Silvatein Episode 02 – Incessant Confusion

Oh boy, so this episode of Silvatein was totally based on the marriage proposal & the confusion attached to it. At one point it was interesting to see & on the other it left me thinking what was going on? I couldn’t understand at some points & then a few points were clear.

Zeb’s now regretting after she has convinced her Pupho to be with them. The whole family is shaky because of her decision to stay. The episode over all was well directed & executed but then it had a few loopholes as well. Firstly, I couldn’t quite get Natasha’s attitude? She is involved with this guy, with whom she is either on the phone at 3 AM in the morning or on the messages. She has told him all about her family & the timely tiffs she has with her sister Zeb. But then later, at his mention of the proposal we saw her getting irritated & later asked Zeb to get her rid of him? What sort of an attitude or nature is that? Then on the phone she spoke to him about getting settled in UK, USA, Australia or Canada, which left me thinking that she is a practical opportunist who wanted to convince that guy to move abroad especially after she got to know that Zeb has gotten a proposal of an American national. Her dialogue that Zeb gets everything perfect was a but awful. Who thinks on all such lines when the whole family is just in a state to get to know more about the guy only?

Zeb’s mention of her Green Card was nothing new. These are the two words that we, Pakistanis do hear ever since we are born. No matter if we don’t understand what the Green Card is but we know that something of that sort exists. These days it is something even worth considering if one is planning to get married. Guys flaunt about it & girls tend to get touchy, wondering they have conquered the whole world after getting it & if anyone approaches them for marriage, they are definitely interested in the Green Card. No doubt, this was a materialistic depiction but was an exact representation of the reality that prevails in our society.

The whole rishta thing was totally confusing but was handled perfectly. The timing of the scenes was perfect & the revelation too. First, Pupho mentions about the rishta for Zeb, however Bilal’s family is talking about Natasha. It left me wondering that how can her Pupho commit such a mistake. That was the first confusion that arose in my mind. Later Zeb called Bilal saying she was Natasha. At that point I thought this was such a huge flaw because Pupho didn’t mention that they were interested in Natasha but how come Zeb got to know about it? But then later I understood that definitely Zeb didn’t want to openly talk about the proposal with the guy, that’s why she used her sister’s name. Then another twist was before the actual meeting. Pupho got to know that her friend has talked about Natasha to the guy’s family but Pupho just wanted to cover her mistake as she wanted this proposal for her favourite niece Zeb that’s why she was persistent that Natasha shouldn’t come in front of the guests & convinced Zeb that she shouldn’t get worked up if they called her with some other name.

The whole situation was funny but was totally confusing. It was a wise decision that Bilal’s sister spoke about the whole thing in front of Bilal & her mother & the viewers weren’t left solving the riddles themselves, because at one point I really felt it was nothing less than a puzzle, but then everything settled in perfectly. Pupho is someone who pays less heed to where she should be responsible but pays extra attention to the minute details involving others, just so that she can nitpick.

Most of the conversations were written very nicely because I could actually feel the reality every dialogue held. Nothing was fictional or unrealistic, exaggerated or anything. The actors have acted each & every scene perfectly. The one thing that made this drama appeal to me was how naturally everything was unfolded in front of the viewers where they all can relate to it, either in terms of the situations or the conversations. I am definitely looking out for more especially Pupho’s character which can get annoying but has a humour related to it too. Till now Natasha’s character is failing to leave any impression. I thought she was introvert but was honest, but in the episode it got a bit more clarified that she is silent but is planning a lot, she wants everything perfect for her that too according to her taste, however Zeb is a bit outspoken, independent but she is honest & submissive, which makes me like her character a lot more. Plus a little suggestion that with such a haircut, Natasha looks better with the tied hair, I think she shouldn’t wear her hair down because it doesn’t give her a feminine look.

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