Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 12 – Interesting Developments

“Aisi Biwi aur betiyan naseeb walon ko hi milti hei, so so betu pe bhari hoti hei aisi betiyan”

kashafRafia’s hard work finally paid off and it was good to see that people who know the family gave her the entire credit. Even the Taya abu who was the one who asked Murtaza to get married to Nigar because Rafia could not give him a son acknowledges that one should not distinguish between children on the basis of gender. The sarcasm and truth in Rafia’s dialogue “maan baap ka kaam yeh hi hota hai ke apni aulad ki zindigian bana dein aur maa baap ko apne bacho ki zindigian banana chahyeh. Lurki ya lurke honay ki waja se kismet ke bare mei peeshangoyan nahi kurni chahyeh, na hi maa baap ko, na hi khandan ko aur na hi mashray ko” was spot on. I am glad she did not let Taya off the hook easily until he admitted that he was wrong!  Murtaza like expected has taken an about turn and the sudden change of heart was so extreme that I was taken by surprise. I knew that Murtaza would go running to Rafia’s house after hearing the news but the way he was worried about Shehnila and the insult he put up with without even feeling bad about it for a second truly went to prove that this man has no character. Kashaf was so right when she told her mother that she should stop telling her all that her father was willing to do for her now because it would just take away the little respect that Kashaf may have for him. Waseem Abass is perfect as Murtaza, his expressions, dialogue delivery and body language, everything is flawless. Samina Peerzada is equally brilliant and no matter how many times you hear her deliver a dialogue you fail to find faults in her acting.


Sir Ibrar is much closer to Kashaf’s heart than her father ever will be because he has been a father figure and a mentor to her and most importantly because he was there for her when she needed him the most. Kashf believes in him and that has to be a huge deal! When Kashaf was writing her diary she complains that there has always been dearth of “mohabaat aur shafqat” in her life, she obviously fails to see that she is surrounded by people who love her. She acknowledges sir Ibrar’s love and concern for her but cannot appreciate the love her mother and sisters have always given her. I think it is only human to take people who have always been there for you for granted especially when you have been through so much.

Zaroon disappointed me yet again today when he talked about Sara’s stuborness even before Farhan could muster up the courage to sharefarhan zaroon what happened between him and Sara with him.  I thought he was more mature than that, He may think that Sara is wrong but she is after all his sister and telling her fiancé so bluntly that he knew Sara was wrong was very inappropriate. If Zaroon has a problem with Asmara’s outings, he should talk to her about it rather than not talking to her. It is almost as if Zaroon has given up on Asmara but where is this relationship going then?


I was having a discussion with a very close friend the other day and she rightly pointed out that the change in Ghazala’s behavior all of a sudden is strange. She is still not willing to compromise as far as Sara’s situation is concerned but all of a sudden she is always in the house and so worried about Zaroon. Before she was too busy and did not have time for anyone in the house and we saw Zaroon having dinners alone too. Another thing that is strange is that the family which hardly ever communicates and has no closeness always sits together for dinner or tea. In the beginning we were made to feel like everyone in Zaroon’s family leads their own life but now things have changed for no apparent reason. I find the change in Ghazala’s character just as funny as Zaroon and his father did. Talking about Zaroon’s father, it is strange the way he has hardly been a part of what is going on in Sara’s life. Sara’s mother may give her wrong advice but at least she is there to listen and intervene.

dinner scene

All the actors did a commendable job today and overall I really enjoyed this episode, although like always few scenes could have been shorter. Some of the dialogues today were extraordinary; I wish I could mention them all here. Things are moving on fast now and Kashaf and Zaroon will finally meet in the next episode, eagerly looking forward to that!


