Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 18 Story Review – Bad News

This latest episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay for the most part was quite predictable and disappointing. I have always found it really easy to relate to the characters in this drama but ever since last week, there are some obvious flaws that have definitely affected the quality of this drama. The only refreshing aspect of tonight’s episode was Mahjabeen’s innocence. Everything else wasn’t just in bad taste but was also executed in the most unconvincing manner. I am still hoping that even if this drama has to be stretched we will at least get to see scenarios that make sense in the upcoming episodes. Yumna Zaidi never ceases to impress with her phenomenal performance. Bilal Abbas Khan continues to be convincing in Abdullah’s role. Omair Rana is another actor who never disappoints but it is not pleasant watching Sarwar have his way! Mansoora has apparently forgiven and completely forgotten.

The Change In Abdullah

Mahjabeen and Abdullah’s love story is one-of-a-kind, I hope that it continues to be just that! While every love story has a ‘villain’ this one has two now! Tonight’s episode opened with Sarwar playing mind games with Abdullah yet again and this time around Abdullah did not have that soft corner for Mahjabeen because of which he always defended her. The difference in Abdullah’s attitude when he is around Mahjabeen and Shanzay is quite apparent. Being around Shanzay is like a dream come true for Abdullah, on the other hand he is clearly embarrassed when he is with Mahjabeen in public. In all the scenes covering Abdullah and Shanzay’s interactions, one thing was obvious that he is still completely smitten by her. Even when he was not with her, he was either talking to her or thinking about her. For now, it seems like he is completely helpless and isn’t really thinking about the entire situation. He is just too happy that Shanzay wants to spend time with him. He was never too eager to go out with Mahjabeen therefore his reaction when they were in the mall was a lot like before.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 18 Story Review - Bad News

Mahjabeen definitely felt the disconnection and this time around, Abdullah did not apologize for his behavior. Usually Mahjabeen brings up his rude behavior at some point, later on but she did not do that either. There is definitely a big difference between the Abdullah we saw at the beginning of the previous episode and the one we saw tonight.

Mahjabeen’s Grooming

Mahjabeen’s grooming lesson and all the conversations revolving around it were the most amusing part of the drama. Her innocence was a nice break from Shanzay and Esa’s boring track! Mansoora has taken up the responsibility of grooming Mahjabeen but her bahu is not complying! I absolutely love her confidence and it is really cute the way she tries to avoid anything related to learning something new. There could obviously be an easier way of convincing Mahjabeen by telling her that Abdullah would love her more if she took these lessons. Yumna Zaidi nailed the scene covering Mahjabeen’s first and perhaps last grooming lesson. Her expressions were so spontaneous and hilarious.

Mahjabeen continued to find happiness in small things and even if something disturbed her, that feeling did not last long. The good thing about her character is that she is distracted easily. This aspect of her personality keeps her character from getting too serious. Washma’s scenes are always a breath of fresh air. She knows exactly what is going on which makes me wonder why she doesn’t get more involved in what is going around in the office. I am waiting for Mahjabeen to share something about Sarwar with Washma, perhaps then she can give Abdullah the sound advice he so badly needs!

Shanzay’s Track

Shanzay’s track continues to be the worse part of Pyar Ke Sadqay. She finally moved out of Esa’s house and remembered who she was! I wonder what took her so long and was this wedding even necessary? The fact that someone like Shanzay was even willing to go ahead with this marriage is hard to digest. If that wasn’t enough, she turned to Abdullah of all the people in the world for companionship! Does she have no friends? Surely she couldn’t suddenly be attracted to someone she could not even stand! The preview of the next episode suggested that she will also propose Abdullah. Has she learned nothing from her experience with Esa? The thappar at the end of this episode was completely uncalled for. Couldn’t this marriage end without marital abuse?

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 18 Story Review - Bad News

Shanzay was a sensible girl who gave really sound advice to Abdullah when he came to her with the proposal. It took one toxic relationship to change her stance altogether! Why is she even thinking about getting married just now? Where was Shanzay’s father when she was shouting for him? There are so many questions in my mind regarding this track, I wonder if they are going to be answered.

This entire track seems extremely forced, I can’t even imagine someone like Shanzay wanting to be with Abdullah. What is she after? Does she wish to be ‘Esa’ in his life? Abdullah and Shanzay went out for lunch but it was night time when they were in the restaurant, a common mistake in our dramas nowadays!

Final Remarks

I missed watching Mahjabeen and Abdullah’s sweet interactions in this episode. Abdullah is a good person and I am really hoping that he will eventually decide not to leave Mahjabeen. Right now, the story has taken such a turn that it can really go downhill if not handled wisely. Mansoora’s character is getting confusing, she had started questioning Sarwar but tonight she defended him like she never suspected him. The preview of the next episode showed Shanzay proposing Abdullah and Sarwar harassing Mahjabeen.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Pyar ke Sadqay? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Perfect review Fatima!
    I loved Mahjabeen’s scenes, but it seems like PKS isn’t going to be what it was. Mansoora’s character didn’t make sense. A few weeks ago, they introduced a guy in Washma’s life and now there is no mention of him. Pho didn’t even have a single scene.
    I find Yashma Gill really reallyyy annoying. Was it just me or did it really sound like she was calling Sarwar ‘Mrs. Sarwar’. :/
    I hope that Zanjabeel syndrome does not happen to PKS.

