial.. Aangan (ARY digital), Ranjha ranjha kardi, Inkaar immediately came to my mind. There were more too..

  • This is such a bold topic. Unacceptable to watch within family settings. Please advise makers to use PG prior to airing such content.