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Awesome review Fatima..i really liked today's episode..and i just cant wait for the coming episode when Zaroon n Kashaf will see each other :D

  • Lovely review, Fatima. As always. Today's episode brought the smile back to my face. It put a lot of things and a lot of people in place. :) I really enjoyed watching Murtuza squirm. You're absolutely right when you say he has no character. Can't imagine he can actually suggest that he would have come to see Shehnila off to America, if he had known! Only he can be thick skinned like that!
    Rafia's dialogues were very strong, and I loved the message she had in them for equality in the boy and girl child.
    Zaroon is getting more and more confused and is now equating women wanting equality with challenging the man's ego and authority. There! He said it – the male ego! :D And he is becoming more and more stifling and insufferable. :D But Fawad is brilliant, and is really making me want to wring his neck!
    Ghazala 360 degree change is also completely different from what has been drilled into us so far.
    And where Asmara is concerned, this is the 1st time she is making sense, and ironically it was the 1st time Zaroon told her that if she didn't have anything logical to say, she should keep quiet. Ahem…..didn't that strike him when she was making only inane nutty conversations all through out college?
    All in all, it was a stepping stone to the next episode. And I'm glad I'm smiling all over again. Can't wait for the two to meet next week. :)

    • Thank you s much for always being one of the first ones to comment Roh:) Yes Fawad Khan is brilliant FULL STOP. loved his body language when he asked Farhan to come inside and have tea with him. The phone call scene reminded me of hamsafar because of the gel back hair and white kurta. Was Asmara making sense? Zaroon was right when he said that she could have messaged him, I got the feeling that she left her phone behind on purpose too. I don't know how they managed to stay engaged for years!

      • I think she made sense, because though she is going out with friends, which he now suddenly doesn't like, I don't think she is cheating on him or doing anything behind his back. And she asked him exactly that. That why would she need to hide anything from him. To which, in a typical male way, he closes the conversation with, if you have nothing logical to say keep quiet!
        About her leaving her cell phone back. Oh well. maybe she really needed a break from his breathing down her neck with his constant nagging. Looks like its his turn to be on the stuck record. :D

        • The not telling him bit did not make sense to me, he was right she could have messaged him and I also think she left her phone behind because she did not want him to contact her lol

  • I must say ZGH is gona create another history and it should or i would like to believe that now a days people are more interested in romance than to see any real life problems:O
    Hats of to every single actor !!( i was unable to coment on last one i wil try to put all in single one :) )
    Sanam or Fawad as Kashaf Zaroon made me believe like they are true kashaf zaroon….
    the story they are building for upcoming epis is just amazing…
    omg the phone convo of kashaf n her mom GOd i felt my tears in eyes…… what flawless it was so much amazing dialouges God for a moment i felt my breaths stoped indeed at that scene !!
    murtaza sb needs "chillou bhar pani to dive in it " !!! how mean n selfish he is :( n so chracterless for sure it was just an opri muhbt……
    Samina once again a perfec tmother <3 the one who knows what to say at the right time <3 i love she is the best role model wife n mother no doubt <3
    I mised da kashf scenes wid her sisters :( (in last epi her sister stoled da show for me indeed )
    zaroon sara !! this bit complicated case seriously !! their mother is just a blank for me Allah hi bachaye !!! i am looking frwd to the scene how zaron gona take care of his sis later coz where its heding we know :P but i dont wish to see :( i hope we dont have to !!!
    asmar no words bibi ko fursat kahan hai :P but same goes to zaroon their relationship is so dull at da moment i wana end it really soon yar kab ae ga breakup scene :P
    change in zaroon s mother is highlighted in very great way indeed :P looking forward to know reason !!
    fawad khan wid guitar ahh lovely scenes <3
    kashaf n sir ibrar scene was amazing…….yes i felt hurted when she didnt consider her mother n sister :(
    it was so unfair for not mentioning even when she is having such beautiful family except her father…….i want to se a thankful kashaf soon :(
    now precape GOd i felt my heartbeat skipped when i saw zaroon kashaf in one frame omgggggggggggggg cant wait for next koi jaldi next epi dikha dy :P
    i wanted to watch the very next moment new epi but sigh have to wait !!
    but again comendable superb amazing serial u can watch onscreen so diff so unique in its own <3 Hats of to creative <3

    • ZaroonKashafFantasy, pehle tu yeh baaye keh yeh zaroon kashaf fantasy hai kiya?? ;) Yes Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan both are very well suited for these roles, I could not imagine anyone else doing a better job. Yes Zaroon turns to guitar for relaxation, point noted;) I don't think we will be seeing a thankful Kashaf anytime soon but I do understand where she is coming from.

