Kaash Aisa Ho – An Overview

Kaash Aisa Ho is a new drama airing on ARY Digital. The teasers and promos did manage to capture my interest and the show did not disappoint me either. The story is written by Maha Malik and the show is directed by Sohail Javed. The cast includes Saba Qamar, Mohib Mirza, Shahood Alvi, Zainab Qayyum (ZQ), Jugun Kazim, Tahira Imam, Ali Sikander, Jahanzeb Gurchani, Sana Askari and Syeda Yasra Rizvi.

The beautiful shayari in the OST and promos made me wonder about the story of this new show. At first glance, it seemed like the same old story in which the male lead is seen cheating on the female lead but the story turned out to be different than what I expected.

Saba Qamar plays the role of Irfa who is a simple and sensible girl and her life revolves around only one person; her cousin Shayan. She is an orphan who lives with her Khala and her son Shayan. She has been in love with her cousin almost all her life and has a good rapport with him. But unfortunately, Shayan has no interest in her because she lacks one trait that he worships, and that is beauty. This hurts Irfa the most, but she decides to move on and get married to someone else. She then gets engaged to a man who is in no way compatible to her.

Mohib Mirza plays the role of Shayan who is shown as a care free painter with a very casual attitude towards life. He is obsessed with beauty like any other artist and that is why he rejects his cousin Irfa, who lives with him and his mother in their house. He is well aware of Irfa’s feelings towards him but chooses to ignore them. He teases her mercilessly but also cares about her the most. He then gets engaged to the pretty Mahjabeen, who happens to be his neighbor. Shayan extremely dislikes Nasir (Irfa’s fiancé) as he does not consider him worthy of Irfa. At some level, he is guilty about rejecting Irfa and wants her to be happy in her life.

Juggan Kazim plays the role of Mahjabeen who happens to be the neighbor of Shayan and later gets engaged to him. She always had a problem with Irfa and Shayan’s friendship and used to get jealous of Irfa whenever she saw her with Shayan. However, she calls off the engagement when she sees that Shayan has no future, as he never sticks to one job for more than a week. She then engaged to someone else.

The first three episodes had a good pace and have totally hooked me to the show. I am curious to know what happens next. It seems like Shayan will eventually get married to Irfa but will never appreciate her or accept her love because for him, the most important thing is beauty which Irfa lacks. Now what circumstances will make him agree to marry her is still a mystery! I am also curious to know the role of Shahood Alvi, Yusra Rizvi and Sana Askari. I am waiting for the story to unfold and introduce all the characters.

Mohib Mirza’s performance so far has been brilliant. He completely gels into the character of Shayan; even his look is perfect for this role. Saba Qamar as the simple and loving Irfa manages to win one’s heart and as usual Saba Qamar has given her best. Kaash Aisa Ho seems like a show with a lot of potential. I will definitely recommend everyone to give this show a chance.

And lastly, a special mention for the beautiful OST ‘Kaash Aisa Ho Ke Ab Ke Bewafai Mein Karoon’ which is sung by Humera Channa. The OST is soothing and the beautiful lyrics written by Sabir Zafar manage to make the listener sing along. I hope this show manages to leave the viewers impressed!
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