    • Thank you so much Pakistan Po. Where were you? Good to have you back. I agree with you, we need Pho back for sure. Even Mahjabeen’s parents are missing in action!

      Haha yes the way she pronounces rrrrrr, she is annoying for sure, the accent sounds fake.

      I hope so too.

      • thank you ❤️ Bass So many things were going on in life. Yes her accent is veryy AJEEB!!
        PS: Eid Mubarak ❤️

  • Nice review Fatima,
    This is the show we all enjoyed till last week’s episode but now welcome to the dragging world of PKS aka dragon world of Shanzay.
    Producers know very well that this is a huge super hit show and they can make profit out of it, so now it is being stretched up to 30 plus episodes like YDM on Hum 📺.
    God knows how many btfl stories Hum tv had ruined by dragging them senselessly.
    I don’t want PKS is one of them and hope we still enjoy 😉 this tremendous story of Abdullah and Mahjabeen as much as we use to do in the beginning.
    Thanks for reviewing our favorite show.

    • Thank you so much Simi. I agree with you, let’s hope that they don’t ruin it altogether.

      You’re most welcome, I appreciate your feedback.

  • Great review! From a story, perspective, I understand that they needed to create some conflict. And I can even understand what that Abdullah would fall for Shanzay. I mean between Sarwar’s manipulation and his own crush on her – it is plausible. However, everything from Shanzay’s perspective makes no sense. I mean she married a person that was a jerk pre-marriage and is still a jerk! And she seems surprised. Then she leaves after a day! But her pivot towards Abdullah is silly. And that too a day after you’re married. Also, totally off topic – but why does shanzay spend most of her life in PJs? I mean she has time to get made up and put on her bright red lipstick. But she can’t throw on some real clothes?

    Mehjabeen is always awesome. She is so unapologetically who she is… I love it!

  • Hats off to you for pointing out the flaws like a pro and not sugarcoating things. I started watching this drama after you reviewed it before I was not sure whether I should watch it or not. It became my favorite drama instantly. Shanzay and her husband have ruined this drama. Mahjabeen and Abdullah can still save the day. Just like you I hope they do. Please review it till the end.

  • Mujhe samajh nai ati hamari in ghereloo digest writers ki…. achi bhali story mai love triangle daal k satyanaas kr deti hain story ka…kia hm mahjabeen n abdullah k characters ko evolve hote nai dekh sakte the thru fixing their lives shortcomings Tht is confidence,, education n mannerism… abdullah is genius in mathematics Bt serwer ka influence… to hm usko us field mai excell krta nai dekh sakte the thru mahjabeens support…Mahjabeen is confident n risk taker then she cud go in mansoors business to stand against serwer… yeh shanze kahan se agaye…!!!!!!! Hamari writers n producers ko kia lgta hai k viewers itne naive hain k unko bus yehi love triangles n ghereloo rivalries dekha k unka rishto per se aitbaar uthate raho yah MashAllah hamari writers ki soch ee bus itni hai…!!!! Phir jb Ertugrul jesa drama ajaye to inko takleef shuru ho jati hai k yeh hamara culture nai…!!!!!

  • Fatima Ji,
    Your review says it all…..

    “Yumna Zaidi never ceases to impress with her phenomenal performance”
    Golden words these….. (You said it, Thank You)

    I was binge watching episode 24 of Ishq Zahe Naseeb, the setting/set in the scenes of Shakra and the young boy (Sameer) and Mahjabeen’s room at her parents place is the same.

    For an actor, to perform two roles, that are poles apart one of Shakra and the other of Mahjabeen that are dramatically different in dimension, depth and emotional connect on the Same Set, certainly shows that Yumna Zaidi is an actor par excellence, she lives the character and performs the roles with amazing brilliance as the three magic words are said… Lights, camera, action and comes back into her own as Yumna Zaidi, the person, as the camera fades out….
    A star is born indeed…..

    Needless to say, all the other actors have performed well…

    Fatima Ji, a review well explained….. looking forward for more reviews from you…..

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Ketan, Yumna Zaidi is truly gifted. I really like Bilal Abbas in this role too, so well-suited for it.

      Thanks a ton for liking the reviews and for these wonderful comments.

  • unfortunately i didn’t get to watch this episode but hoping to be able to watch next weeks, if nothing else i would have loved to see Mahjabeen’s scenes

  • The drama is unique character wise. It is intersting story wise. Nicely penned brilliantly acted beautifully executed. Fer ayy luch tullan di ki loard si🤦‍♀️. Cant our writers survive without extra marital affairs and forcing bechargi on our faily confident protagonists?? Infact this affair seems so forced. Shanzay has become a lone desperado though she was the hottest girl in college. And she had her bunch of friends too , but after 3 days of marriage she sees Abdullah as the knight in shining armour. The situation is not in line with characters. You said it right. Zanjbeel syndrome. Like nobody drowns Titanic like she does

  • It has been the habit of our drama makers to ruin any good drama after 15 episodes…. And same is happening with pyar ky sadqy… I don’t know why they are not doing their job with perfection and just let go the minor flaws… I am afraid they will ruin pyar ky sadqy as well…. BTW nice review could have not been summarised much better than this