      • Zaroon Kashaf Fantasy i need a long esaay to write :) :P
        I wana see them married n dn how they gona deal with their differences n much more :) OSt scenes looks like fantasy seeing da past :P Zaroon n Kashaf s Marriage is no less a fantasy when waiitng as u know from long time for ZGH even n now their scenes :) to see a Zaroon changing his double standards ,understanding not to take every other person in same way….. Kashaf become thankful ..understanding to accept every thing humbly..this is my fantasy to see them happy even when they think its not perfect life :) Perfection doesnt exsists for humans like us we need to accept this thing for otheres too :)
        I am so glad its love after marriage unlike many serials now a days running !!
        Yes Fawad Sanam need a standing ovation…
        yes wait is till the last epi I know !!

  • Todays epi was gud as always…but 1 thing i wanna say about sara…scene in which she was telling her father " i cant live with farhan " and then javed sheikh's reply keh "yeh koi itna bara masla nahin keh insan ghar chor ker aa jai" aur sara ka jawab keh "AGAR YEH MASLA NAHIN TOH PHIR KIS MASLE PER MEIN GHAR CHOR KER AAONGI" (Aakhir ghar chorna itna zarori kion he???)…..yeh dialogue sara ki thinking ko zahir nahin ker deta keh woh kitni serious he apni shaadi ko bachane keh liye…uske liye apni shaadi ki kia AHMIAT he is baat ka andaza is dialogue se hi ho jata he keh keh mohterma keh liye APNE GHAR ki koi ahmiat hi nahin infact woh bahane dhondti hain keh kab Farhan koi baat aise kare jo unko pasand na aaye aur woh ghar chor ker aa jayen……(Farhan keh sath hamdardi ho rahi thi)…i think Farhan ghalat nahi keh raha….beshak woh sara keh life style se wakif tha shadi se pehle but shadi keh baad insan wohi zindagi nahin guzar sakta jo woh shadi se pehle guzarta tha….aur farhan ne bhi shayad yehi soch ker shadi kaari hogi sara se bcuz people do change their life styles after marriage..it actuly depends on ones priorities …aur sara ki priorities ki list mein uski marriage kaha stand kerti he yeh uske iss dialogue se wazeh he i think…..

    • Aiman you are right, sara has her priorities all mixed up but after seeing Farhan today I must say that i also felt like he has totally changed. is he the same guy who used to sit and wait for sara for hours without complaining? Yes Girls and boys both do and should change after marriage. I wish like other people that there were more real issues involved. Asmara and Zaroon have the exact same problems as Sara and Farhan, that does strike as odd. I am aso wondering how Sara and Farhan managed to stay engaged for this long and howcome zaroon and Asmara's relationship is still intact too.

      • Farhan and Sara ka relationship zaroon and asmara k relation mein ek wazah fark he aur woh he LOVE….Farhan used to love sara alot and i think sara bhi shayad… tabhi to shadi ki usne Farhan se…on the other hand zaroon asmara se pyar nahi karta aur na hi asmara love zaroon………..asmara zaroon se iss liye shadi kerna chahti bcuz woh uska chidhood friend he aur shayad uski friends community mein MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR bhi…aur zaroon ne usse engagement iss liye ki bcuz jab jab uski shadi ka zikar aaya hameesha asmara ka hi name liya gaya uske saamne..kabhi uski mum ne kabhi sara ne…to usne kabhi kissi aur larki ko life partner banane ka socha hi nahi…zaroon and asmara ka relation ek soch samaj ker banaya howa relation he jab keh Farhan aur sara keh relation mein love involve tha..atleast farhan ki side se.. tab hi woh sara k itne Nakhre uthata hoga shadi se pehle bhi aur baad mein bhi with the expectation keh wakt keh sath she'll get mature….cant say anything abt sara keh she used to love farhan or not..bcuz koi apne love ko itni aasani se to nahi jaane deta..atleast people try….

