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Silah Episode 03 Review – Totally Unimpressive!

Ohkay so, before saying anything, I’d like to put it out there that there’s no doubt about the fact that this drama might be working for those who are just watching it for time pass but when it comes to reviewing dramas like these, they get tedious & offer nothing to discuss because of being way too typical & the situations being way too similar to what we have seen in a lot of dramas before. I am sure those who must be watching it must be liking it but yes, for me as a reviewer, this drama is not working at all. I think I will give may be a couple of episodes more a go to see it if works & if it doesn’t I’ll stop reviewing it because I don’t think this drama is worth the time & effort that goes into reviewing. Yes, may be just for the sake of finding out how the story unfolds, I might binge-watch it later but for me to continue with the reviews, it will have to offer something very promising at least!

Things were way too typical to begin with. Maryam’s father shooed away all those ladies who came for a proposal of their son because they got interested in Maryam & not Farkhanda. I must say I am so not appreciating the royal treatment that Maryam gets because she is going to become a doctor. The parents time & again put the rest of their daughters down because for them Farkhanda is just a ‘mamooli school teacher’ & the youngest daughter is too young to be paid attention to. All the things that Razia discussed in order to justify how those ladies got interested in Maryam were sickening, because in stead of encouraging Farkhanda & telling her that she wasn’t a lesser human being, she went on explaining how Maryam was oh-so better than her. I understand that the writer has showed them as very typical people belonging to middle class spectrum of the society with very conservative mind sets but this doesn’t mean that middle class people do not support or encourage their daughters, unless they’re becoming doctors, hello, anyone remembers Kashaf’s mother? Sorry but it is actually quite amusing how Aleem & Razia endorse this mentality jahan Maryam ko 7 khoon maaf hain just because she is becoming a doctor. At first, I liked the fact that they were so appreciative of their daughter Maryam but now their fixation with her is cringe-worthy.

Oh well, in the very first episode, I thought Taimur’s parents must be different but in a drama where everything is so typical, how could they be any different? They are thrilled about the fact that Taimur’s rich spoiled brat of a cousin Mishail is ready to get married to Taimur & they most certainly don’t give Taimur a right to choose his life partner because he is iklota. Well, I must say the dialogues of this drama are not that impressive but there were a few which left me scratching my head for example Mishail’s complain about families with kids travelling to Pakistan & Taimur implying that if she had traveled from any other airline apart from PIA, she must’ve had a smooth journey? What logic? Can I ask Taimur what makes him believe that Pakistani families only use PIA to travel to Pakistan & not any other airlines? Please don’t tell me that the intelligent Doc-to-be Taimur thinks those couples who have kids aren’t allowed to travel in any other airline except PIA!?!?! Another gem that this episode had was where Nargis swore by the fact that Mishail would never waste her time like ‘Pakistanis’ because she was from America & according to her, Americans are very active & don’t sleep all day like Pakistanis. Mind you, this was being said about the country which has a rate of 68.8% in obesity, but again, logic!

I must say, I haven’t had the time to connect to the feelings that Taimur & Maryam have for each other & now we have both of them facing family pressures because of each other? Like their journey hasn’t even started yet & the director has started showing us their bumpy ride, as if we’d be bawling our eyes out for them just because they won’t be able to be together easily? I can’t connect to Maryam’s flip switch approach where in the first episode, she wasn’t even interested in looking at Taimur, but by the second episode, she took a ring from him & then she said marriage wasn’t on the cards for next 5 years & then, in the third episode, she was convincing Taimur to get married to her? Like does she have a stand or what? I thought we have a newer version of Kashaf by looking at the way Maryam rebuked her friend when she tried to play the cupid & by talking repetitively about all the responsibilities she has on her shoulders, but I guess it takes a lot of backbone to be like Kashaf & not everyone can be like her! I actually lol’ed at the scene where after finding out that Maryam was ready to get married, Taimur kept playing the guitar while blankly looking at her…who would take a guy like him seriously?

Is it just me or the entire concert scenario was such a reminder of the concert Zaroon had in his university days? Well, how new right! This episode was quite slow & didn’t offer much. All of a sudden a guy who wasn’t even sure of Maryam’s feelings for him is now tearing his room apart because his parent’s weren’t thrilled with the idea of him dating a medical student who belonged to a middle class family. Also, I know Maryam’s parents have a lot of expectations attached to her but I didn’t really understand the shock & terror that struck them every time the subject of Maryam’s marriage came through? I don’t want to question or doubt their intentions but they gave me such a vibe as if they were not in a mood to get Maryam married at all because they were depending a lot on her to become a doctor so that she could shape her parent’s future? Uncle Aunty jee, beti ki shadi to honi hi hai na to har baar shadi ki baat sun ke paralysis ke attack wale expressions kyun? Anyways, not impressed & most certainly not even looking forward to what is yet to come because the plot is way too simple & even the characters are not that exciting. I find Taimur/Farhan Saeed & Maryam/Annie Jaffrey boring to say the least & there is absolutely no chemistry between the supposed love birds! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Silah & oh I guess, since everyone is so fixated with Maryam & the fact that she is becoming the first Doctor of Pakistan, this drama should’ve been named after her – Dr. Maryam, why Silah? Not sure!

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Zahra Mirza.

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