Sana Javed’s Scenes in Icy-Cold Weather!

If you think that being an actor is an easy job then think again! The visually pleasing scenes that you witness on your screens come after a lot of hard-work and dedication from actors, directors, producers and each and every member of the crew. Let’s focus on actors for a moment. They work for hours and hours to just perfect one scene for their fans and audience, they travel from one place to another for their work, they ignore the difficulties and worries of their personal lives to make up the mindset of the character they are playing. In addition to all these difficulties, there is another one. Costumes. These people will wear a triple layered suit in the hot weather of June or thin rags in extreme winters of December, if that’s their character requirement. Watch the video below to know what Sana Javed had to wear in an extremely cold weather for her movie:


Arsala Khalid