  • And 1 more thing….Zaroon ki mother keh behaviour sirf humne nahin zaroon ne bhi mehsos kia tha tabhi to kaha keh "aapke moun se is terhan ki batein ajeeb lagti hain"( something like that)….and i think its bcuz as zaroon said in epi 11 keh "Pehle mein aapko miss kerta tha aur ab aap mjhe miss kareingi"…zahir si baat he jab beta itne dino baad ghar aayga ( zaroon lahore mein rehta he aaj kal remember)…to maa apne muhabbat ka kisi na kisi terhan izhar to kare gi na…after all hina bayat is also a mother…pehle jab aulad pass thi toh wohi 4granted lene ki aadat hum logo ki….aur jab door chala gaya toh phir uski doori ka ehsas hone laga…….

  • A review kinda unusual, on one hand fulfilling a praise formality and at same time acknowledging the contradictions and the extreme behavior changes the characters go thru after seeing her pass CSS. In reality, an indifferent father won't change in such pathetic stateknowing fully well how his children will treat him even worse than before. Devoted the whole episode to the CSS. A dull and poor continuation from the previous episode. It would've been better join episode 11 & 12 into one, just another episode with no progress. This stalled approach will continue to next episode, drama going haywire actually nowhere.

    • daser I could totally relate to Kashaf's father and taya's change in behaviour and found nothing unusual about it.

  • Great review Fatima and yes this episode had a lot of heartfelt moments and some great dialogues sprinkled throughout. Enjoyed the Kashaf – Mom phone call scene. It was very real :) Reminded me of when I would Ace my exams, how excited I would get about sharing the news with my parents.
    Also enjoyed the total Awkwardness of Rafia-Murtaza-Kashaf scene. Very well done by the 3 actors!
    Some good dialogues from Rafia to Kashaf about believing in God and that leads to believing in yourself etc.

    Ghazala is turning into a puzzle. They are now showing a softer side of her since last epi which never existed but then she also shuts Zaroon out when it comes to Sara. Her character is very poorly etched out and gets confusing.

    I agree with Roh about wringing Zaroon's neck lol This guy is so not what Kashaf deserves if he stays like he is. Equating a woman's freedom to somehow conquering a male's ego – what in the world was that all about?? Thoroughly confused! I wonder how FK made sense of his character :) Thankfully he had more scenes than last week.
    And who leaves their cellphone home when going on a trip?? LOL That's when YOU SHOULD take your phone with you!! That whole story/scene was so pointless and stupid. Bechara no-face Nofel tow maara jaaye ga Zaroon ke haathon if he catches him on Zamzama any time :p They need to wrap up the Madamara-Z track really fast because these types of nonsensical scenes are just dragging the relationship more and more.
    I had to chuckle though when Z told Madamara that she was being illogical when it was actually him :D
    And I got confused about when Z is in Lahore? when he's home? what is he doing at home when he should be training in Lahore?? Did anyone figure that one out? Was he on vacation? Aaah :)

    Ok done w/ my rant. Overall enjoyed the episode and looking forward to next week (minus the whole Farhan bhai-Sarah angle)

    • About the phone- generally people from pak, when they travel abroad, leave the pak sim here and get a foreign sim where ever they go. Or they might carry the pak sim phone along but not use it as such (gets too expensive to even receive calls on it).

      • oh really – I would have never thought that :) So they leave their phone behind and get another phone while they are traveling? I would think with the smartphone/wifi technology these days people would take their phones and like you said, change out the SIM or at least use wifi.

        • We all take our phones with us when we travel especially to dubai because you can just put a new sim in the phone. i got the feeling that Asmara left her phone behind on purpose.

