Sang e Marmar Episode 16 Review – Simply Beautiful!

Ohkay so, another week, another amazing episode of Sang e Marmar. I know for some viewers, the pace of the drama must’ve slowed down a little, but honestly speaking, I don’t mind that because I always have a good time watching Sang e Marmar as it is one such drama that I look forward to the entire week. For me, the best part about Sang e Marmar is not just the fact that it is an amazing drama that is on-air these days, what appeals to me the most is that while watching Sang e Marmar, I experience so many emotions, like they make me laugh, they make me smile, they make me a little sad & most importantly, they keep me engaged & this is exactly what I look for in a drama, so yes, like always, this episode of Sang e Marmar worked for me completely & I had a great time watching it.

To be honest, for the first time I felt bad for Saif ur Rehman, especially after the way his wife Pari treated him. Somehow, I felt bad for him because of being slow, he allowed his wife to take advantage of the situation & use him as a puppet. Yes, what Saif ur Rehman himself did was absolutely wrong, but now when he is trying hard to get to know the truth, he is being distracted by his wife who is a bit too sharp & intelligent for a man like him. I am sure it will be a miracle if Saif ur Rehman, being a slow-wit will find out the truth about his sister Shireen!

Aurang tried to have a conversation with Shireen but she cut him short because she knows that even he can not do anything plus she wouldn’t want to depend on him as she is well aware of how it will create more problems for not only Aurang but for her too. What I love about all the female characters in this drama is that they all are fighting battles, their own way, without allowing themselves to rely on anybody. Considering the circumstances Shireen is facing, it would’ve looked justified if she had depended on Aurang for some emotional support but she chose not to, which makes her look like a very strong woman who knows how to deal with her own baggage. Ah! Such a breath of fresh air in the era where all our dramas are flooded with becharis & becharas! Thank you so much Mustafa Afridi for showing us an extinct trait!

I loved loved loved everything that Gullalai did, even though for a second I didn’t like when I saw how she twisted the truth in front of Saifullah, but after seeing her justification & thought process, I somehow understood her & felt that she was justified in trying to save her husband & her marriage. If we look at it from Gullalai’s perspective, yes, it might look like she schemed & plotted a little in order to make Shireen look bad in front of Safiullah & to show him how much she cares but honestly, I don’t mind it if by doing this, she will keep Safiullah & Shireen distant, because I really think the distance between Safiullah & Shireen should remain & should be maintained as Shireen doesn’t deserve an emotionally absent man like Safiullah who has nothing to give to her. Gullalai knew that she was losing the battle against Shireen as Shameem was on her side too, so she convinced herself a little to do something which she otherwise would’ve never done, like apologize to Shireen on Safiullah’s behalf, & it was something that actually made Gullalai look quite wise. For a woman like Gullalai who only has her husband as her ride or die, it seems justified that she is creating certain situations which make her feel secure about the fact that her husband still belongs to her. Also, what Gullalai did didn’t harm Shireen in any way, in fact it earned both Shireen & Gullalai, Shameem’s support & respect, so it was actually a win-win situation!

I will thank Mustafa Afridi once again for showing us a mother & a mother-in-law like Shameem, who knows how to do justice between her daughters in law & also who knows how to rebuke her son for his nasty behavior. If Shameem had wanted, she would’ve easily ignored what Safiullah did with Shireen, citing it as a personal matter between the couple, but she took the matter in her hands & tried to rectify the situation. It made me respect her character a lot more. I felt bad for her when she used Gulistan Khan’s name as a reference saying that one Gulistan Khan is enough & there was no need for another, it somehow showed that Shameem learned a good lesson from her bad experiences & shaped her character & mentality in such a way that she would never let any girl go through this, as she herself knows how it feels. Even though Shireen is Saif ur Rehman’s sister, a sister of Gohar’s murderer, but that still hasn’t stopped Shameem from being kind & considerate towards Shireen as she knows that everything that happened wasn’t Shireen’s fault, so she shouldn’t face the brunt for it as well.

Finally, Sherbano got some importance by her mother & I had such a good laugh seeing how she displayed her annoyance. I just love how sarcasm comes naturally to all of them, like just because it seems so extemporaneous it looks like this is how they all actually converse with each other & that made me laugh a lot. It was once again actually quite sweet how Shameem tried to assure Sherbano that Aurang wasn’t going to get married to Palwasha because she knew that Sherbano would otherwise make Palwasha’s life miserable till the day she will get married, because right now everything that Aurang said was just in theory & he didn’t approach Gulistan Khan to get the approval for his & Palwasha’s marriage. Shameem’s excitement was absolutely adorable & the way she said being a ‘mother’ she couldn’t contain her happiness, it was just so sweet.

Now, coming to the only intense scene of the episode, where Gulistan Khan unconsciously says ‘Gohar ko kaho isay sarak tak chorh aye’ & later goes to his room immediately to hide his tears & conceal his emotions. That scene somehow reminded him of someone who died in front of him, probably his father & somehow it looked like may be because of the pain that Gohar’s death caused him, Gulistan as a father could relate to the pain that own father must’ve experienced, may be on his death bed or something. It was an intense yet powerful scene & was done so beautifully that it stirred the curiosity & I just can not wait for that secret to unravel!

Overall, it was a beautiful episode & I had such a great time watching it. I will thank the writer once again for writing such dynamic characters & I will thank the director for showing their journey in such a way that we actually get to understand what they are going through & what they are feeling. This episode was filled with such beautiful moments like those that Safiullah & Gullalai shared, they both share such a strong bond & it is actually very sweet to see, also I must say, I actually really liked their chemistry in this episode. Palwasha got some coverage too & I liked that even though she was feeling insecure & confused about what she saw between Shireen & Aurang, she chose to keep it to herself & didn’t give words to those feelings especially in front of Aurang. I must say, even though when this drama began, I thought that it will focus more on the male characters & their side of the story but it is actually quite a pleasant surprise to see how the writer & the director have balanced the coverage & have given an importance of both the male & the female characters, it makes the story quite diverse & complete. The best thing about Sang e Marmar is that we are getting to ‘experience’ different characters & their journey in general, it makes it more than just a drama for me. This episode once again belonged to Sania Saeed, however Najiba Faiz, Uzma Hassan, Kaif Ghaznavi, Sharmeen Ali & Omair Rana played their part really well too. Thank you so much once again Team Sang e Marmar, your hard-work & efforts are much appreciated. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Sang e Marmar.

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