          • yeah, must have left it on purpose to spare herself from Zaroons nagging and ranting! :D He is on the stuck record now! :D

    • Thank you Annie, i think he was on vaccation but I did not quite get the part when Asmara comes to see him and he says mei Karachi gaya tha bla bla. so did Asmara go to Lahore to see him? Annie I really enjoy your honest, witty and humorous comments. I would really really want to read a review from you one day. Do think about it!

  • episode was awesome. dont mind pls improve ur eng n get ur reviews reproofed atleast twice b/f mailing. its pathetic

  • u right about the reason of why kashaf didnt remember the love of her mother and sis,but I think she specially used the word shafqat since its typically use for fathers,it shows her yearning for that particular feeling. ur review is very good and so was the episode:) though like all of u I also felt thos starnge change of behaviours.

    • may b baji is sleeping now n vil ans u tomarrow morning n may b she is busy to mantion the remaining dialogues in her dreams

    • Mrs. Asim thanks a lot for reading the review and for the comment. I am also thinking now that sara's situation has hardly changed over months, in the last episode Sidrah got married and Kashaf was going to go for CSS next year and now after so long Farhan decided to talk to someone in the family.

  • Nice review but I think we are being a bit hard on Zaroon. Nice episode with superb dialogues. We like it or not but episode goes to Fawad Khan.

    • anwar.sohail thank you for reading the review and for the comment. It is always great to see you here. Yes Fawad Khan is a brilliant brilliant actor, acting comes very naturally to him. I do not deny the fact that no one else could have played this character better. I think all the actors deserve due credit, everyone is doing a commendable job.

  • Some of the dialogues today were extraordinary. Somehow enjoyed the scene Zaroon-Hashaf scene, him preferring guitar over his fiancé!

  • Yes it was an enjoyable episode, the dialogues were just too good today! Loved the phone call scene, just brilliantly acted by both! So glad for Rafia,things are getting better finally. Also loved the kashaf aba scene, loved her expressions and dialogues! She knew exactly why aba was being nice, don't blame her for acting like that!
    Sara farhan and zaroon asmara just annoying..same old!I wish they had more real issues,rather than stereotypical ones that just seem way off. There are many modern women who work and are liberal, but also value marriages. Both men and women should be considerate of how their spouses feel. Whatever happened to compromise? Also these men are shown as extreme too, were all liberal and aware of their fiancee/ wives friends and lifestyle and now they want to change that?

    Anywas looking forward to the next epi of course…excited!!

    • SK you are right, the issues that the two are having are two similar, it would have helped f the issues were different from some angle. in fact Asmara going to dubai without telling Z was very similar to Ghazala leaving for another country without telling her husband. Thank you for the comment:)

  • do you know how long its been since they left uni, i suspect its been atleast 2 years but do you know how long it might actually be?

    • ayesha I can only guess too and I also think it must have been two years since the two left college. Kashaf got a job a few months after collge, she had to work for a year and then give her CSS.

  • Review is so fantastic fatima.really no one can say that they didnt njoy last episode…dialouges were powerfull every chracter fit on their roles.spcialy kashf's father wen he felt so proud to has daughter like kashaf.too suparb episode last one.waiting for another one like this.

    • Thank you Sonia, Yes the way Murtaza walked away after talking to those two men on the street said a lot!I am waiting for the next episode too:) Keep reading and commenting.

  • Hi Fatima,

    I love the story , production and such a sagacious direction.. I love to take part in the viewpoint of appraisal on it…
    Oh my God, the last episode was toooo good, thanks God, it is turning to smiles now 
    Uffff, Samina Peerzada , such a polite, respectable and polite lady which I have never seen in the olden times of our television.
    She is playing marvelously, magnificently & brilliantly her role and her compassionate character… in the last epi, I found her tone to talk to her daughter kashaf, was full of feelings… it was like she is her own real daughter to whom she is awakening… utho kashaf beta, daikho tumharay abba aye hain.. Ahhhhh kya awaz ka tasur thaaa…. I m dwell I her tone, her feelings, in her expressions…

    Wasim Abbass is too good, playing as he should play his character.. he is as renowned as samina jee…

    I would simply say, ‘’ wah wah wah ‘’ dil main utar gaya hai meray ye serial… I love humtv and I don’t miss any single drama of this channel…. Lovely, salute and hats off to the director, writer and producer for providing such a subjective and productivel story..

    • Hello Muzna, i am so sorry for not replying earlier. I really enjoyed reading your comment, I can see it came straight from the heart and you put your feeling in words so beautifully. You are so right about Samina Peerzada, she really is one in a million. Thank you so very much for taking time out to read the review and comment, I hope you will be a regular visitor now. i would love to hear from you.

      • Hi Again,
        Thanks for valuing my comments… yeah i do come here on daily basis and love to be :)
        ur overall review on ZGH is excellent…

        i want this serial prolong & long :))) seeing such sort ov a serial after the log time… it was in past like on PTV… but Hum Tv is doig to good job…

        Nice hearing u too… :))))

  • Brillant and well penned review as usual Fatima—-love to read you. Loved the pace of the episode and the way that the relationships are evolving and dissolving for that matter. I guess Zaroon’s chauvanistic personality has developed mainly as a retaliation of his fear of being too dominated by his mom and sis—–a fear of becoming docile like his dad.Kashaf’s dad swelling up in pride(albeit society induced) for his daughter made me realize that , maybe blood IS thicker than water, maybe he’s feeling the pull at his heart strings finally, because I feel that as I grow older my feelings for my family seem to be increasing , tantamounting to possessiveness. Kashaf’s words that sometimes we start to feel closer to others who aren’t related to us , just because of the love and kindness they show was really heartwarming—Sis Ibrar is truly a father figure in her life, and I hope he remains so . Kudos to the writer for the awesome dialogues and a big round of applause for the entire cast who consistently churn out flawless performances , no matter how big or small the role. As you mentioned, I’m also eagerly looking forward to the Zaroon Kashaf meeting in the next episode. An entire week seems too long a wait !

    • Thank you so much for liking the review Tazeen and most importantly for taking time out to comment. You are absolutely right, there is definitely a good reason why Zaroon is the way he is. he would rather dominate than be dominated by some woman like her mother and sister. It is more of his defence mechanism working overtime lol Yes Umera Ahmed has done a wonderful job with writing the play and the dialogues in this recent episode were mind blowing. I hope we will be seeing you here more often now:)

  • I extremely hate like this negative approach of ZAROON mother his sister..who try to pretend as if they r more clever n superior n wanna become a man..Don’t like the attitude n negative thinking ..hate their rude n selfish style..so arrogant ..

  • Nice review fatima…rafia's efforst finally paid off. I was so happy to see kashaf thinking of sir ibrar more close to her than her own father…murtaza's changed attitude was very much expected so i wasn't really bothered about it but yes waseem abbass has portrayed the character brilliantly.
    but i do disagree on the zaroon part. I liked his conversation with farhan. H e knew his sister was wrong and he did nothing wrong in supporting him. As for the brother-sis thing, well sara also does the same thing i.e. support asmara instead of zaroon. I think it's a kind of ideology difference that the writer is trying to show. Sara-asmara ans farhan-zaroon have common ideologies respectively so they tend to support each other. I was totally disappointed at zaroon's mother's response to sara's situation.
    Looking forward to Zaroon-Kashaf's intercation next week. Fire works are surely gonna happen :)

    • Yes definitely looking forward to next week and hoping that most of the episode will focus more on post meeting scenario. Sara is a true reflection of her mother.

  • bht achi episode tho…..really lg e nae ra k drama h seems to be more than real,yes i m waiting for Zaro0o0o0n kashaf Scenes ANXIOUSLY:-)
    bt waseem abass n samina peerzada are also commendable great job indeed seriously wao,though i love novel n found that novel is best bt the drama sepertaely has its own impact really novel n drama are two seperate things they have no comparison both are best on their own…….
    n FATIMA aap ki to baat e aur h bhai kya kehny ap k aap to jse drama dkhty dkhty review likhti ho hahahahaahah i mean too fast i read all ur reviews n i must say you r doing ur job fantastic keep it up n best wishes for you n kashaf n Zaroon too:-)

  • Nice review fatima…rafia's efforst finally paid off. I was so happy to see kashaf thinking of sir ibrar more close to her than her own father…murtaza's changed attitude was very much expected so i wasn't really bothered about it but yes waseem abbass has portrayed the character brilliantly.

    • Mushayyadah thanks a lot for liking the review and for sharing how you felt about this latest episode here. I hope we you will drop by more often now:)

  • Hi Fatima , nice review, mgr too b very Frank drama se hum sab ko bht expectation the r abe tak drama bus ok he hai kashaf zaroon k university life ke b scene 4,5 chale r wo life end ho gye drama me z aur k ko kam r Sara ,ghazals plus rafai Niger murtaza story pe ziada focus he r ab to farhan bhai b bore kerne

    a gye hain next episode me b Sara he main focus ho ge,zaroon k samjh b muje nahi ate apne class k larkiyo se chahta hai wo middle-class larkiyo k trha family husband k Khayal rakhaine, r kashaf jaise ache lark k sath flirt kar raha tha k ye gareeb log paise ghar k lalch me trap ho jate hain flirt kr k chore do….. Kuch samjh nahi ate is ke… CSS training k bajaye hr wakt ghar pe he nazar aya is episode main, wese Fatima aik baat hai k zaroon k family khate bohat hai har scene dinning table pe he hota hai hehe,is episode k ache bat ye rahe k kashaf pass ho gye r ab rafai k sabar kam a gya r halat badal jaye ge

    • Baacha long time no see, good to see you:) Haan G a lot of people expected this play to be more about Kashaf and Zaroon but Sultata Siddiqui also said in the launch show that this story was more about Kashaf and also was meant to change the mindset of people as far as girls' education is concerned. But I do agree with you, the play needed some serious editing. lol Baachaa I also mentioned the khana peena in plays too and especially in Umera Ahmed plays, people have most of their conversations while having tea or eating something. Overall I am enjoying ZGH because the story is different and I find the lead characters very interesting and of course I am dying to find out how Zaroon and Kashaf end up getting married.

  • Fatima,

    you didnt respond on my comments… well, overall review on the serial is very good.

    keep it up…

  • Sorry this might offend some of Sanam Saeed's fans but to me, Sanam is a terrible actor. Her acting lacks expression and its very monotonic. It's not just this play only but all her previous plays she acted in, she lacked skills including Mata-e-Jaan, Daam etc. I find her a very attractive face on television with a lot of confidence but she really needs to work on her acting.
    Secondly, there is some poor dialogue writing too, in one scene Kashaf is seen saying that "Zindagi mein pehli baar meine kisi mard key mu se Beta ka lafz suna". Now hold on here and rewind the video back to the scene where Kashaf's dad comes to her place. While talking to Kashaf, her dad says the word "Beta" at least 3 times. and it was in direct conversation with her. So there shouldn't be any doubt on it.

    • Ahsan she also says that her dad may have called her beta but she never felt this way….I think that was the feeling the writer was trying to convey. And also I am sure Kashaf is not all ears when her father is talking to her because most often she is too busy ignoring him:)

      • Fatima, I am glad you have so in depth analytical skills to interpret a scene. This play is definitely shifting gears and creating ambiguity over morality of various characters. I liked the way how Zaroon's hypocrisy was exposed in the last episode when he himself was fooling around girls during his school times and can't see Asmara on the same track. This play certainly ignites a debate over how liberal a woman should be in our society. Is there any room of chauvinism and male dominance in our society? (which our society is, unfortunately!). The writer has kept the integrity of the script by not showing unnatural characters. So there is no ultimate hero or villain in the play but genuine and realistic characters. I still believe that Kashaf's role was a drag in the early half of the play where she was seen whining about almost everything about her poor lifestyle. I think it was a little overdone though it might well be done on purpose to highlight the general nature of the character. It will be interesting to see how two parallel stories converge to produce a moral climax in upcoming episodes. Definitely looking forward to it.

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